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  1. @tkyler Good day to you sir, I hope you are doing very well. I just wanted to do a follow-up, I played around with the issue some more, with the mindset it's "me" problem trying to find a way to tell the Honeycomb Bravo to reverse the motion of the levers so I would not have to use the reverse check box in X-Plane. I was poking around with the "honeycomb configutor", I found the program only assigns buttons and not lever motions. So sadly that was a bust, because if I was able to do that outside of X-Plane, then all would be right as rain. I do want a stress that this is not a deal breaker for me, because as I illustrated in my little video I was able to work around the issue. I just use the "both lift lever command" and assign it to the go around button on the throttle lever (Opps.), I think I'm supposed to say "thrust lever" lol, and I'm able to fly the airplane with no issues that way. As a side note, I have had to use the reverse check box from time to time on different aircraft addons. As an example I've had some Carenado aircraft along with Aerobask addons and such, would be configured backwards out of the gate, so therefore I would use the reverse check box to align the thrust levers, to mirror the Sim lever motion has intended. Those aircraft do not have the complexity of the throttle quadrant operations such as yours I do have to say however with the initial release of the aircraft along with version 2.0.1 behavior was a opposite then how it is now. Regardless, I do have an old system 2014 vintage and I have had a windows update with my version a windows which is Win10 Pro. I don't know if that has any bearing. But who knows, windows updates never breaks anything lol Cheers to you sir I'll just keep on rocking and rolling and enjoying the aircraft. PS: Who knows what adventures a awaits us all when X-Plane 12 comes out. Sarcastically, lol Looking forward to the growing pains with that, hehe. Dion
  2. @tkylerThank you sir that is awesome. Just an FYI, you may already be aware this but I found a bug regarding Detent reversal issue in activating left and right lift lever commands as stated in video link here https://youtu.be/rUNut5kjS1s . Did the video to avoid a wall text, cheers to you Sir Dion
  3. I would also like to add after version 2.0.2, Hobbs meter not display numerical value. This may already be on the todo list to fix. I noticed it on the latest version. Tom thanks for the work, that you do. Cheers Dion
  4. Notice this issue pictured using G500 Five Bladed Prop ACF Ver. 2.0.1. The marker lights are offset and needs to be put back in their proper place. Also the white and green light highlighted, don't know of those are suposed to be there or not. Other than that so far so good, Tom I had been really enjoying your aircraft. Cheers Dion
  5. "Finally, for those glass junkies who purchase(d) the G500/600 product by RealSimGear, you get the GLASS version available to you for ultimate situational awareness and the gee-whiz, Captain-Kirk, lightshow. Next report, we'll talk a bit about the systems and engine simulation." YEP! That's Me. "Second star to the right, and straight on til morning" Cheers Dion Que Music https://youtu.be/nrizm2gnQBo
  6. I understand we're your coming from, but for me on actually migrating back too X-Plane then MSFS. I spent a year flying the hell out of Microsoft flight simulator, but for me I was missing something. Along with looks, fidelity for me is very important as well. And the fidelity within Microsoft flight simulator platform is still not there yet to compete with X-Plane. But again, that's just me and others will probably differ. It's not all about the eye candy. Again looking forward, to the MU2. Cheers Dion
  7. I'm ready for it I have already bought the G500 package. So I should be good to go. This was my very first payware airplane I've ever bought. Ready to take skies, with this fabulous bird. Cheers Dion
  8. Cameron, thank you for your timely responds it was greatly appreciated. That is sad to hear, but I understand completely. Maybe one day the Dev's will make it available to Linux users such as myself. As I said in my latest video, that I'm working on now as of this post. Linux has got, a whole lot better in recent times, and I feel its ready for prime time, and could become a daily driver for most users. But the word just needs to get out. I guess just not enough exposure i think. I guess it's the chicken or the egg. Just not enough people using it for development time spent on a product or not enough products out there for users to buy, that kind of thing. cheers to you Dion PS: Looking forward to the update to MU-2, Hope It will be available for linux as well. MU2 was my first ever addon I bought for X-plane way back in 2015. And your store was the first I bought from. again cheers
  9. I have a questions about RSG G500 for Islander's. I have bought both ver. of the aircraft and enjoying them both. I would like to buy the RSG G500 and use it for Islanders. Both Islanders work flawlessly with Linux (which makes me Happy ). Sadly it appears that the RSG G500 doesn't support Linux out of the box. Does anybody know workaround to get RSG G500 to work with the Islanders on Linux. I'm running arch based linux Distro (ARCO Linux). Also does anyone what Nav DB the G500 uses. Hoping it uses Navigraph to take advantage of my subscription, Cheers and thank you for the feed back Dion
  10. Bought the BN-2B-26 Turbine today (02/09/2022) from the store. Flying it around and liking it Here's a screen shot parked for tomorrows adventures. Loaded it up using ARCO Linux. A fork of Arch Linux. Linux for me been a good experience. Better frame rates than Windows 10 so far. Cheers Dion PS: I'm interested in the G500 addon, but sadly it appears its not available for Linux maybe one day.
  11. Bought the BN-2B-26 Turbine today (02/09/2022) from the store. Flying it around and liking it :) Here's a screen shot parked for tomorrows adventures. Loaded it up using ARCO Linux. A fork of Arch Linux. Linux for me been a good experience. Better frame rates than Windows 10 so far.  Cheers Dion

    PS: I'm interested in the G500 addon, but sadly it appears its not available for Linux :( maybe one day.

    BN-2T Islander - 2022-02-09 21.51.32.png

  12. Something that caught me off guard. Thanks Live Traffic, it made my Day. Cheers https://youtu.be/3Auj4szN1-Q Dion Markgraf AKA: Dionsol Youtube: Dionm01
  13. I thought I would post this mission generator flight from Monterrey California to Benton municipal Airport outside of Redding California flying the wonderful Digital Replica Cessna 310L. Please like in subscribe and Thank you all very much for watching. Cheers Dion Markgraf AKA:Dionsol Youtube: Dionm01 https://youtu.be/61t_X3ZHPmc
  14. Dionsol


    Flying over Seal beach, CA. USA in my EV-55. Waiting for the MU2 XP11 Patch.
  15. Hang out in Cat. Enjoy Dion
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