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  1. Hi and thanks for purchasing!. With regards to the MU2, the NAV mode does not follow GPS routes. Refer to the Autopilot docs at the link below which explains the reasons and the (real life) workaround using GPSS. In particular, see the paragraphs regarding: "HDG Button / GPSS Operation / NAV Button" http://www.togasim.com/mu2docs/supplements/spz500.html Other aircraft may have different AP behavior/modes, but i cannot speak to those, only the MU2s.
  2. If you are using the OEM variant....no need to interface with the RXP pull down eh?.......BUT.....BUT.....I'm being facetious here... ....you are exactly correct. I'll look into this -TomK
  3. Laterally, the AP will track GPS tracks, ILSs and VORs 'paths'. Vertical modes are always initiated / controlled by the pilot manually as you state. For lateral AP tracking purposes, a GPS track doesn't know if its its part of an approach/LNAV, an enroute segment, whatever...those are labels we put on the path....not the AP...its just a magenta line to "stay on" as far as the AP is concerned. So if you can enter some LNAV approach on a GPS unit and get it to display as a 'magenta' GPS track, then the AP will follow it laterally in GPSS mode. Vertical still needs to be manual though. In XP11, the GPS tracks do not display the approaches selected from the GPS units....they had to be entered 'waypoint by waypoint'. I'm unsure if that's changed in XP12, seems I heard it was but haven't tested that functionality yet. -TomK
  4. I foresee two 'events' with regards to the 733. Event 1 is "port to XP12 'as is'. Event 2 is 'upgrades beyond the port'. The goal of event 1 is to get it to work in XP12 the way it does in XP11 given XPlane changes. Those who have made 733 purchases since early this year will certainly get the XP12 port version for free as stated on the XA product page. Beyond that XP12 port though, we have not made any determinations about what may or may not constitute a 'paid upgrade' beyond the fact that it shouldn't be egregious or outlandish. Regarding features 'beyond the xp12 port'... we have and hear arugments all the time for/against variants, cargo versions, etc and have not made up our minds yet about what may be next. The obvious things todo are the FMS work and upgrading all the 3D/textures/animations. As far as MSFS, a lot of us developers have kept an eye out on the whole market/dev process and a port is not a trivial thing, regardless of what Fenix / inisim is doing. We're talking multiple 1000s of man hours easily, and at my age and road traveled, that's a tall order.....regardless of the money potential. I rather enjoy my little world in X-Plane and those users who also see the same value in it. Perhaps Fenix, iniSim or someone else can do a 737-300. I can't speak for any other devs in the X-Aviation ecosystem, but for our part, we'll probably stick to X-plane with the 733...best I can tell from today. -TomK
  5. The XP12 "compatibility" work is underway FYI. First order of business is to get it flying as it does now in XP11, and then to begin improvements. -TomK
  6. Hi Elijah, No. Those are GPS procedures and the SPZ autopilot does not take GPS generated signals. ILS is the only approach vertical guidance option for the older AP. Regarding the oscillation, what approach speeds are you seeing this at . I can try to simulate and look at the AP constants. I've had descent stability at 110-120 kias and TBH, haven't testes the AP constants a lot below those speeds. Also...is this XP11 or 12? TomK
  7. have you tried clicking on the "ipad" tablet (in the side pocket to the left of the pilot seat)? Clicking on the tablet makes it animate "into" the bracket. Click the pocket again to "animate it back. Your screenshot is showing the "2D popup" version of the Avitab, which is different from the 3D version. The 2D version may be "popped out" of the X-Plane window and moved to another monitor, etc. -TK
  8. Yea, there is a known issue with the EGPWS plugin by Saso (that the G500 integrates) on Mac that crashes, usually on 'aircraft unload'. Quite the annoyance during development as I myself suffer from this issue. -TK
  9. I'll dig into these options daemotron. There are some controls I "override" the save setting, though the parking brake probalby shouldn't be one of them. -TK
  10. could you post a screenshot of your issue please?
