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  1. The in-sim window popups will show at the location of the mouse cursor when clicked. There currently isn't a method for saving locations of the bezeled-popups. With the 1.2.0 update (currently in development), the popup locations will be configurable for out-of-sim popup window configuration, both for bezeled and non-bezeled popups.
  2. Significant performance gain compared to the G1000 SR22, at least on my system (MacBook Pro). I would expect similar to better on all systems, assuming you aren't CPU thread limited.
  3. Are you popping out the bezeled popups onto a different monitor or are they staying on the same monitor? There currently is not a keypad popup but I'll add your interest so its on our list to consider.
  4. The g5.cfg should go into the aircraft root directory, not inside the G5 plugin (this is what we are switching to, so updating wouldn't have the same issues where the old config file could get wiped out. Try placing the g5.cfg file I provided where the automatic generated one is now located. That should hopefully get it working!
  5. You can try the attached g5.cfg, using the 1.2.0 version of the G5 plugin copied from the Islander. This g5.cfg should go in the M20R Ovation II G5 folder. g5.cfg
  6. Putting key in ignition switch: afm/sr/cmd/panel/keyPositionIn And removing key: afm/sr/cmd/panel/keyPositionOut
  7. When you load the C172 G5, what isn't working? In order to debug what is going on, we will need you to send us a copy of the X-Plane log.txt file. You can find a guide to get this file here: How to find the X-Plane log.txt file?
  8. Further additions to the Entegra -- Airspaces, Airways, and Highways!
  9. Yup, it is turned on by us in the acf file itself, the switch box in X-Plane doesn't affect this aircraft
  10. What a beautiful flight Can't beat Molokai and Maui
  11. Currently the G5 that ships with the manual installer is an older version compared to the Islander. You can copy the G5 from the Islander's plugin folder and replace the one in the M20 folder. With the 1.2 update (that ships with the Islander), the "acfConfig.cfg" file that was inside G5/settings, is now "g5.cfg" and lives in the base of the installed aircraft directory. Copying that file out of the M20's plugins/G5/settings folder would ensure you keep the same integration.
  12. In order to debug what is going on, we will need you to send us a copy of the X-Plane log.txt file. You can find a guide to get this file here: How to find the X-Plane log.txt file? Regarding flight school mode, that only works with default aircraft in X-Plane to my knowledge.
  13. I would recommend trying to turn down the texture resolution. The SR22 uses a lot of VRAM, and when combined with high res textures, there is a likelihood you are running out of VRAM.
  14. The Pocket Rocket has significantly higher resolution textures and mesh compared to those default aircraft. You could turn down the X-Plane graphics settings and/or texture settings to see if that improves it.
  15. @DeadZone44Please send a screenshot of your Graphic settings, the log.txt file, and what the average FPS is (a rolling average is displayed on the left hand side menu that shows when your mouse is on the left edge of the screen). Something is definitely wrong if its unflyable. I mainly use a MacBook Pro laptop (Radeon 5500M graphics) and I am running at ~45-60fps. Your specs seem to be far above any sort of minimum, definitely way above what I am running on.
  16. I believe this is a current bug with the SVS system and X-Plane's handling of waypoints, its been forwarded on to the SVS developer.
  17. The commands are only loaded into X-Plane while the plane is currently loaded. Perhaps you are going to joystick settings from the main X-Plane page? Try loading the M20, then assigning the commands. Hopefully that should work!
  18. Hi TC, In the X-Plane joystick window, pick the command you want to set, (or you can go straight to keyboard and go from there). Search "afm" and then in that list there should be "m20r" and under that, find "popup". The commands you would want are shown:
  19. In order to debug what is going on, we will need you to send us a copy of the X-Plane log.txt file. You can find a guide to get this file here: How to find the X-Plane log.txt file? There is a good change is that the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Redistributable is missing. You can install it following the guide here: Steps to resolve plugins not loading (Error Code = 126)
  20. The nose-up effect of the aircraft is much more pronounced at lower weights. I'd recommend putting a bit more weight up front in the aircraft and that behavior should subside.
  21. TorqueSim, RealSimGear, and X-Aviation are excited to finally announce our next products coming to X-Plane, the Take Command! SR20 and Take Command! SR22 Series, Entegra Edition. The SR22 Series will include both the normally-aspirated and Turbo-Normalized variants. These aircraft are our most complex simulations to-date. Brand-new custom avionics, the TorqueSim physics engine, our maintenance and wear system, all paired with a gorgeous 3D model and a phenomenal sound pack. And that is just the beginning! We are entering the testing phase of this aircraft now. No release date has bee
  22. Hi Igor, That sounds like you are overtorquing the engine and they are failing. With turbine aircraft, going full throttle can easily break the engine. Make sure to look at the torque gauges and stay within limits.
  23. Ah, I see the issue. A texture change didn't make its way into the G5 integration. In the BN-2T folder, replace the BN-2T Islander G5_prop.png with the attached file.
  24. This sounds like something is conflicting with your hardware setup or something regarding maintenance as that is not a known issue. Starting with engines running shouldn't lead to an immediate shutdown. In the SR22 maintenance manager, I would recommend running the various engine maintenance procedures (Report files are printed to X-Plane/Output/SR22 with details on what maintenance was performed). If you have a hardware setup, please make sure that you don't have any throttle axis assigned to "Prop" as that could be causing conflicts between the SR22's unified throttle/prop lever.
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