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  1. Some of Aspen's approaches are more than 10,000 ft. and the G1000 doesn't go any higher than this. Also, when you select 10k for the mins, the 1 digit sits outside the BARO MIN display on the PFD. Thanks.
  2. I'm on the nearest airports page but it looks like I've highlighted nearest VORs
  3. I don't know much about the G1000, but is it correct that the system has loaded two MLF waypoints in this case?
  4. I'm doing exactly that and it's still nearly impossible to control. I've almost gone off the runway on nearly every take off. What hardware are you using?
  5. Same thing here... I don't use X-Plane much so I thought it was just me. Even setting the augmentation/sensitivity to 100% doesn't help much.
  6. When you're on the map on the nav display, use the inner cursor on the FMS knob to move through the different sub-pages.
  7. Is the Current VNV Profile box supposed to be filled in since I'm about to enter a STAR with constraints? Also, there's no TOD point showing up on nav display. Screenshot attached.
  8. I tried flying the WLEEE 5 arrival into KAUS and none of the altitude constraints loaded. Is this accurate? I'm using AIRAC cycle 1811 from Navigraph. Alex
  9. Yes, per my original post, I clearly understand that concept - but there are circumstances where it would be nice to reset everything to a default state.
  10. I set a button on my joystick to press the MFD ENT key but it doesn't appear to work. Has anyone else tried?
  11. The panel state persistence is very cool, but I'd appreciate the option to override it to reset the panel to a cold and dark state. Thanks.
  12. On the ground I can get 40 - 50 FPS with the 737 in the VC. But when I get up to higher altitudes (e.g., above 20,000 ft.) my FPS tanks to about 22 FPS. Anyone else seeing this? It seems to be isolated to IXEG's 737.
  13. Don't buy it yet. Wait until they release the 1.1 patch that will have compatibility fixes with XP11, otherwise you'll just get frustrated.
  14. Yeah, well, X-Plane 11.00R1 was just released. So now it's important.
  15. I'm beta testing a woman right now. Once that process is done, I'll commit to a release date.
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