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  1. another quick weekend report. Still working the sounds. I'm past the difficult (engine) part. Check the link on page 1 (my June 9 post) if you haven't already done so. Now its strictly just the quantity of sounds to increase immersion. The unfeather pump for example. When the prop reaches its limit, then this loads the electric pump more and the sound of the pump changes...case in point: https://www.dropbox.com/s/egu45j7f1ntksku/unfeather.mp4?dl=0 ...also, tire screech, runway / taxi roll...etc. I should wrap up sounds pretty quick....and afterwards, I move into final quality control..re-read/amend the docs, go down the final punchlist, start packaging files for distribution, etc. -tkyler
  2. The sounds are finally coming along well. I've been 'worried' about...and playing with the engine sounds for quite some time, being that you can't just record a MU2 engine and handle all the possible ways a user may interact with the engine in a sim....and I've had to also learn FMOD along the way. If you want to simulate "cranking" or a hot start, or a shutdown, or a slow start, you have to accomodate the engine RPM at any given time and for any given duration. This means you need a relatively complex "looping" setup of sounds that only play when their "physical source" is in play. You don't find many videos of MU2s of cranking....or owners willing to 'crank' their engine several times for you and kill their battery while you record sounds. You may recall X-Plane firing up a turbine and playing the "lightoff" sound even if the engine doesn't lightoff. That's unacceptable to me. ....so the challenge has been to mix and synthesize the various components of the engine sounds to try and recreate the real thing. Well the engine is finally starting to sound realistic IMO...not perfect but not bad.....and the better it gets, the more I keep playing with it and why things keep dragging out. That being said, I think the wait will be worth it. I can honestly say that after 17 years from the first time I started building the MU2 for X-Plane....its finally shaping up to be the simulation I wanted it to me. Check out the engine sounds WIP video below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8puz1xi88fvcbla/mu2_sound_opt.mp4?dl=0
  3. I see no reasons why it should not. The way the Reality XP integration works is not really part of the significant changes for X-Plane 12. It uses a "pipeline" that is largely untouched by XP12. I expect there to be little, if any issues.
  4. I've since made contact with Jean-Luc, have the GTN-750 and required info so I'm good to go after release. Thx Raúl.
  5. duly noted and fixed. the "little aircraft" on the HSI is part of the "panel glass overlays" and simply turned off during development. It will be there for release . The altitmeter adjust bug is white (supposed to be orange)...there's no hole in the yoke for the control lock....and .....***. SUCH is the life of quality control before release! I'm a lot pickier this time around than I was 10 years ago it seems.
  6. The variants I refer to are the "panel variants", not the prop; however, If you consider the 4/5-blade options, then there are actually 6 variants (3 panels x 2 prop options) and indeed their are 6 *.acf files.......or 8 if you include the GTN-750 equipped one for Windows only owners (developed after the official release). That's one of the things dragging this out a bit...each one have their own differing set of support files and of course sound files. Quality control is quite something. anyhow, the panel variants are 1) OEM Radio panel 2) Garmin GNS/GPS Radio Panel 3) Garmin G600 PFD/MDF with GNS/GPS Radio Stack. Note the 3rd option is only available for owners of the Real Sim Gear G500 /600 product from X-Aviation. Below is a screnshot from the docs regarding the panel/prop variants.
