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    • Cameron
      Vertical Simulations has recently announced the release of a free update for KSYR (Syracuse Hancock International Airport) in X-Plane 12. Existing owners of the X-Plane 11 version can access the updated version through their account page on the Vertical Simulations website (https://verticalsims.com/). Additionally, customers who purchased the original scenery from SimMarket and the Xplane.org store will also have access to the update.
      In the announcement, Vertical Simulations highlighted several improvements and changes listed in the changelog for the new update. These include replacing custom trees with X-Plane 12 default 3D placeholder trees, adjusting light parameters to address XP12 lighting issues, exporting the scenery with WED V2.5 to ensure compatibility with XP12, correcting the airline assignment from AYA to AAY for Allegiant, removing 2D grass, adding weather and ice-snow effects, and including airline names on gates.
      By providing this free update, Vertical Simulations demonstrates their commitment to enhancing the quality and realism of KSYR in X-Plane 12. Existing customers can take advantage of these improvements, which contribute to a more immersive and accurate simulation experience at Syracuse Hancock International Airport.

    • Cameron
      The process of porting complex addons from X-Plane 11 to X-Plane 12 has posed challenges for developers. However, Fabrice Kauffmann has stepped in to assist with this transition by releasing a helpful software tool, available for free. This software scans OBJ, LUA, and SND files to identify obsolete datarefs. By utilizing Fabrice Kauffmann's tool, addon developers can save significant time and effort when updating their addons for X-Plane 12.
      The availability of this free software tool is expected to contribute to the growth and improvement of X-Plane 12. Its functionality assists developers in navigating the process of migrating their existing addons, ensuring compatibility with the latest version of the flight simulator. Developers can access the tool on GitHub, and it is compatible with Windows 10/11.
      Fabrice Kauffmann's contribution to the X-Plane community demonstrates a commitment to supporting the development and evolution of addons for X-Plane 12. By streamlining the migration process, developers can focus more on enhancing their addons and delivering a seamless experience to users of the latest simulator version.

    • Cameron
      Toliss, a well-known developer in the X-Plane community, has released an update for their popular Airbus range, specifically the A319 and A321 variants, to make them compatible with X-Plane 12. This exciting update brings enhanced functionality and new features to the aircraft. For users who already own the A319 and A321 in X-Plane 11, the update is available at a discounted price of $10.99 each through the X-Plane.org store. Toliss has assured customers that the discount will be automatically applied to their accounts.
      The A319 has received various notable additions with this update. These include XP12 adaptations, a custom engine model that provides more realistic thrust and fuel flow values, and introduces new engine failure modes. Additionally, a new engine type, CFM56-5B7, has been implemented to offer increased take-off thrust specifically for high-altitude airports, making it ideal for flying in regions like the Andes. Other improvements include accurate system response circuit breakers, ACARS functionality for direct downloading of Simbrief plans into the flight plan, and the ability to retrieve takeoff data and wind information from the Simbrief flight plan.
      Similarly, the A321 has also undergone significant updates and incorporates numerous new features. These include XP12 adaptations, a custom engine model for improved realism in terms of thrust and fuel flow, and new engine failure modes. The circuit breakers now feature accurate system response, with over 100 circuit breakers available. ACARS functionality allows for direct downloading of Simbrief plans, retrieval of takeoff data for various runways at the departure airport, and entering wind data from the Simbrief flight plan. The A321 update also introduces an interactive screen called ACP, which enables ground service requests, fuel and passenger changes without using the ISCS. Other additions include EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) on both the captain and co-pilot sides, an FMGS (Flight Management and Guidance System) plan editing overhaul, the availability of database holds, an offset function, new failure modes (including recoverable computer failures), more than 70 new ECAM (Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor) messages, animated push buttons in the cockpit, and movable pilot seats and armrests.
      With these updates and new features, Toliss has demonstrated their dedication to providing an enhanced and immersive experience for users of their Airbus aircraft in X-Plane 12. These additions further elevate the realism and functionality of the A319 and A321, making them even more appealing choices for flight simulation enthusiasts.

    • Cameron
      Aerobask, a prominent aircraft developer, has recently shared exciting news regarding the ViperJet's compatibility with the newly released X-Plane 12 Public Beta. Originally introduced in 2015 for X-Plane 10, the ViperJet has undergone significant updates to align with the evolving advancements of Laminar's X-Plane Flight Simulator. These improvements ensure that the ViperJet remains in sync with the progress made in the simulation environment.
      For the X-Plane 12 release, Aerobask has implemented several enhancements to enhance the ViperJet's performance. The avionics systems have been updated to meet the requirements of X-Plane 12, and the flight model has been specifically tailored to deliver an optimized experience within the new simulator. Additionally, the visuals of the aircraft, including the 3D model textures, have been meticulously refined to take advantage of X-Plane 12's capabilities. Aerobask has gone the extra mile by rebuilding the entire aircraft to fully leverage the latest features and technologies offered by the new simulator.
      To provide a glimpse of the ViperJet in X-Plane 12, Aerobask has shared a collection of images on a forum post. These visuals showcase the sleek design of this home-built jet, highlighting the new effects unique to X-Plane 12 that have been incorporated into the model. The images serve as a testament to the dedication and attention to detail invested by Aerobask in adapting the ViperJet to the latest iteration of the flight simulator.
      Aviation enthusiasts can anticipate an immersive and realistic experience when piloting the ViperJet in X-Plane 12, thanks to the extensive updates and optimizations introduced by Aerobask. As the new simulator continues to evolve, the ViperJet stands ready to deliver an enhanced flight simulation adventure that showcases the remarkable capabilities of X-Plane 12.

