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  1. Just ballpark . . . Open Source "quake.wav" https://www.freesound.org/people/smidoid/sounds/49145/ (but adjusted for very low amplitude, barely audible)
  2. I realize that spoilers don't make much noise. That being said, when the spoilers are deployed, IXEG nicely models the turbulent, separated airflow (with a subtle vibration). The addition of a low frequency, barely audible, "rumble" would in my opinion, greatly add to the immersive effect. Thanks
  3. Perhaps down the road . . . https://haversine.com/airfmc
  4. I didn't see any other posts with this reference. I've been looking online for this and finally found it, it's like the Holy Grail. I'm not aware of any copyright issues, i.e. it's on Google Docs, so I assume it's legitimate. Enjoy!… https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B06WSw8-Y2wHdXBwY085S0dMOG8/edit
  5. Also see here (works perfectly) . . . GNS 430 - British Aerospace Jetstream 32 - X-Pilot
  6. Same here (on Golden Gate Scenery, San Francisco) Skymaxx Pro 2.1 X-Plane latest release on mac
  7. Thanks JohnMaxx, I'll try that out.
  8. BTW what motivated this link was, I did just that, and loaded about 5 different sky color folders based on an X-Plane org search. The very first one I attempted to load, crashed SkyMaxx and X-Plane. I actually had to rebuild my X-Plane resources just to get X-Plane to run. SkyMaxx loaded strange transparent files into X-Plane which X-Plane was quite unhappy with, i.e. would not run. So . . . To rephrase, does anyone know of any sky color sets that are compatible with SkyMaxx? Incomplete color sets don't work. Thanks much in advance.
  9. (from the manual) . . . Sky Colors This is one of the most subjective topics I have seen in the X-Plane community. With SkyMAXX Pro, you have the ability to install as many different sky colors sets as you would like. Once installed, they will show up in the user interface and be selectable. There are many freeware options out there already. Find the sky set that appeals to you. Anybody have links to other Sky Color sets?
  10. Thanks much! For me it's more than an asthetic issue. Having the ability to turn down vis greatly improves my frame-rate when flying without Skymaxx. I assume the same will be true with Skymaxx installed. I greatly look forward to reduced vis plus Skymaxx. Fantastic program BTW. Look forward to the patch.
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