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  1. Note that this is a temporary situation, due to our changover of technology and X-Plane's new "loading system"....there's some remodeling going on under the hood. We have to make sure we understand the intricacies of X-Plane's new features and then design a new GUI around those. I can't say when we'll get it back in, but it is certainly on our roadmap...see bullet points at the end of this link. NOTE that this links to some new web pages with information about the upcoming 1.5.1 patch....which isn't out yet, but will be shortly. http://www.togasim.com/ixeg/product_info/whatsnew_15.html
  2. Thx...I do keep a private tracking log (it gets published when the patches go out)....and add these reports to them immediately. I definitely track stuff better nowadays. MU2 starting to get warmed up for sure.
  3. and TBH....this UI with the cockpit is over 10 years old. There are a lot of things I want to redo for more "natural immersion"...so usability will get its turn soon. -TK
  4. Thx @Pils I hope these didn't work in XP11 and then just "stopped working" in XP12 ??? We really haven't changed any of our manips / command structures. I will say that I think a really comprehensive "hardware compatiblity pass" for these kinds of things....similar to the MU2 hardware pass, is warranted. X-Plane has introduced tons of commands that weren't available when we coded this thing up...and we didn't tie into all of them at the time. Of course hardware wasn't as prolific and as full-featured as it is now.....so we do have some catching up to do here. As usual..this post is logged on my list. We're prepping a patch now for the obvious stuff from the last week...and I suspect we'll go a few more weeks seeing what else turns up, and once I feel we're stable...then I'll set about with the hardware pass. I'm also preparing 'MU2 like" online docs...and we have over 1200 custom datarefs....no telling how many commands. So it needs a good audit. -TK
  5. I have begun to isolate and document the datarefs to put on the Togasim website like I did for the MU2 here. But the 737 has...oh ...1200+ datarefs so its taking a bit to cull through them all and organized them. But we'll have these up and avail before next weekend I believe...that's the target....and this will make it a bit easier to track requests for hardware support and get those on our todo list. -tk
  6. There's no doubt the engine model needs some work. This is simply a matter of 'business triage'. there is some truth here; however, one could rephrase to say, " the most important issue of a .......flight simulation experience for enjoyment" is NOT the performance! A great many number of simmers enjoy the more visceral aspects of simming..."sights / sounds / perception of flying / visual stimuli", rather than the performance. The airliners certainly attract simmers who enjoy the cognitive and intellectual aspects of simming, ergo the performance aspects of those classes of products, but for GA aircraft? its is a very small percentage of users who are "by the book"...and that simply doesn't pay the bills for the work involved. I definitely will come back to the Moo engine model at some point....and I won't charge any hidden fees when I do, but from a strategic perspective, its simply having to wait its turn. But your points are noted and I've logged this post to revisit. -tk
  7. It's safe to say that "everything is changing...all the time" and its simply a non-stop adjustment, that's just tech. X-Plane is somewhat like "The Borg" (for any Trekkies) in a way, which just absorbes more features and functionality....and in doing so, sometimes steamrolls our implementations causing us to have to re-tool. Certainly as new hardware has come available, it has continually stressed X-Plane to adapt, which further stresses our implementations and its just a bit of a merry-go-round that is the nature of the beast. -tk
  8. The ECAM "pie needle" illumination is missing, I've logged it and addressing it for the next patch. Can't explain the weird texture....XPlane 12 lighting still brings up surprised every now and then. -TK
  9. Four new commands: ixeg/733/engines/left_fuel_lever_to_idle" ixeg/733/engines/left_fuel_lever_to_cutoff" ixeg/733/engines/right_fuel_lever_to_idle" ixeg/733/engines/right_fuel_lever_to_cutoff" So for the next patch, coming up shortly....executing these commands will animate/move the levers between the extreme positions with a single command/click. We did not originally embrace the concept of animating the controls based on single clicks for various reason at the time. IN the MU2, this paradigm is ubiquitous and I suspect I'll end up auditing all the controls in the IXEG cockpit for which ones are suitable to animate to some position with a single click -TK
  10. I'm not seeing that in the code @daemotron, in other words, we haven't changed anything here since day 1 it looks like, so if it worked with switches previously..it would have probably been something XPlane changed. So you're wanting a "single event" command where it moves the lever to full mixture on / off? ...which is perfectly reasonable -tk
  11. Indeed...I've been dealing with it for over a year....good thing its a relatively quick keystroke. -TK
  12. that would be the internal air stairs...much more fun. I suppose external airstairs would be a good option too...hrm....yea, think I'll do both. External would be pretty quick...yea, I think I'll add "external stairs" to my near term todo list! Not everyone has a jetway! -tk
