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  1. Fixed it. It's wierd, during previous tests when I removed all plugins from the folder I was having similar issues, but I guess 1.1 fixed something (maybe to do with Gizmo? I have no idea, I had been messing around with the installation). But this fixed it. Is there a solution in sight for this incompatibility?
  2. Hi, DISCLAIMER: I have removed all 3rd party plugins, running latest version with latest Navigraph airac, XP10.50 I posted a while ago about this issue I have been having, unfortunately it caused a bit of drama, but since the issue seems to be ongoing I think I might have another attempt at reporting it. I experience random crashes that occur when: -reloading the aircraft multiple times (via gizmo menu, e.g cold and dark/turnaround), somtimes I'll start the sim, put that aircraft to cold/dark, wait 5 minutes and then go to "turnaround" and it crashes. Reloading the aircraft
  3. Hi Phil! Welcome to the IXEG forums. I think I can help with your issues. Do you use RTH by any chance? I found that certain settings for lighting in RTH didn't allow me to see displays and/or lights in the cockpit. Hope you can get this fixed, IXEG is a lot of fun once it's working Hang in there! Max
  4. I don't know either, maybe a computer restart fixed something? It has been a couple of days since the issue started. I haven't made any other major changes apart from turning off vorticies like you suggested, which has improved the look of xEnviro drastically... whatever issue I was having it's fixed. Most likely something system related.
  5. I hope this doesn't spark more drama or offend anybody, but I believe Ben isn't actually part of the IXEG team. Thanks for the response Morten! My problem has been solved, I was browsing some of the other Gizmo crash reports and I found a link for a newer version of Gizmo which I've just installed, located in this subforum: This has seemed to solve the issues I were having. I also think it was something to do with my IXEG installation, since when I tried to reinstall (see first post) the uninstaller didn't seem to do much (all IXEG files remained unchanged even though the un
  6. I do not experience X-Plane crashing upon shutdown with ANY other aircraft apart from IXEG which is the only one that uses Gizmo in my case. That is all I can say. If the fact that I have xEnviro installed makes me ineligible for advice and support here then I guess I won't be flying IXEG any time soon. A damn shame but if I have to sacrifice something, but then that's the way it is. Can I at least ask what the next logical step would be? Should I attempt to contact xEnviro, and see if they are willing to help? Do I need to try to diagnose something? Thanks for the responses everyone
  7. Hi, Just re-installed IXEG because I suspected it was causing CTD's about 1-2 hours into a flight. Now when I try to close X-Plane it get prompted with "x-plane has stopped responding". I'm assuming this is Gizmo related because 9/10 times when I experience a crash the Gizmo log ends with "INIT SYSTEMS". Not a deal-breaker but it makes me worried to do more flights as this seems to be indicating instability somewhere in my installation. See attached. Cheers, Max GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  8. Wouldn't be the first time posts get deleted on these forums. Sorry I can't help you.
  9. May I please ask why my response got deleted without notice or answer?
  10. Hi, This is a follow-up from my previous post about multi crew procedures (thanks for the respones, by the way!). Does anybody have access to a free QRH online for the 737-300? So far I've only been able to find paid booklets. I really believe the only way to do this aircraft justice is to fly it by the book, quick literally, and test out some of the abnormal scenarios followed by the correct checklists and procedures applicable to that scenario. Thanks! Max
  11. Hi, Since smartcopilot is now working reasonably stable, my co-pilot and I would like to start working on the way we handle the aircraft and each other. I was wondering if there are any standard operating procedures to follow to learn about the terminology in the flight deck, each pilots' responsibility, what Pilot Flying actually means, callouts, etc. Cheers, Max
  12. During climb-out on missed approach 27R EGLL following soft crash occurred. GizmoLog.txt IXEG_FMS_debug.txt
  13. Gizmo soft crash when reaching TOD Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  14. Hi, I'm experiencing a repeated hard crash in the cruise, about 2-5 minutes after reaching TOC. Logs attached. Did not have this issue with earlier versions. Cheers, Max GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  15. Same here ony 1 download left.
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