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  • Aerobask Announces Upcoming Release of ViperJet


    Aerobask, a prominent aircraft developer, has recently shared exciting news regarding the ViperJet's compatibility with the newly released X-Plane 12 Public Beta. Originally introduced in 2015 for X-Plane 10, the ViperJet has undergone significant updates to align with the evolving advancements of Laminar's X-Plane Flight Simulator. These improvements ensure that the ViperJet remains in sync with the progress made in the simulation environment.

    For the X-Plane 12 release, Aerobask has implemented several enhancements to enhance the ViperJet's performance. The avionics systems have been updated to meet the requirements of X-Plane 12, and the flight model has been specifically tailored to deliver an optimized experience within the new simulator. Additionally, the visuals of the aircraft, including the 3D model textures, have been meticulously refined to take advantage of X-Plane 12's capabilities. Aerobask has gone the extra mile by rebuilding the entire aircraft to fully leverage the latest features and technologies offered by the new simulator.

    To provide a glimpse of the ViperJet in X-Plane 12, Aerobask has shared a collection of images on a forum post. These visuals showcase the sleek design of this home-built jet, highlighting the new effects unique to X-Plane 12 that have been incorporated into the model. The images serve as a testament to the dedication and attention to detail invested by Aerobask in adapting the ViperJet to the latest iteration of the flight simulator.

    Aviation enthusiasts can anticipate an immersive and realistic experience when piloting the ViperJet in X-Plane 12, thanks to the extensive updates and optimizations introduced by Aerobask. As the new simulator continues to evolve, the ViperJet stands ready to deliver an enhanced flight simulation adventure that showcases the remarkable capabilities of X-Plane 12.

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