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  1. Hello all, I read in this forum, that some were able to match DataRef Variables with SpadNext to their hardware, but I am not able to do so. When I search for the variables in SPADNEXT i have no matching ones or any at all for the Challenger. Do I need to load in anything beforehand? The plane does not appear in the aircraft list of SpadNext as well for some reason. Could you help me out where to start here? Thanks
  2. Hello all, is XPlane capable of simulating Short Period Oscillation? Short period oscillations[edit] With no special name, the shorter period mode is called simply the "short-period mode". The short-period mode is a usually heavily damped oscillation with a period of only a few seconds. The motion is a rapid pitching of the aircraft about the center of gravity. The period is so short that the speed does not have time to change, so the oscillation is essentially an angle-of-attack variation. The time to damp the amplitude to one-half of its value is usually on the order of 1 second. Ability to quickly self damp when the stick is briefly displaced is one of the many criteria for general aircraft certification. This would be cruical for a flightsim we plan to build in our flightschool which will need certification and simulation of this Oscillation is a must have for this sim and our current B737 sim is not able to do it with FSX. Best Sebastian
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