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Simple Ground Equipment & Services - (low tech ground services & pushback) 68.1

About This File

Simple Ground Equipment & Services displays or hides static objects around your aircraft on the ground.

Tested in X-Plane 12.04 and in X-Plane 11.55

  • A variety of ramp equipment (passengers bus, GPU, Air start unit, cones, belt loader, ULD loaders, airstairs, PRM truck, deicing, catering, cleaning van...)
  • Some moving vehicles: the follow-me car, emergency services (EMS), the fuel truck, the bagage carts and the passengers bus
  • Active chocks that actually retain your aircraft and prevent it to move in a slope
  • Animated and moving passengers (thanks to the MrX assets). New in June 2022.
  • A simplified marshaller to better aim at your parking stand
  • A simple pushback system, compatible with the X-Plane 12 aircraft carrier. Automatic pushback to designated position (X-Plane 12 only). New in November 2022
  • Aircraft arresting systems  (an arrestor cable, a net barrier or absorbing materials)
  • Active deicing  that actually protects the airframe from X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12 ice for a period of time  (available only in low temperatures)
  • Adaptative ground kit  with slight variants for freighter, passengers aircraft, regional airplanes, business jets or general aviation, not always the same vehicles are coming.
  • Armed forces variant of the set, with green painted vehicles.
  • Any aircraft is serviceable.  Moreover a customization of the ground handling is already embedded for a lot of freeware and payware aircraft models.
  • Trigger a distant car accident site, shipwreck, or a burning fire and for instance fly the emergency response in your helicopter.
  • Place the aircraft carrier and the frigate on pinpoint coordinates Renovated in March 2023
  • You may change our provided set of vehicles (based on MisterX and XPJavelin's creations) by any custom ground vehicle you already have in your X-Plane directories. You may also use the X-Plane default ground fleet instead.
  • Integration with XPJavelin's Speedy Copilot series which displays the vehicles according to the phase of flight (Speedy Copilot plugin required).

And :

  • Easy installation , drag the files in the FlyWithLua scripts folder, open the keyboard menu in X-Plane and attribute a key to toggle our menu. Generate the airport cache (in Plugin → FlyWithLua menu). You can further customize stuff in some configuration files but you don't have to.
  • Not intrusive : keep full control  over the vehicles display, everything is commanded from our popup window. Plus we don't interact with your weight & balance.
  • Freedom : you can use all our ground services if you wish or only install the script for one among them.
  • A complete and detailed manual  More information is expanded in several PDF manuals inside the download.
  • Multi-platform, since we use FlyWithLua, it works on GNU/Linux.
  • For X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12. The same script works in both simulators. All default airplanes and ground vehicles within X-Plane 12 are supported. New in September 2022.



Edited by XPJavelin

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