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  1. @Trimbow It is working for me currently with 1.1.6
  2. I am having more issues with the plugin and I think it may be OpenGL again. I do not know which of the last 1.1.x updates was the last working one for me, but I believe it was 1.1.3. What is the current requirement for OpenGL version? I have an excerpt from the log.txt below, your last response and fix, and more system information. The full log.txt is atached. Thank you 2019-02-22 23:34:31 TBM900[shader.c:405]: Cannot load shader /home/ryan/Games/X-Plane 11//Aircraft/X-Aviation/TBM-900/plugins/systems/data/libsvs_shaders/generic.vert.glsl: compile error: 0:5(12):
  3. Thank you both for your help. skiselkov, that solution works perfectly for me, I have everything working now. Thank you! Ben Russell, I think that solution may be out of date? I was looking up FGLRX and it has been deprecated for a while. Thank you!
  4. I do not mean to needlessly continue bumping this thread, as I know it is the weekend and the devs have lives of their own, but I would like to mention that the 1.1.0 update has not fixed anything for me. I have the most recent log.txt posted below Thank you Log.txt
  5. The 1.0.9 update did not change anything for me. I still do not have the TBM 900 plugin loaded. The log.txt from version 1.0.9 is below. Thank you Log.txt
  6. Hello, I started with a fresh X-Plane 11 install and only installed the TBM 900. I am not seeing the UI, no plugin is shown in the plugin menu, and no click areas react to a click. I am using kubuntu 18.04 Errors I noticed in the Log.txt file: dlerror:/home/ryan/Games/X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/Gizmo64.plugin/64/lin.xpl: invalid ELF header 2018-11-01 00:43:58 TBM900[shader.c:359]: Cannot load shader /home/ryan/Games/X-Plane 11//Aircraft/X-Aviation/TBM-900/plugins/systems/shaders/generic.vert.glsl: compile error: 0:5(12): error: extension `GL_EXT_gpu_shade
  7. Delta Air Lines: Widget ('62- '97) and Wavy Gravy (2000- retirement of Delta's 737-300's)
  8. I hope it's not this is the same picture
  9. The X-plane 10 box/cd cover and load screen?
  10. That looks amazing! Is that the new Stewart (CZST) airport?
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