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    Grey opaque box

    Thx a lot guys! I just found the culript, by deactivating the running plugins, one by one. It was OpenVFR´s Iceberg plugin... I always used this plugin, as it also offers a nice fix for the water in XP. But with XP 11.50 b11, it seems to cause some problems. However, the fault wasn´t at your end! ;-) Thx again for this great addon! And yeah, Coop! Good to be back in the saddle (cockpit), again... ;-)
  2. Mik75

    Grey opaque box

    Hmmm, I just updated to XP 11.50 b11, and I´m running XP in Vulkan. Never had that with any other aircraft before...
  3. Hi there! I really enjoy this beautiful a/c. But what is that grey opaque box that shows up, everytime I load this aircraft? Thx a lot in advance!
  4. Thanks a lot for the quick help! Unfortunately, the alternative plugin version still crashes XP11. So. I´ll reinstall the IXEG, using the stable plugin version!
  5. Hi there! I´ve just installed the new version of the IXEG, and I chose to use the new bera verion of GIZMO. Installation went flawlessly, but whenever I try to load a flight with the IXEG, XP11 ctd´s, here´s the log file: 0:01:19.627 G64: Aircraft File: (Aircraft/X-Aviation/IXEG 737 Classic/B733.acf) 0:01:19.627 G64: MD5 Hash: (4b95b43b46260ab76921c93ab7613a34) 0:01:19.627 G64: Description: (Boeing 737-300 Published by X-Aviation) 0:01:19.627 G64: Author: (IXEG International X-Plane Development Group) 0:01:19.627 G64: Plugin Mode: Retail 0:01:19.627 G64: Run: [OnBeforeReboot] 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- Firmware Reboot -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- 0:01:19.627 G64: Boot Count: 2 0:01:19.627 G64: OpenAL: Shared OpenAL context.. 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: Firmware v20.04.11.0334 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: patches loaded 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: * gxt.refresh().. 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: gxt: AutoLoading.. 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: gxt.load: Console 0:01:19.627 G64: imgui.NewWindow(Console) 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: gxt.load: ToolTray 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: gxt.load: Mute 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: gxt.load: Preferences 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: gxt.load: RebootButton 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: gxt.load: GateKeeper 0:01:19.627 G64: warn: X-Aviation Licensing: Load license from disk.. 0:01:19.627 G64: warn: X-Aviation Licensing: 404: license database 0:01:19.627 G64: warn: X-Aviation Licensing: Empty license file. Defaulting to login page. 0:01:19.627 G64: warn: X-Aviation Licensing: Post load: No products branch. 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: IPC v20.04.10 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: IPC Load complete. 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: gxt.load: MAXX_RWC 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: gxt.load: LuaGC 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: gxt.load: Shell 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: gxt: Completed AutoLoad. 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: firmware_init.lua completed. 0:01:19.627 G64: Run: [OnKickStart] 0:01:19.627 G64: warn: X-Aviation Licensing: End User. 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: Loaded IXEG preferences. 0:01:19.627 G64: debug: No license for: (IXEG International X-Plane Development Group)(Boeing 737-300 Published by X-Aviation) 0:01:19.627 G64: warn: X-Aviation Licensing: Showing window for update.. 0:01:19.627 G64: Register Draw Call: OnDraw_Gauges 0:01:19.627 G64: Register Draw Call: OnDraw_Gauges_3D 0:01:19.627 G64: Register Draw Call: OnDraw_Windows 0:01:19.627 G64: Register Draw Call: OnDraw_World --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: Gizmo64}==--
  6. I love your products! I wouldn't even go flying without MaxxFX, I also use UrbanMAXX 3D, SoundMaXX, and I had all versions of SMP since v1. Especially SMP brought me so many hours of pure enjoyment and fun. Not to forget all the "wow" moments in which I couldn't stop hitting shift + space. ;-) Unfortunately, I haven't got an email with the upgrade offer, although I am a loyal customer. But that is surely something that can be easily solved. Thanks a lot for all our effort and hard work, I am looking forward to all future plans and releases that might come in 2017 and later. Have a great, peaceful christmas, and a safe, healthy and successful new year 2017!
  7. Same for me. User of all versions since v1, including RWC, haven't got any notification.
  8. Actually I would like to fly the plane again in XPX, after a complete un- and reinstall of the sim. I don't care about 1.7 or XPXI compatibility in the first place. I've sent you several requests for the other order numbers vial Email as well (LES DC-3, Saab 340A, SoundMAXX), opened a thread here on the forum, but I haven't got any answer as of yet. Would be nice if you could get back to me with a short answer or the new links! Thanks in advance!
  9. Looking very good indeed! I liked the preview videos and pics of xEnviro as well, to be honest. But I just found out, that its clouds don't draw shadows on the ground (seems to be a bug), and that is a show stopper for me. These shadows generate so much depth. And since you give your loyal customers a very nice 50% discount, I'll stay exactly that, a loyal customer! ;-)
  10. Cool shots! The mountainous region with the Cirrus is Sion, right? Which kind of facade are you using? Is this W2XP scenery and the W2XP library?
  11. Perfect! Thanks a lot for the fast answer! I am looking so forward to the improved clouds, now with my beloved cloud shadows improving the the realistic look and feel of the whole sim!!!
  12. I'll be downloading in a few minutes!!! Do we have to uninstall the previous version?
  13. Somehow, I can't edit my post. I forgot to add that I tried to set the challenging weather slider to 0, but that didn't changed anything. turbulence value was still at 0.5000
  14. I had the same happening tonight as well at takeoff and initial climb at ULLI. So I had to disable it. I reengaged it on descend, where everything worked flawlessly and very smooth, and it created some seriously good looking weather.
  15. Thank you Craig, glad you enjoyed them! XPX truly gives me the most immersive experience I've ever had in all these years of flight simming!
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