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    • X-Pilot
      In the event you missed some recent news, the Carenado team has released the PA34 200T SENECA II!
      This aircraft features:
      New Throttle, RPM and mixture control system
      Prop disc effect
      Cameras and viewpoints change system
      Surround and integrated sound system

      You can pick this plane up at the Carenado store for $27.95.

    • X-Pilot
      X-Aviation and Leading Edge Simulations are proud to announce the release of the iconic Douglas DC-3!
      This aircraft features both an X-Plane 9 and 10 version of the aircraft, a land and float version in one package, custom sounds created from real DC-3 recording sessions, a fully custom 3D cockpit and cabin, a custom programmed Sperry Autopilot, and much more!
      See more screenshots and features for this amazing and already highly praised aircraft on the product page at X-Aviation!

    • X-Pilot
      Aerosoft publishing has released their rendition of Keflavik, Iceland's international airport!
      The scenery is developed exclusively for X-Plane 10 and utilizes the enhanced scenery design features X-Plane 10 has to offer.
      Hop on over to the Aerosoft Keflavik product page to learn more.

    • X-Pilot
      Shade Tree Micro Aviation has released their North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco.
      The aircraft has many features, among which are a fully 3D modeled aircraft, a high visibility cockpit, and weapons functions.
      More information can be found on the product product page.

    • X-Pilot
      In the event you missed this over the last couple of days, Laminar has released version 10.05 Release Candidate 1.

      10.05 is a minor patch from 10.04 to fix a few key bugs.
      Carrier landings now work correctly.
      The camera no longer goes through walls in 3-d cockpit mode on the Cirrus Jet and others. (ATTR_solid_wall now works again.)
      The warning message for 32-bit versions of Windows has been moved to the first time you pick rendering settings, and the language has been edited for clarity.

    • X-Pilot
      Mr. 3D has released his rendition of the Mitsubishi A6M Zero.
      This simulation boasts an all 3D interior and exterior, accurate and weathered textures, and utilizes the DreamEngine 3D Sound plug-in.
      Find out more or purchase the aircraft at the X-Plane.org store.

    • X-Pilot
      In case you missed it, Carenado has released their V35 Bonanza!
      The aircraft is available for $26.95 from Carenado's store, and includes four liveries, the option of tank tips, reportedly accurate flight model, and much more.
      Head on over to Carenado's website to check it out!

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