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I have a questions about RSG G500 for Islander's. I have bought both ver. of the aircraft and enjoying them both. I would like to buy the RSG G500 and use it for Islanders. Both Islanders work flawlessly with Linux (which makes me Happy ). Sadly it appears that the RSG G500 doesn't support Linux out of the box. Does anybody know workaround to get RSG G500 to work with the Islanders on Linux. I'm running arch based linux Distro (ARCO Linux). Also does anyone what Nav DB the G500 uses. Hoping it uses Navigraph to take advantage of my subscription, Cheers and thank you for the feed back Dion 

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Cameron, thank you for your timely responds it was greatly appreciated. That is sad to hear, but I understand completely. Maybe one day the Dev's will make it available to Linux users such as myself.  As I said in my latest video, that I'm working on now as of this post. Linux has got, a whole lot better in recent times, and I feel its ready for prime time, and could become a daily driver for most users. But the word just needs to get out. I guess just not enough exposure i think.

I guess it's the chicken or the egg. Just not enough people using it for development time spent on a product or not enough products out there for users to buy, that kind of thing.  cheers to you Dion

PS: Looking forward to the update to MU-2, Hope It will be available for linux as well. MU2 was my first ever addon I bought for X-plane way back in 2015. And your store was the first I bought from. again cheers

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