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  1. Speedy copilot series

    Speedy Copilot makes for you the steps normally done by the first officer and pilot monitoring, when you are pilot flying and captain.
    This plugin is intended for :
    - the IXEG 737 Classic (version 1.21)
    - The FJS 737-200
    - The Rotate MD-88
    - The Toliss Airbusses
    -  The FF A320U
    - The FF 757
    - The FF 767
    - The freeware Let-410
    - The Zibo B737-800



  2. Speedy Copilot for IXEG 737 Classic

    Speedy Copilot for IXEG 737 makes for you the steps normally done by the first officer and pilot monitoring, when you are pilot flying and captain of a Boeing 737.
    This plugin is intended for the IXEG 737 (version 1.21). It was tested and works with X-plane 11.26. Please install at least FLW 2.7.11 NG.
    The Flight Crew Operating Manual makes a clear separation between actions from left and right seats. So we'd like to have the right hand actions (first officer and pilot monitoring) done for us in reaction to the phase of flight and to left seat actions (captain and pilot flying).
    Remember that the Copilot is not calling the checklist. The copilot is doing the procedure. We suggest that you run on your own the checklist at the end of each procedure.

    Additional features
    You can listen to the cabin PA and boarding music if PA receiver is activated on the left hand side Radio Management Panel. Cabin crew is handled by Speedy Copilot without pilot intervention according to phase of flight. In addition, the first officer pressure altimeter setting is linked to the captain's one. If you change the barometric settings, the F/O will synchronize his one. Context
    Several virtual copilot options might have existed previously but they seamed challenging to install and maintain, or required payware software. The intent in this Speedy Copilot for IXEG 737 project was to provide a very simple solution yet realistic and efficient. We made a transcript from the FCOM into a Lua script for the IXEG 737. The first version of Speedy Copilot for IXEG 737 was released in June 2018. In August 2018, we published Speedy Copilot 320 for FF/STS A320 Ultimate. Based on the success of  Speedy Copilot 320, many users reports and five months of updates and evolution, we transferred-back some exciting features to Speedy Copilot for IXEG 737, which led to version 4.
    See PDF manual.
    You can discuss this file in the IXEG forum if you wish : http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/14433-speedy-copilot/


    Speedy Copilot series
    Speedy Copilot for IXEG 737 Classic
    Speedy Copilot 320
    Speedy Copilot Twinjet



  3. Cabin mounted video camera (CMVC) for the IXEG 737

    This is the  cockpit display of the "IXEG 737 Video System".
    How it works
    This cockpit display is powered by DC BUS 1. The screen will be on at all times when this electrical bus is energized.
    1) drop files into X-Plane 11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic\objects. There are 3 files.
    2) Open Plane Maker -> Misc 3D objects -> Add 3D object -> Browse to add TV-737.obj. Save the Plane. Exit Plane Maker.
    Done !



  4. IXEG 737 Classic MINOAN AIRLINES 'Palace of Knossos' (fictionnal)

    MINOAN AIRLINES - a fictionnal livrery for the IXEG Classic
    Minoan Lines is a greek ferry boat compagny which was created in Crete, Greece in 1972. With this livrery, we adapted  the design of the maritime compagny and apply them to a fictionnal subsidiary in air transportation, namely « Minoan Airlines ».
    (We have no link with Grimaldi Group nor Minoan Lines. We changed « Minoan Lines » to « Minoan Airlines », a fictionnal title not representative of any real compagny).

    You can also find the same livrery for the flight factor A320 Ultimate :


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