    • Cameron

      X-Plane 12 Released

      By Cameron, in News,

      Exciting news has just hit the flight simulation community as X-Plane took to Twitter to announce the highly anticipated arrival of X-Plane 12. The next generation of this popular flight simulator is now officially available for purchase, and aviation enthusiasts can head to X-Plane.com to get their hands on it for $59.99.
      Laminar Research, the developers behind X-Plane, has unveiled a range of impressive new features that come with this latest edition. These include a photometric, HDR lighting engine, a 4D weather engine, and the addition of seven new aircraft models such as the A330, Citation X, SR22, RV-10, PA-18, R-22, and Lancair Evolution. X-Plane 12 also introduces volumetric 3D clouds, seasonal and weather-specific visual effects like snow, variable vegetation, ice, and rain, as well as enhanced 3D forests, water, and vegetation.
      The Early Access digital edition of X-Plane 12 caters to users who are eager to dive into the experience right away. As long as you have a reliable internet connection and a computer that meets the minimum requirements, you can take full advantage of this version. It offers universal platform support, including Windows, Mac with Native ARM Support, and Linux. Additionally, the Early Access edition provides access to both X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 11, along with free internet updates for all versions of X-Plane 12.
      Aviation enthusiasts can now embark on a new level of flight simulation realism and enjoyment with X-Plane 12, thanks to its cutting-edge features and advancements. Whether you're a seasoned virtual pilot or a newcomer to the world of flight simulation, this latest release promises to offer an immersive and captivating experience for all.

    • Cameron
      Thranda have announced their next product for this line is the Cessna U206G stationair!
      The aircraft will feature the normal items we have come to expect from Thranda’s dynamic generation series. It will incorporate the usual texture and paint editing tools along with cockpit panel customization and an array of extra options both inside and out providing you with everything you will need to fulfill your mission, whatever it may be. In a forum post online, Thranda have announced the project and provided a variety of screenshots from throughout the development process and some from what seems to be at a close to completed stage.

    • Cameron
      iniBuilds has recently launched its Buffalo Niagara scenery. This stunning addition brings to life the vibrant atmosphere of Buffalo, New York's major airport, serving not only the local area but also the southern golden horseshoe region of Ontario, Canada. Remarkably, KBUF ranks as the third busiest airport in New York State.
      Recognized as a significant hub, Buffalo Niagara International Airport (KBUF) plays a vital role for several major airlines. It serves as a central point for United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, and various other carriers. Moreover, KBUF stands out as a substantial hub for FedEx Express and UPS, further emphasizing its significance within the aviation industry.
      Hand-made ground polygons with crisp, bespoke texture sets Hand-placed bespoke ground service equipment True-to-life landside recreation  High definition vegetation The main terminal interior is fully modeled See more on the iniBuilds store.

    • Cameron
      Renowned developer ShortFinal Design, also known as MisterX6, has recently unveiled the highly anticipated KSFO Definitive Project for X-Plane 11. With numerous updates and impressive techniques employed by the developer, this visual representation of San Francisco International Airport is garnering widespread attention.
      The KSFO Definitive Project boasts an extensive range of features. Notably, the implementation of SAM (Scenery Animation Manager) enhances the realism and liveliness of the airport by incorporating jetways and dynamic airport operations. The scenery accurately reflects the current layout of KSFO as of 2022. Additionally, the package includes captivating animations of airport vehicles, workers, and passengers. Throughout the scenery, PBR (Physically Based Rendering) textures contribute to a visually immersive experience. For a comprehensive list of features, interested users can refer to the X-Plane.Org Store.
      Available for purchase on the .Org Store, the KSFO Definitive Project is priced at $26.95. Those intrigued by ShortFinal Design's other offerings can explore the developer's payware catalog on the .Org Store. For freeware options, the forum page dedicated to the developer provides a comprehensive overview.
      With the release of the KSFO Definitive Project, ShortFinal Design continues to solidify their reputation as a skilled and innovative contributor to the X-Plane 11 community. Aviation enthusiasts seeking a remarkable and true-to-life simulation experience are invited to explore this latest addition to their catalog.

    • Cameron
      Thranda has recently announced the release of a new expansion pack for its C208 and C208B Grand Caravan aircraft models. What's unique about this announcement is that the expansion pack is completely free and available for download from the X-Plane.org store. The X-Plane forum has been buzzing with positive feedback, as users express their delight and appreciation for this generous and well-crafted initiative.

    • Cameron
      FlightFactor has released a public beta for the 767-400ER aircraft. Today's beta release coincided with a number of other improvements for the 767 series as a whole. These include:
      added new 767-400ER model with brand new 777 like efis as a new paid additional extension package (Delta, United, Air Canada, China Eastern, China Southern, FlightFactor House, Turkish Airlines liveries already in pack) added glow/glare effects for FPDS display units and tune effects for other avionics variants added a few optimizations related to displays drawing added a little optimization related to graphics memory usage fixed an issue when takeoff rwy is reset on rte page after inserting SID/RWY from departure page fixed when clb and des restriction and transition speeds were shared in between more correct map data sorting and cutting with map range fixed blank charts with aircraft pos displaying enabled when aircraft is out of chart boundaries fixed possible incorrect registering of right mouse click events under some conditions fixed anti-aliasing slider appearance in effects configuration page for differents plane variants fixed possible crash on startup related to specific audio capture devices configuration fixed possible case when positions of 2D windows are not correctly restored after plane startup changed gear tilt angle improved flaps animation fixed inverted RB color channels in Charts improved 767 AA livery

    • Cameron
      Today, we're officially announcing Friday, July 15, 2022 as the release date for v2 of this great aircraft! This isn't just an update to the existing aircraft! It's an entirely new code base, 3D model and FMOD sound simulation. It is truly a new product. Previous customers of the MU-2 can expect a $20 discount on v2, though these coupons will only be available for 60 days. Read more here on the forums!

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