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  1. WOW! Thank you very much for your great contribution to this SR22 project, Sir! Now I have a more clear understanding of this ADF situation thanks to you.
  2. Just Awesome!!! If it possible and matches to the Real SR22G3, PLEASE, add ADF to G1000, like TBM900 has!!! Regards
  3. 4K AR22-KSUZ-5R2-AR22 (660 nm)
  4. You must find each light and manually make changes to all, one by one!
  5. Currently this issue has direct connection with the LIT textures brightness. Hope this will be fixed next update. But you could make the same modification as was made for landing lights.
  6. Check HDR, it must be ON to make Spill Lights visible.
  7. I thought about the Spill Lighting implementation. Perhaps this is the case when it would be nice to have the HDR lighting option on the options panel. The user will be able to make a choice - use the default LIT panel lighting or advanced HDR lighting with the Spill Lights for a powerful computers.
  8. airwar


    Simply use the OBS function. Very useful for a bush pilots! I don't know how well X-plane simulate different navigation sourсes, but in a RL accuracy of the DME ground stations is 185 m (±0.1 nm) and the GNS 530 accuracy 15 m.
  10. Thanks to Ch.Cole for Rotating Beacon and Landing Lights Mod!
  11. Thanks to Ch.Cole for Rotating Beacon and Landing Lights Mod!
  12. TorqueSim BN-2 Islander matches the RL performance charts PERFECTLY!!!
  13. Zlin Z-142 (Freeware) Zlin Z-142 AFM G5 Instruments Integration
  14. Yes, RGB colors! Make 1.000 0.000 0.000 and you have RED color! And 10.000 0.000 0.000 will be RED 10 times brighter.
  15. The correct way to increase brightness, for instance 5 times, you should multiply each number to 5: 0.725 x 5 = 3.625 0.896 x 5 = 4.480 1.000 x 5 = 5.000 and you have 3.625 4.480 5.000
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