  7. RE the GTN. I believe I found the information I needed from an example *.ini file provided by timber61 from X-Plane.org....certainly enough to experiement. I'll set about integrating the GTN; however, the offering will have to wait until after the initial release though I suspect it shouldn't take terribly long. My workflow is already set up for handling variants efficiently. -tkyler
  8. not at release no...not beyond default X-Plane.....but a little more explanation is probably warranted. The code infrastructure absolutely supports the implementing and mangement of failures of lower level components... and indeed I've had an algorithmic model for failures for many years "in my head"; however, I feel an interface to implementing and managing failures is a critical thing to get right for the end user. Such a system would require a "repair module" in my mind. In other words, if you experience what appears to be a failure...how do you know whether its a bug in the software, an omission of a feature, or a genuine "purposeful simulated failure?" Its not unreasonable to envision some kind of "maintenance inspection report feature" where you could get some kind of report on any thing you feel was not working correctly and wanted to have a virtual A&P investigate further...otherwise, you'll end up on forums asking if anybody else has seen "the problem" you're seeing and is it a bug. The limitation, for myself, has always been programming the GUI for such a system...which in the past, required some openGL skills, which is not my strong suit. Gizmo has since introduced the 'imGUI' UI toolset, which I'm just tippy-toeing into on this V2.0 release...but the feature set of imGUI seems to be exactly what I need to get my "failure model" into some kind of "management interface', at least for individual "in sim" management. I've had "web based online failure mangement models" also in my head for some time. (Any full-stack web programmers interested?) So its in the pipeline for sure...the ixeg 737 is built around the same code infrastructure and awaiting a similar GUI interface, but I need some time to develop the "failure and repair interface module" to the vision I have in my head that would be sufficiently engaging for users...which includes me. FWIW, there will be a 'roadmap' documented for the MU2. Such includes the failure work and expansion of the systems. There is a fine line between "systems from the pilot perspective", vs. "systems from the maintenance perspective". For example, some instruments which users see as "one instrument" is actually many in one. the HSI/ADI for example. The ADI gyro uses power from one source, the ADI flags from another and the GS/LOC signal inputs from another etc....so its possible to fail "some" of the instrument, but not all of it. Simulating these 100% accurately requires having knowledge of instrument "pinout diagrams", which are tough to come by as many of these instruments are proprietary and folks in legal possession of these diagrams aren't exactly handing them out like flyers....even if these instruments are 30+ years old. Beats me why this is, but it is. I will certainly be continuing my efforts to improve the Moo systems to this 100% goal (whether attainable or not) as time moves on. After all, I too am a fan of learning these systems at really low levels, if for no other reason than the fun of it. -tkyler
  9. I'm trying. still can't get a response out of Jean-Luc of RXP. I've reached out on 3 separate occasions. Again, after release and stabilization, I'll set about putting in the GTN if I ever get the info I need. I'm making room for it, I can tell you that. -tkyler
  10. XP 12 definitely has a lot of "under the hood" changes will affect the Moo; however, immediately after release and stabilization, I'll begin to test/tweak it for XP12 also.
  11. Another update. Though its been quiet here, it is still very much full speed on my end. There simply is a lot of infrastructure work and double-checks to get ready for release. One of the things I'm doing is moving the documentation to be browser based. That was a bit of a last minute decision but one I think will pay dividends moving forward. This makes the documentation searchable and navigated much more quickly and in addition, much easier to update and read IMO. I also forsee the need to facilitate tutorials and such and this format will allow the addition of such material to be added more quickly and presented more effectively. This infrastructure will also serve as a foundation for similar documentation efforts we plan to bring to the ixeg 737. We should be able to publish the docs to PDF also for those that desire such. The paint kit is also complete, which required its fair share of prep and documentation also. The documentation will probably drag on another day or two. At this stage, its looking like early June release. I will say I'm disappointed its not in the 3 week time span I had hoped and predicted, but not disappointed with why...because I simply want to refine lots of little things to ensure its a first class simming experience and its coming along very well. -tkyler
  12. Quick report. I'm moving things back oh so slightly. At this point, I'm updating the docs and working on the sound engineering. The sound is the long straw here, FMOD is a bit new to me and quite intimidating for first timers and taking a bit more time than I hoped to get up to speed..... and I'm quite picky about sound. I am still working on it daily and safe to say that when the sound is done, we'll get it out. I won't say when, but I myself will be quite disappointed if its more than 3 weeks. -tkyler
  13. I don't think I'm going to make it in April Marco.....though I am very close to wrapping things up. Targeting first half of May it looks like now. Right now there is a lot of quality control checks being done. With 3 variants it is quite a lot of flight testing. The last week has been compatiblity work with all the probable hardware configurations and setting up the preferences etc. All the lighting / night lighting is done and the only thing that remains is a punchlist of small items, a few more liveries to do and the last thing will be the sound. This certainly won't drag out, there is nothing else on my plate and this work is all day every day for me until release. -Tom
  14. I need to digress on this statement. The HDG/GPSS converter is still required with the G600 variant, because it uses the same older autopilot as the other variants...not sure what I was thinking with I wrote that. The operation is quite trivial...enter/activate flight plan, engage autopilot, press HDG mode...press GPSS button, crack open a magazine and pass the time. I did get word from Philipp at Laminar though...that for XP12, you will have to be within a reasonable proximity to the GPS flight plan TRK in order to capture the route. XP11 GPSS is a bit 'nice' in that activating GPSS, even when you're a good ways off of a GPS leg...will still turn to intercept and track.
