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  1. Turn on "Auto-Update Simulator GPS Waypoints" and you should be set.
  2. Can you send a screenshot of the entire GTN settings page? (Just scroll through the settings and send that collection of screenshots to get the whole thing)
  3. Hi Mike, Thanks for reporting this. Unfortunately due to the 3D redo going into the new XP12 TorqueSim version of this plane, we don't have the 3D in a place to fix this properly for the time being. The whole 3D is new in the TS M20 for XP12, so this bug will not be in there for sure.
  4. Good catch! I've got that fixed on our end for the coming XP12 update
  5. In the left sidebar, open the aircraft menu. In there, make sure "Wear Failures" is turned on.
  6. Thanks for the logs. We'll take a look with this with the recalibrations in the XP12 update.
  7. Thanks for the video. It does seem to be a bit less responsive than we typically see. Can you send a log.txt of the loaded aircraft with and without your normal assortment of plugins (Noble, etc.)? Given that this is worse with clouds, this makes me think it is most likely just due to CPU saturation on the X-Plane thread, but I want to see if we can rule out other possibilities. Additionally, there is a fuel imbalance here, that can slow down roll responsiveness a bit.
  8. It is something we have considered, we've got our hands full right now with other projects; but possibly in the future!
  9. I haven't doing thorough testing of it (and as we aren't supporting XP12 with the current AFM version, so it isn't guaranteed), but it should mostly work. The main feature I know of that is not working is Synthetic Vision on XP12.
  10. Thanks for the log, looking into this.
  11. We don't have any known issues being worked on at the moment
  12. It should be there, on the underside of the throttle handle.
  13. It's still on our list of projects we are juggling and working towards First priority for us right now, is finalizing our SR2X XP12 updates. The TorqueSim M20 and CJ525 our our next TorqueSim aircraft releases, though not necessarily in that order.
  14. The integration guide can be downloaded from my post above. In regards to a traditional manual, we don't have a dedicated manual made for this product, we'd recommend using a generic G500 manual for the real unit that can be found online.
  15. Try setting "disable_mt_uploader" to 1 in settings.cfg, located in the Islander's folder /plugins/is_systems/settings.
  16. Hi Matt, The manuals are installed alongside the aircraft in the "Manuals" folder, the full path would be, "X-Plane 11/Aircraft/X-Aviation/TorqueSim SR22 Series/SR22/Manuals"
  17. We started beta-testing of the XP12 version of the aircraft through our Discord (https://torques.im/discord) this weekend
  18. Turning down the "World Objects" slider a notch might give a noticeable improvement.
  19. In the X-Plane menu bar, under the "SR22" dropdown, toggle the "Aircraft Window" In there, under the maintenance tab, you can perform maintenance on the aircraft to see if something there is going askew. Alternatively, you can reset the state of the aircraft to new by (when X-Plane is not running), delete the contents of X-Plane 11/Output/SR22 Looking at the frame rate, 30fps shouldn't be causing issues on that setup, but I would recommend considering slightly lower settings in X-Plane to increase the frame rate (60fps is the ideal target, 20fps is the absolute minimum).
  20. That behavior is typical with most autopilots, though I can't confirm that is exact DFC90 behavior. If someone has evidence to the contrary, I'd definitely take a look.
  21. I don't believe there is a default joystick binding for this, it would most likely need to be custom programmed for your hardware. The dataref that drives the inertial separator is sim/cockpit/switches/anti_ice_engine_air[0]
  22. Hi, no the AFM version is not, but we are working on the TorqueSim version of the aircraft, as we outlined over here: AFM M20 customers will receive a discount on the TorqueSim M20 when it releases (no timeline on release).
  23. That is great news! Thanks for circling back and letting me know.
  24. Hi Valery, The SR22 weight and balance is controlled through a custom weight and balance interface. In the X-Plane menu bar, under the SR22 dropdown, toggle the "Aircraft" window. In there, select the "Load Manager" tab where weight and balance can be finely controlled. If you prefer using the generic X-Plane weight and balance interface instead, on the Load Manager tab, turn the setting "FSE Override" on, this will revert back to the native X-Plane w/b logic.
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