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    • Cameron

      Rotate Releases MD-11

      By Cameron, in Aircraft,

      Rotate has released their long awaited MD-11 after five years of development!
      The team has also announced a passenger variant will be available as an extra purchase, with the current base package priced at $83.95.
      The feature list is quite long, so head on over to the product page to check out more screenshots and see the features.

    • Cameron
      CowanSim has released the Bell 206L3. Purchasers will get a free update to X-Plane 12 according to the product page.
      The feature list for their 206L3 is as follows:
      Tested by real pilots Hardware throttle config Working floats configuration Low and High Ski Versions Head Force and Shake Dynamic Weight Options Functional spotlight and spray kit Functional Cineflex Camera 2k and 4k textures FMOD Rain Effects Vulkan compatibility AviTab, and RXP GTN750 integration Detailed night lighting Head on over to the product page to see more screenshots or to purchase.

    • Cameron

      Aerobask Releases DA50 RG

      By Cameron, in Aircraft,

      Aerobask has released their DA50 RG. You can find it on the X-Plane.org store with a retail price of $39.95 USD.
      The full feature list is as follows:
      Aerobask quality 3D model
      Fully functional virtual 3D cockpit, with smooth and VR-friendly manipulators. High quality 3D model with high resolution PBR textures (4K). Accurate flight model
      Flight model by X-Aerodynamics Enhanced Laminar G1000
      --> Synthetic Vision technology by OscarPilote superb! Fully Integrated Laminar Garmin G1000 with custom EIS and annunciations Touch screen features for easy handling Systems
      Customized FADEC/ECU with test procedure. Simulated oxygen system. Simulated ice protection system. MD302: custom coded Standby Attitude Module. Fully functional breakers (configurable reliability). Other
      Smooth wingflex Windshield effects: reflections. Rain and frost only available with X-Plane 12 aircraft version. Visual icing effect on the wings. Many parameters saved between flights. Configurable pilots (male or female), passengers and luggage. Skunkcraft Updater High quality sounds
      Full FMOD environment by Daniela Rodriguez Careri Accurate doppler, distance attenuation and flyby effects. In-game volume control without pausing the sim Liveries
      8 beautiful 4K liveries out of the box White (for painters) and additional liveries available through the Aerobask website  

    • Cameron
      X-Scenery and X-Aviation have officially announced the Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 v2.0 project. The announcement comes in the form of a progress update to get a feel for how the aircraft is taking shape. The project itself is quite far along, so expect pretty regular updates from now forward! You can see the announcement here in our forums.

    • Cameron
      TorqueSim has released updates covering all four versions of their SR2X series of products (Entegra and G1000). These updates consist of a wide variety of improvements, with initial preparations for X-Plane 12. (This isn’t the X-Plane 12 update, but this is a step towards it. Once X-Plane 12 is released, TorqueSim will release updates in due course to fully support the new sim at no additional charge to existing customers. You can read all about the updates on the TorqueSim blog.

    • Cameron
      Xometry has announced their latest airport scenery, Keflavík International Airport. This is known as the main hub for Iceland commercial service. The listed features are:
       2022 layout High-quality PBR textures on buildings 4K PBR ground textures ensure realistic asphalt and concrete colors across the airport High-quality color corrected Ortho imagery Custom SAM Jetways 3D interior in the main terminal Custom PBR ground clutter (edited) We'll keep you updated as more info comes out.

    • Cameron
      VerticalSim has released their rendition of Syracuse Hancock International Airport. The scenery features include:
      4K PBR texturing Circa 2022 airport layout SAM jetway support Animated vehicle traffic HDR night lighting Taxi routes for use with AI traffic addons The product may be purchased for $19.95 on the VerticalSim website.

    • Cameron
      The developers over at Magknight have updated their rendition of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner for X-Plane 11, bringing the aircraft version to 1.7.21. This update features many bug fixes and minor feature additions to help prepare the aircraft for its next major update. You can purchase the Magknight Boeing 787 from the X-Plane.org store, and the v1.7.21 changelog can be found on their Discord server.

    • Cameron
      Juraj Rovensky, of Airfoillabs, has announced the release of v1.3.1 for the C172 NG Digital.
      The update list includes the following fixes:
      GPU - cable connect sound missing Fuel Consumption tuned Cylinder Head Temperature tuned Oil Temperature Tuned New graphics features on 2d Engine Panel 2d Central Panel - Fuel selector bug 2d Central Panel - Trim manipulator and indication corrected 2d G1000 panels - button animations corrected 2d G1000 panels - now dimmable Failure System Logic - deactivated during Replay Mode to prevent incorrect failures Interior animations fixed during Replay Mode Cockpit Builders/Custom controllers - additional documentation and commands added Quick View system / Memorized Views now working correctly also in external cameras Intro Logic corrected Hangar Music now playing all songs 2d Throttle Panel Manipulators refined 2d Switch Panel Manipulators added functionality Read the official announcement on the X-Plane.org forum.

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