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  • Laminar Research Previews X-Plane 12.1.0 Update


    Laminar Research has previewed the upcoming X-Plane 12.1.0 update on their blog, currently in private testing and set for a public beta release soon. This update will bring several enhancements, including graphical improvements, flight model tweaks, and weather upgrades.

    Originally intended as a graphics-focused update, it also includes new aircraft systems, an improved flight model, enhancements to the weather and ATC systems, and the introduction of a physics-based camera that moves with the aircraft.

    Key graphical improvements include cloud shadows on water, bloom lighting effects, adaptive sharpening for better contrast, softer ground shadows, MSAA enhancements, improved CPU performance, and refined water opacity and turbidity. A new screenshot utility with depth of field and exposure controls is also included, alongside new particle effects such as sparks from pavement collisions, ground spray, and visibility effects during helicopter and powered lift operations.

    The update significantly upgrades aircraft systems, particularly the G1000 simulation, which now features ADS-B simulation, stormscope and traffic map pages, METAR flags, NDB and VOR pages, WAAS/Test Satellite Constellation, and improved plugin interoperability. Glass avionics will now be integrated via plugins, facilitating easier implementation by developers.

    The flight model will include a manual flap system, dial-a-flap functionality, electric clutches for helicopters, and single-lever control for turboprops, where applicable.

    The weather system will utilize a new server, improving METAR parsing for more realistic representation, and reducing blockiness in cloud visuals.

    Finally, the update introduces a physics-based camera system that adjusts based on aircraft acceleration, though this may arrive in version 12.1.0 or a subsequent update.

    An official release date for the update has not yet been announced.

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