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  1. Just if anyone else is struggling, this: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?%2Ffiles%2Ffile%2F52047-fps-boost-auto-lod%2F changed everything, now 45FPS. Has nothing to do with the plane per se, but worked for me.
  2. Thanks Cameron and Coop, well then let's see if LR sorts that out in the future.
  3. Dear Torquesim-team, first of all thank you for the great work on the model and the support in this forum. I have a question on FPS, and I know these discussions can be tedious as FPS differ across systems and configurations, yet I still wonder why my machine cannot really get up to speed with your rendition of the aircraft. I took the odd apples to pears comparison with the Hotstart TBM and I reach 47FPS in the exact same situation with that one, while the SR22 stops at around 27. Certainly, this is still ok to fly, but I wonder why the toll both on CPU and GPU is so much higher.
  4. @skiselkov Thanks! That did the trick eventually. Had now multiple consecutive flights without problems. Cheers.
  5. @skiselkov Thanks, unfortunately no joy. Immediate CTD on loading the TBM. Log attached, Cheers, Claus Log.txt
  6. Hi Goran, It crashes in different areas I fly. Tried so far Austria, but also Hawaii. Thanks. Cheers, Claus
  7. Hi, unfortunately I get a CTD a couple of minutes into each and every flight with the TBM. Other aircraft are working fine. Log attached. Thanks for your help. Best, Claus Log.txt
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