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    • Cameron
      X-Aviation is pleased to announce an upcoming scenery release for Wilmington, NC International Airport developed by a newly formed and very talented design company by the name of Drawbridge Designs!
      Drawbridge Designs specializes in scenery design for X-Plane 10, bringing along many years of X-Plane knowledge and 3D modeling experience. Utilizing the latest in technology, Drawbridge excels in producing the best scenery for X-Plane without any doubt!
      An official announcement for Drawbridge Designs' Wilmington International Airport, as well as preview shots from within X-Plane may be seen by clicking here.

    • X-Pilot
      Laminar Research has released Beta 2 of X-Plane 10.10. This release includes the following bug fixes:

      Fixed crash on startup on Windows caused by some Joysticks
      Joysticks no longer have a negative impact on frame rate.
      Roads no longer shoot up into the sky at DSF tile ends.
      Fixed crash with v9 DSFs with powerlines.
      Hedges and bushes in autogen no longer stick into the street.
      4x SSAA HDR mode fixed to not draw into 1/4 of the screen.
      Fixed blue and red artifacts in HDR mode on Windows machines.
      Fixed white box around bomb craters in HDR mode.
      Fixed blue flicker when QuickFlight carousel spins.
      Fixed night water reflections in non-HDR mode.
      Fixed brightness of lights reflected in water.
      Improved UI tile scrolling in quick-flight dialog.

      You may access this update by running the updater downloadable from X-Plane.com.

    • X-Pilot
      X-Aviation is pleased to announce a price reduction in X-Plane 10. Instead of $79.99, X-Plane 10 is now priced at $69.99. Coupled together with X-Aviation's worldwide $5 flat rate shipping, this makes it the most economical solution for anyone interested in purchasing X-Plane 10!
      More information and features for this great new version of X-Plane, as well as the price reduction may be seen on the X-Plane 10 product page.

    • X-Pilot
      Carenado has released their long awaiting Cessna 208B.
      Highlighted features for this aircraft include:
      Interactive virtual cockpit
      Original KFC150 autopilot installed
      Original HQ digital stereo sounds (44.1 KHz) recorded from the original PT6 engine
      GNS430 installed

      ...and much more! See details or purchase this aircraft for 29.95 at the Carenado C208B product page.

    • X-Pilot
      ALSG have previewed more of their Los Angeles International Airport scenery for X-Plane! This scenery is said to be freeware when released, and the guys have been great about keeping the community here updated on their progress.
      To see screenshots of the latest Terminal 4 preview, check out the forum topic in the Scenery Development forum here at X-Pilot!

    • X-Pilot
      Peters Aircraft has released their long awaited Airbus 321-232. The product page for this aircraft states:
      "This model is a very complex simulation of the real aircraft, not a toy! If you are a real Airbus pilot, or you are familiar with my A380 or with the QPAC A320, it should be easy for you to handle this A321. Otherwise this simulation of an Airbus will be demanding. Complexity of this model makes it not the first choice for a beginner in X-Plane or flight simulation. It takes a lot of patience, learning about all the systems and get accustomed to the various procedures. If the aircraft is loaded Cold & Dark, it is really disconnected from power and all systems are shut down. You need to go through the procedures of re-animation, including a full ADIRS alignment, which takes between 5 and 17 minutes, depending on geographic latitude, typically 8-10 min. This time should be used for flight preparation and MCDU data entry. Loading the aircraft with engines running makes it ready for immediate use. A third option, taking over the "warm" aircraft from another crew, will be available soon."
      The aircraft may be purchased at Peters Aircraft for a cost of €39.90 (~$50 USD).

    • X-Pilot
      X-Aviation has sent out a news release to those subscribed to their newsletter about a sale for the Take Command! CRJ-200! You may view an online edition of the news release by clicking here.
      The sale will last through the week at a cost of $29.95 for the celebration of one year of sales with X-Plane's most realistic airliner simulation!
      You can order your copy today on the product page at X-Aviation.com

    • X-Pilot
      JCS Aircraft has released their rendition of the Northrop T-38 Talon.
      This aircraft is only compatible with X-Plane 10, and features five paint schemes along with a detailed 3D interior and exterior.
      More info for this aircraft can be found on the product page at the X-Plane.org store.

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