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  1. A freighter version for the -400 has potential because the workload to produce that is "relatively" light. The -500, being a shorter variant would require a much more laborious effort to change both the 3D and the flight model, being geometrically disparate...and the return on investment in that, I believe, probably would not justify the efforts. While I think a freighter variant would appeal to a statistically smaller set of customer use cases, I recognize that there is still a place for it...and so I do want to do a -400 freighter at some point. ..and yes, I'm still working on the 733 every day...my carpel tunnel and "tennis elbow" remind me constantly. I think I can safely say at this point that we'll definitely put out a more informative report this week on whats going on with the development. -tkyler
  2. I do Seriously. still going every single day...we'll be making an announcement/report about whats going on here within the next few days. I'm trying to get to a specific point before we give a more formal update and I don't want to rush it....I'm as picky as most of you folks, so I'm steadily laboring away towards that point. -tkyler
  3. Hi Nicolas. There is a "roundout" phase of the altitude capture where the CAP annunciator on ALTSEL illuminates for a short bit while the aircraft levels off....and a few moments later the ALT capture mode should kick in and indicate. If you press the ALT button during this roundout phase...then that ...MAY... create a problem...I'd have to check again. X-Plane does not support the concept of a "capture roundout" phase, only capture, which caused me to have to do a bit of a "dance" programmatically to get the annunciators to match the real thing....it seems I recall there is a small window of time during this roundout/capture phase where you cannot activate the ALT mode. The aircraft should continue to climb a slight bit after the CAP annunciator illuminates, but shortly after, should level off at the selected altitude. Does the aircraft continue to climb past the target altitude set if you just let the system do its thing? Regarding the NAV, I can't say for sure what your issue is completely from your description. the VLOC setting has no bearing on the LOC capture, it only controls what signal is fed to the GNS CDI needle. The NAV mode will capture the localizer a bit outside the beam, so depending on how far away you are from the LOC source as well as how fast you're approaching its centerline and at what angle will all have influence on what the AP tries to do...in some 'tight' cases, it can't make the capture properly and the AP response will overshoot and you have to readjust. The OBS setting also is an input to the LOC capture so it needs to be set as well for a good capture. Regarding HDG button, I haven't seen that issue. did all these issues happen in one flight session? I'm wondering if maybe one issue cascaded into the others. -tkyler
  4. I have made note of this thread on my 'list', so I can come back to it. We are in the process of rewriting our preference system and its GUI interface. This should provide the flexibility we need to address your issue (or so I believe at the moment). We will certainly be reviewing your request and I believe we'll be able to arrive at a solution for you somehow. As far as timing goes, it will probably be 6-8 weeks before we even begin looking at our 'improvements' list....however, I will take a cursory look at this one before the XP12 update...as it may be an easy fix. Either/or, we'll get it fixed at some point. Thx for pointing it out. -tkyler
  5. That is actually very much "in progress" Graeme and I anticipate switching to that dataset asap. I wrote extensive nav data routines for parsing XP11 navadata quite a ways back in prep for this eventual port....so the heavy lifting is mostly done. It will look for the custom data if it exists (from Navigraph or Aerosoft...XP11 format), and if not present, defaults to Laminars dataset. I posted on it in the forum somewhere way back when where the left FMS was running with the XML dataset and the right FMS was running with the XP11 navadata format; however, at that juncture, it was only displaying procedural names from the parsed data, not loading anything into the flight plan. We have a 'de-coupled internal' format we use for the FMS data, whereby we read in the XML data and cast it into our own data structure...so in theory, I now only need to write the 'caster' between the XP format and our internal format and it should be mostly done. TBH, I'm hoping it will just work with minimal troubleshooting...so yea, we're right on the same page. -TomK
  6. All I have are things I look at and go..."yea...I'd like to improve that". ...but first and foremost is the FMS / VNAV work of course. Right along side that is a conversion to FMOD based sounds, which will allow us to expand the sound set to cabin/ambient sounds or whatever we can think up, etc. Also, I'd like to improve the 3D in several spots...it is, after all, over 10 years old. I can foresee a high-resolution exterior and textures at some point, which would necessitate new livery repaints, but oh well If I have to redo work with the evolution of X-Plane and computers, so will livery artists I'm going to look at the feasibility of implementing a cargo variant also..unsure the workload just yet. And we are moving to imGUI based interface, rather than the custom widgets we built previously. The thought here is that will allow us to integrate more 'management interfaces' for handling failures, flight setups or providihng additional graphics, etc. Of course working cabin doors, a completely new cabin interior and some wing flex would be nice.....but that work is taking a tiny bit longer than I........um....I mean....yea...those features would be nice to incorporate! Beyond the 733 work, I have another project I'll be working on in the back half of the year alongside the 733..and then one more in 2024 I'd like to tackle and that'll probably be it.
