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  1. Thank you, MadMckMax. My original post only goes to demonstrate what happened to me and to my friend. We purchased several products from them and since September 20th we've been trying to solve our issues through the tickets. They only responded to us once. One response to me and one to my friend. And all they did was suggest we committed piracy and asked why we did it when we actually did not. We explained to them what happened but we had no responses ever since. I find it extremely disrespectul. They accused us, judged us and never oficially said anything else. That's exactly what happened. My friend spent lots of money with them, bought a second copy of the product and now he can't use any of them. In my case it's just about the Real Weather Connector, that I also paid for and can't use!
  2. Why? There is no explanation about our problem. There were no answers to my tickets. And now they have just deleted my post here. Why?
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