  11. Good use case...definitely missed that one. Thanks! I'll put in a fix. Of course a careful manual adjust of the pref text file will fix the layout in cockpit. Regarding the powering....they should power with the radio switches. TK
  12. you mean how to "turn on" the avitab screen? "Open the screen" I don't understand. The "ipad".. has a power button on the top right of the bezel when its in the mounting bracket...its small, just like the real thing..but its there. Press it to turn it on / off. -tk
  13. Early work-in-progress...but eh....why not...could be fun. Just don't answer the phone if it rings after watching this video. exhaust_opt2.mp4
  14. So it looks like everything is OK then/ The frame/mounting bracket sits on the window and you click on the ipad/avitab in the side pocket to move it to/from the bracket. If you don't want to see the bracket, there is a preference to hide it. I do not see any problem with the screenshots you show...they are consistent with intended behavior -TomK
  15. By frame...do you mean the "Frame of the ipad? or the "frame" that holds the avitab...i.e. the mounting bracket? Some people have referred to the mounting bracket as the 'frame'...but for my purposes...distinctly different...so I want to be sure we're talking about the same thing. -TK
  16. I have a dedicated screencapture software for Mac called "Screenflick" that captures video and sound. I'm not sure of a decent one for Windows. Some more known names that come to mind are Camtasia and videosolo....but those may be overkill. -TK
  17. I assume you're talking V11 yea Bulva? I'm not reproducing it on my end....but seems that did happen to me a while back under some circumstance that I can't recall and has not happened since. Its working for for me for the 2 cases of "gear lever up on ground" and "levers pulled to idle while airborne and gear stowed. I'll keep an eye out still...and check the code again for anything obvious. -TK
  18. I'm really excited by what I'm seeing with XP12...visually...though its still WIP on both my and Laminar's end. The following video shows testing of the rain effects and lighting issues. The rain effect is exaggerated in this video for purposes of testing...so the 'deluge' on the window is more than the sky is putting out. Also...the lighting between night/day...specifically through dusk/dawn isn't quite up to speed. Laminar is aware and as mentioned earlier...on their list at some point to evalute and hopefully tweak. In the following video of the rain effect...I also use the K/L keys to cycle through the time of day.....to just before and after sunset...and you can see how the lighting intensity is still needing some Laminar love....BUT....you can see the potential. The capture is 20fps...so the video looks a bit rougher than what I'm seeing on my end. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0y23n1th42r9b7i/rain_effects.mp4?dl=0 TK
  19. Just an FYI for anyone interested.... just an example of some of the things the port process to XP12 entails...not just for me, but all devs. This image shows illuminated surfaces both at night and during the daytime. If you set these levels to look normal during the day, then they're currently a bit "blown out" at night. If you set them to look good at night, they look washed out..darn near off during the day. For myself...I have a way to code around this for all illuminated stuffs; however....because XP12 is in a public beta...there's a good chance this will get tweaked at some point in the near future..but of course this is just one issue amongst many issue being handled by Laminar. Tweaking the brightness of each of these elements takes a bit of time..and of course you have to check them in the sim....so when things change on Laminar's end, its causes another "round of tweaks" to be made. If I make my own tweaks in code to make these look more correct....then such changes would probably be nullified by any changes Laminar makes and cause me to have to "go back and change" all the stuff yet again. So the protocol is to "report it" and let the item wait its turn in Laminar's work queue. ...doesn't mean I can't work on liveries...or other special effects in the meantime....but just an FYI about the nature of the public beta and how us devs have to wait before we can make the changes we need to. -TK
  20. There are definitely changes for V12 I have yet to address. I have already rolled into the obvious ones, like the rain effects and lighting changes, but the flight model is changed in V12 significantly as are the gyro behaviors...among other things. I'm moving through the port though...its definitely one of the bigger transitions compared to X-Plane versions past, but we're moving through it. -TK
  21. I'm so sorry....total brain lapse on my part...I was responding "while on the move" and wasn't really thinking this through. Some manipulators are "command" type...and they are "on the command list" however, some are "push button" type, and those are NOT on the list. ...and indeed, this button is not a command type and there is NO command for it unfortunately. I'll add in these for the next update. It probably should have been a command type from the beginning. Again, sorry for confusion. -TK
  22. You are correct that the command is NOT in the list of custom commands on the docs. sorry I missed that, I will get that fixed promptly. The command is: xscenery/mu2b60/manips/ap_button and that command will also turn on the Yaw damper at the same time. Here's a few others on that AP panel also: xscenery/mu2b60/manips/ap_yaw_button xscenery/mu2b60/manips/ap_soft_ride_button Seems I have several "manipulator interface commands" not present. I generate that list automatically via a script as there are so many commands in my code and my parsing script missed a bunch of these "manipulator" commands. Perhaps its time for a dedicated manual perusal of that list. Thx again for pointing this out. -TK
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