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  1. Here is a shot I took with GPU-Z running in the foreground. I forgot to enable framerate display in X-Plane, but rest assured it's sitting somewhere around 5-10 frames per second. Please note that I currently have three monitors connected and have X-Plane rendering at 4480x1080, so I'm not too upset by this. Well, I wouldn't be too upset if I didn't see what I see in GPU-Z. I don't understand graphics cards too well, so as reddit would put it, "explain like I'm five..." if you even can explain. Why is it that I am "enjoying" a clunky, jumpy experience in a graphics intensive program when it cl
  2. 10.50 killed RTH and it's no longer available at the dot org from what my searches have turned up. Just wondering if anyone has found another good free plugin that allows you to mess with atmospheric colours?
  3. University and Delays Hi to the few people who check this/follow this. First of all, university is actually fairly reasonable this year, considering I'm in six full-time courses. That being said, reading Plato is kind of like trying to snort sawdust. So why haven't I turned out anything over the entire summer, or even given some empty promises like usual? I'm doing something pretty huge on the side, which will hopefully be done in about two weeks. That means that it's two weeks until Hawaii starts again. I'll give a hint regarding what I'm up to right now: It's not freeware, and it sure a
  4. Minor Update: It works. Did a quick test with my laser printer to see if normal printer paper would agree with the backlighting in the AutoPilot buttons. It does. Here are the completed V1 buttons. V2 will be printed on InkJet or projector transparency for a crisper and darker look. But I'll wait until it's fully assembled and running before spiffing it out like that. In case you're wondering, yes, the paper is inside the button, I'm not that stupid. I do want this to look somewhat good.
  5. JOYSTICKS (not for dismantling) Saitek X52 Pro - $0.00 gift Logitech Extreme3DPro* - $5.99 value village CH Products Virtual Pilot Yoke** - $35.00 craigslist Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP*** - $15.99 value village CH Virtual Pilot - $15.00 Purchased by friend, repaid since we're both in university JOYSTICKS (for dismantling as USB interface) Logitech Extreme3DPro - $0.00 gift, faulty Logitech Wingman - $0.00 craigslist Logitech Wingman - $4.99 value village ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS (all purchased from D
  6. THEY'RE HERE Well, some of them. I just got these beauts in the mail today (10 of them). They may not look exactly right for 737 autopilot buttons, but hey, for about 40 cents apiece, who am I to complain? Amazon is a great place. In other news I received this: Fun fact: Windows 10 doesn't agree with an old analog yoke. However, I will be starting my video series of constructing this joke of a cockpit with converting this thing over to a modern USB device. Also something that I don't have a picture of is the keyboard for my FMC... because it uses my tablet. I'll be us
  7. Glad to hear you're enthused! I'm pumped to get this done too Thanks for the kind words!
  8. Try it at somewhere between 1.8 and 2.2, as that's closer to default and it's also what I designed it for. Gives a bit richer and crisper imagery.
  9. I suppose one should say that I took the old SkyMaxx out for a drive. Stick in some default clouds and wham I've never seen anything like this before. In any sim or game.
  10. What is your Gamma setting, Jim? I just realized that it's not supposed to be that bright green. Since I'm doing an overhaul on the existing sceneries, I can address that.
  11. Prepping my rig and rendering options for when I have an actual physical home panel to fly the 737 from. Got default clouds AND SkyMaxx running at the same time. If you haven't tried this drug, honestly you haven't lived yet. There is a time and place for the default clouds, and that is alongside SkyMaxx.
  12. So it has begun. I'm X dollars (see below) into switches from eBay and Amazon and I only need five more rotary encoders and I'm set. The backlit momentary pus buttons for the autopilot panel were the hardest to track down, luckily I found some blue square buttons with label slots. I'm doing all the lighting of the panel in blue since it's what my Saitek X52 throttle has on it and I want this to look pretty. I've also determined my official budget: $300. That will basically take care of the pay I got on Canada Day because it was a stat holiday. I plan on building a fully usable (minus rad
  13. Colin S

    XJoyMap vs. Me

    EDIT: I installed 32-bit python instead of 64. XJoyMap now appears in my plugins, along with half a dozen other plugins I have always been frustrated with because of their absence. I have not solved the biggest issue though. XJoyMap claims to be able to communicate with axes. I don't see where this is possible. Through custom commands, I understand the custom buttons. What I don't understand is how to use the custom axis designation. Guess who's winning. And by winning I don't mean winning my affection. I am trying to use XJoyMap to maybe add some custom buttons into my new ho
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