  15. The SHIFT 'backslash' key, is the normal default "toggle" between reverse and forward thrust for the 1.9 series MU2. Also, there is a preference to use "split throttle lever" versus "realistic". To use the key to toggle between reverse and forward, you will want that preference set on "split"
  16. I should elaborate more. There are two ways the autopilot can "work" with the GPS...so that's a bit of a loaded question. The GNS units have analog outputs so that they can drive older autopilots via the "CDI tracking" capability the same way the autpilots track a VOR/LOC......but of course this means you have to adjust the OBS to the next course leg before every turn before the CDI guidance by the GPS can do its thing; however.....I have decided to implement a "GPSS converter" for the GNS variant, which is available within XPlane (going in right now in fact). ...and so there will be a GPSS/HDG button on the panel for that variant. The G600 variant has GPSS 'built in' as it were....no HGD/GPSS button needed, its good to go driving the autopilot via GPSS. -tkyler
  17. There is roll to be expected in these things. The magnitude however, was reduced by Austin some time ago. Being there is no mixture lever in the MU2, this shouldn't be issue if you map your hardware levers to the prop speed levers.
  18. for the record.....I am absolutely willing and anxious to look at popular 3rd party products and integration with such; however, only after I get everything working smooth with default X-Plane first. So any love for these 3rd party add-ons will have to wait until after release. The G500/600 received a little extra love because a lot of MU2s have these nowadays and the integration was discussed early in the MU2 rework with the G500/600 developer. The weather radar specifically is a bit of a odd duck at the moment in that we are close to transitioning to XP12 with its completely new weather engine and possibly new weather radar....so the weather radar is not getting any love at this instant and will initially ship with default XP11 weather radar. I want a properly functioning "old school" radar for sure, but am currently in a 'wait and see' with XP12 being around the corner. I do not have visual 3D icing effects yet but intend to. I'm reluctant to quickly toss on 'stacking show/hide polygons' to simulate 3D ice buildup as I think its a bit cheesy. For myself, given the choice of "do nothing" vs. "do something, but it looks kind of cheesy to me", I'd rather do nothing until I can do it to what I feel is a quality implementation. As far as whats "planned", all I can say is "everything I can"....in due time. The Moo is really a labor of love and I have quite a long list of extras I want to add to it once this new foundation is in. Right now its 10 things at once leading up to release, but afterwards, I can begin developing high quality extra features that will really improve the Moo experience. 2022 is basically slated for IXEG and Moo improvements. -tkyler
  19. It is not currently implemented and I haven't looked into it at this time (nor librain), my plate is pretty full with other things that take higher precedence; however, it is on my list and my code is structured to support integration with some of these great add-ons.... so it will get looked at in due course. -tkyler
  20. A few more interior shots showing some more angles. The interior design is quite subjective and I suspect I may (after release) do some alternate schemes for folks to choose from.
  21. While I don't like to give dates because there are a few unknowns (FMOD sound in particular)....I think its fair to say it will come out some time in April almost certainly. I have a target on my calendar that is in April and working feverishly towards that and best I can tell, still on track. That's the best I can say atm.
  22. a solid "maybe" is all I can say. There are some reasons for doing so now that weren't as pressing as in the past and so its occupying a corner of our minds.
  23. we are looking into it. We have reached out to Reality XP but have not heard back yet. I certainly want to, but if/when it happens, it will be after the initial MU2 release stabilizes a bit. I have been planning for it however.
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