  13. With regards to your observation of the exterior sounds...our sound engine makes no distinction between interior vs exterior with regards to the software...its simply a "sound" in all cases. All our sounds are effected only through: "play", "stop", "adjust volume", and "adjust pitch", nothing more. When you open the window from the inside view for example, we simply "ramp up the volume" of some sounds...they are already playing. Moving the camera around the interior has the same effect on other sounds...you get closer to the panel, the fan noise "ramps up" too...yet doesn't cause a crash. I think there's something more sinister going on; however, as Cameron mentioned......X-Plane and plugins is real chemistry. It only takes one unique combo to create a reaction and finding the catalyst can be a challenge. We are certainly dealing with that here in my opnion and getting Laminar to help find data points at this stage is a prudent step. Ceratainly we want to add this one to our knowledge base. -TK
  14. @fortinworkaround....put two waypoints in the LEGS page at minimum before executing.....that should get you past the error.....then after you get airborne, you can put MIGLO into the first line and execute if that was your intended plan (one waypoint only). Looked like the crash happens when running a VNAV calc with only one waypoint in the legs page. Already fixed for next patch. TK
  15. A few missing points. That error is part of a VNAV calculation, which would only run if you had set a crusie altitude, which you didn't mention in your steps so I couldn't reproduce. For VNAV calc to run, you need your PERF info on the PERF INIT page, and then a cruise altitude and of course a route...(without a disco in the first line). When you execute with those "minimum requirements", then the VNAV calcs will run. Most of the other stuff doesn't matter. I'll try to reproduce give the general Departure airport and one waypoint...with the perf init/cruise alt, that should be enough for me to test. -tk
  16. Thx for reporting and your patience. We've added it to the list. We won't cease working on the IXEG and will certainly endeavor to increase accuracy in all areas, including this one. Now that we have the 737 out....we have to stabilize a few super obvoius oversights...but after, we'll enter a quite long phase of tweaking all those perf issues while we tackle our other roadmap items as well. -TomK
  17. Thx for rerporting. I put it on my list this morning to check.
  18. the patch has been made and is being tested with select folks. Several testers have confirmed its fixed their issue thus far. It may still be a day or so as there are other precautions to be made.... and we don't want a 2nd occurrence to happen. Much better to take a day or two to make sure its good and get this one totally behind us. As to the unfortunate timing..see recommended post at top of this page if you haven't already. it explains the weekend thing. -TK
  19. This isn't a workaround, its the very reason for that preference's existence. I discuss that in this link in the "new gui interface" section. As to your crash, I can't speak to that. VR is a bit of a black box to us devs, and I can't make heads or tales of that message. Might be one worth reporting to Laminar
  20. The last entries in your log file give indications as to what is going on...and in all your log files that I've seen, its always during some "weather update" Do you have X-Plane's "Download Real Weather" option enabled? If so, try it with that set to "manual" -TK
  21. As @Pils mentioned above, email/forum post from X-Aviation is the 'official' way. Soon though, we'll be putting up web based info, similar to the MU2...and the version listed at the top will be the most current version released. We won't change that version # until the actual release. Usually we synchronize updating the online info with the release itself, its part of our deploy checklist. So if you wake up one day, wondering if you've missed a release, you can check your version in X-Plane (use the 'Customize' button inside X-Plane to see the version)...and compare that against the version listed at the top of the (soon to be posted) docs. It will look like so when posted: So the current version listed inside X-Plane is now "1.5"....and that screenshot above shows what it will be when we make the next release and this info is put online. So just another way of checking versions. -Tom
  22. @BulvaThis format should look familiar to you Number 2 on my list.
  23. I did not do the original openGL...and I have never, not once, touched the code for the EFIS displays. Certainly I will investigate. We are seeing openGL funnies we haven't seen in the past. I believe Laminar have "tightened up" some of their requirements for us devs using openGL and this could have some influence. Now a little "insider info" for those here. For a while now, I've been setting myself up to work on XP full time and its' been a long road to get to this point, getting everything up date and redone for XP12.....BUT there's still a little bit further to go with regards to code infrastructure. I liken where we are now to a remodeling project in a crowded downtown.....so for example, you may work in some building that's getting remodeled and there is scaffolding all over the place, but the building continues to "operate". We want to make that operation as normal as possible of course, but while folks use the IXEG...we're changing lots of stuff under the hood to be more lean and "future proof". This whole "Level-2" activation issue folks are seeing is part of an interim technology..much like scaffoling...and won't be around forever. We are trying to make this rework as transparent to the end users as possible while we demolish / cut / retool / remodel code under the hood. A big part of this work will be the graphics code. With the 717 waiting in the wings....with six EFIS displays...EFIS graphics are a big deal now. SO...I'll just say that we're knocking heads with folks from Real Sim Gear and also Saso/Totoriko, to make sure we have modern tech/methods and we can move all these products well into the future. As far as this HSI thing....I'll be looking at it for sure. -TomK
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