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    • X-Pilot
      Laminar Research has released a new video showing off X-Plane 10's art assets.
      The new autogen is very impressive, and it's evident early on that X-Plane 10 is shaping up to be a huge update. Check out the video below (and don't mind the flying skills. Laminar says they'll have a new 747 prepared in no time to fix up the damage)!

    • X-Pilot
      SoulMade Simulations, a new developer to X-Plane, has been showing off progress of their upcoming DHC-2 Beaver.
      While the aircraft is stated to still be in early development by SoulMade's main developer (Pete), the work going into it thus far is proving to be very well done.
      You can follow progress and information, as well as see new screenshots of the project by viewing the topic here at X-Pilot.

    • X-Pilot
      Scenery4XP has released Seattle-Tacoma International Airport as part of its Boeing Country series. This scenery comes with an accurate representation of SeaTac, as well as the other previously released products in the series for the price of $29.95.
      Included airports are:
      KSEA (SEATAC) (International airport and gateway to the west)
      KBFI - BOEING FIELD (Main test facility for Boeing Aircraft)
      KRNT - RENTON MUNI (Main assembly plant for Boeing 737)
      KPWT - BREMERTON NATIONAL (General Aviation airport 25 miles west of Seattle)
      You can purchase this scenery at the X-Plane.org store.
      More information can also be found on the Scenery4XP website.

    • X-Pilot
      DreamFoil Creations has announced the release of their Robinson R22 helicopter for X-Plane. This aircraft features accurate flight dynamics, high quality 3D art, custom 3D sounds from the DreamEngine sound plugin, and much more!
      If you're interested in purchasing this aircraft you can grab it at the X-Plane.org store for $34.95.

    • X-Pilot
      Philipp Münzel, a member of the Take Command! CRJ-200 development team, has announced a Remote CDU project for the CRJ-200.
      The Remote CDU is a web based HTML5 application that will allow you to run your CRJ-200 CDU on an external monitor, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android phone, or pretty much any tablet out there as a display for your CDU. With the touch of your fingers you can program your routes for the CRJ with little effort!
      Philipp will be showcasing the new project at FS Weekend, and the project will be provided to customers as a free upgrade to the Take Command! CRJ-200!
      Screenshots and more information can be found by clicking here.

    • X-Pilot
      IXEG has just released a new preview video showing you just how in-depth the systems simulation is on the Boeing 737 Classic project the team is working on for X-Plane.
      This product is shaping up to be the most advanced ever seen in any simulator, and we're excited to know such talented individuals are sharing their hard work with X-Plane as their platform of choice!
      You can see the preview video in their topic located at the forums by clicking here.

    • X-Pilot
      X-Aviation and JRollon Planes are pleased to announce the release of a free update for the Take Command! CRJ-200. This update brings the CRJ-200 for X-Plane to version 1.2.
      Included in this update are some important bug fixes and all new sounds provided by Turbine Sound Studios.
      More information on the update and what it brings may be found here.

    • X-Pilot
      Carenado has released their F33A Bonanza for X-Plane 9. The aircraft is said to have similar behaviors compared to the real aircraft, as well as a detailed 3D exterior and interior model. This package includes four liveries, a blank texture for painting your own livery, and detailed documentation.
      For a full list of features or to purchase the aircraft, head on over to Carenado's F33A Bonanza page.

    • X-Pilot

      x737 Project Team Releases Update

      By X-Pilot, in News,

      The x737 Project team has released a new update to bring the aircraft to version 4.3. The team states this update fixes a number of reported bugs. Quoting directly from their announcement, the team says, "Our improvements are again focused on the autopilot, leading to a higher degree of reliability in automatic flight situations."
      In addition to the above, the team states that life is getting a bit easier for cockpit builders with new datarefs present.
      You can find a list of bugfixes as well as more info on this at the x737 Project website.

    • X-Pilot

      X-Aviation Announces New Blog

      By X-Pilot, in News,

      X-Aviation, the leading distributor of high quality products for X-Plane, has announced a new way to engage with customers and X-Plane fans with a new blog.
      The blog will consist of insights to X-Plane's future, the ongoing growth of the developer market, and general chat about the happenings to X-Aviation itself. This blog is sure to be a good read as more content gets published, so consider subscribing and keeping up to date!
      You can reach the blog at: http://blog.x-aviation.com

    • X-Pilot

      PilotEdge Sets Official Launch Date

      By X-Pilot, in News,

      PilotEdge, a new professional and commercial ATC network for X-Plane and MSFS, is proud to announce their official launch date will be October 1st, 2011.
      PilotEdge pledges to have an operating controller online during published business hours and has proven over time to be a great way to brush up on your ATC communication skills while flying around a fair amount of traffic (both drones and other online pilots).
      Check out PilotEdge at their official website to learn more: http://www.pilotedge.net

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