  7. Thank you....you're not the only one to make this argument for obvious reasons!, and I'm in complete agreement. Hopefully "all the time I need" won't translate into "an extraordinary amount of time". I'm just happy to be working this stuff full time for a change. Thx again! -TomK
  8. I want to thank everybody for their patience here. We won't make March 8th as mentioned previously, but not for lack of attention to the update process. We do plan to give a more informational update next week though and I still feel we're not terribly far away from a release as work continues regularly. The roadmap for myself (being both IXEG and TOGA) is to get this port update out, then I'll binge the MU2 for 4-ish weeks, getting it refined for V12 and then take a deep breath/short break and dive into the FMS / VNAV functionality of the 733 while also seeking out other areas to improve throughout the remainder of the year. Thx again. -TomK
  9. Those are all good points and should be addressed Graeme. Bleed air for several things passes through the AC system...so I have to dig a bit deeper into that switchgear and I suspect this will get addressed when I did into that. I plan to incrementely improve the systems once the IXEG/MU2 are ported to V12 in their current forms. As usual, I've added this to my tracking list. Though it seems quiet here, I'm rolling full steam on XP still...the Moo just has to wait for its rotation across my desktop -Tom
  10. Good catch Graeme. Looks like that mesh got "decoupled" in my blender file during some editing and didn't get the animation directive. Will fix. I'll dig in a bit more....seems this was addressed at one point within Laminar...I can't be sure, but noted this post on my todos. Thx!
  11. Thx Josh. I'll double check all my datarefs again and check functionality. X-Plane has some new anti-ice functionality, so I'll definitely be making a 'icing pass' to see whats what. So noted for next release....still pushing on the ixeg for those customers, but as usual, I'll be binging this right after. Thx again -TomK
  12. there is not, but I can probably make one....and make it a slider pref. I've added that to my todo list. -tkyler
  13. I don't have such commands for the AP turn knob Marco. I do have a generic note in my "TODO" list to go over all the control inputs to see which ones are suitable for 'command implementation' so your request would fall under that todo item. I'll definitely get this in. Thx for suggesting. -TomK
  14. The TCS and AP Disco buttons are default....those buttons should animate/work with the XP commands. sim/autopilot/servos_off_any sim/autopilot/control_wheel_steer There are no commands (sort of) for the GA button, YAW and AP Engage...but seems like their should be?? (I can't remember why I did not use commands atm)..... when you push these buttons with the mouse, it does call the following default XP commands...but checks for autopilot fuse states and the position of the ap turn knob first. sim/autopilot/take_off_go_around sim/autopilot/servos_on sim/autopilot/yaw_damper_on So you can bind to these default commands and they should work (but not animate the buttons).....and this also would bypass the fuse states and other safety checks the real Moo has. I've made a note of this post for the next update.....I'll look to see if I can weave my control checks into these default command functionalities and make them commands for binding. Thanks for pointing out. -tkyler
  15. thank you for the sentiment Frank! I'm quite looking forward to improving the Moo/737 more and also beginning some new stuff for 2024. -TomK
  16. Within 5 weeks of the IXEG for V12 release....so more than a week, less than a few months. XP is full time for me now so things are moving steadily. -tkyler
  17. haven't looked yet (at the beacon specifically) V12 has major lighting changes that I'll address in the V12 update, including looking at the beacon situation. ...so its expected that if using in V12, the lighting is quite dim all around. I will absolutely be fixing it. I'm on an IXEG binge at the moment, but will move back to the MU2 to finish the port right after. It won't be terribly long and I'll get this stuff fixed up. -tkyler
  18. ...AND....as before. still going full bore. More than a week, but (hopefully) less than a month. Hope I don't eat those words, but if so, it won't be by much. My point is we're still moving along towards our goals according to the plan. A significant portion of 2023 will be spent on the IXEG, so we're just making sure we get off to a solid footing to continue on with further improvements. -tkyler
  19. That is the case at the moment, because X-Plane's bus tie system is severly limited, which makes it tough for bus isolation or emergency bus in the case of the Moo.. They are changing this as even the Laminar aircraft devs are having problems with the simplified model....but I couldn't say for sure if their implementation will be adequate. Its always a challenge tap-dancing around X-Plane's various functionalities. Already bad enough the radios respond to "avionics bus" dataref and there's only one of those, though the radios are on differing busses in the Moo. always something. I do have this on my todo list to look at. -tkyler
  20. and it'll come in time not terribly long relatively speaking. -tkyler
  21. I simulated your setup with my dual throttle hardware (left lever to throttle 5, right lever to prop) and don't seem to be having any issues at first glance...everything works normally and as expected, beta range, alpha, gate 'lift' commands.......the TAXI > EMER toggle command...all work for me; however, that doesn't mean you didn't come across some weird sequence of setup that caused an issue initially. Are you still having issues? I have seen the odd case of initial setup being a bit weird, but on a subsequent restart, all fall into line. -tkyler
  22. I have no solution for this. I work within the framework of XP12 and XP handles the interface with windows. I believe I removed this checkbox option (though appears to still be in the docs....which I need to fix). There was a strange sound bug relating to that preference that I could not solve at the time.....I may revist it, but for now, its not supposed to be present. Thx for noticing that. -tkyler
  23. I'll look into the RXP control commands a bit more in depth. -tk
  24. EGT model definintely needs work, especially because of SRL, which X-Plane does not simulate.....so yes, the EGT modeling is outside of X-Plane. I've received some excellent data from a MU-2 pilot though and plan to incorporate that during my next MU2 binge session. Now all that being said, I haven't seen the EGT go to 700 except during the engine start sequence, which its supposed to. After the start sequence, I see about 500 with the condition levers in taxi...probably a bit high...most -10 engines run a bit over 400 at idle, but certainly not 700. -tkyler
  25. not from our team no. -tkyler
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