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  1. Hello, i have been working intensively in fmod in the last few days and so far i have achieved results that are actually very satisfying. However, I have now encountered a first minor problem. I try to implement rain sounds. See here: Unfortunately the weather changes in X-Plane immediately without a smooth transition. Do you know a possibility in fmod that the parameters are taken over with a longer time delay? When the weather changes from precipitation to no precipitation I want the rain to stop slowly. I have written my own little "rain script" over xlua, which cr
  2. Ubbi

    Cold & Dark

    Please not! I see this as a great feature! The switches remember their position! As in reality the switches are in the position as you left them last flight. This is very cool! Please don't change this!
  3. Ubbi

    How to brake.

    if you use a button for "hold brakes regular" and push this button while engage the parking brake via the normal X-Plane command it should work! You need to hold the brakes (with rudder pedals or with button) while engaging the parking brake (with button or with knob in VC)
  4. Thanks for your hard work! After installing my GPU completely new with the newest driver (uninstalled completely with DDU before) i can't reproduce the crash at the moment... If the crash happens again, i will try without my plugins to see which one is causing the problem...
  5. Now will try again with updated (new) drivers...
  6. Hi, just ran into the same problem... first flight on XP 11.34. Otherwise nothing changed... i do have only one monitor. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  7. Hi, i changed my pedals lately. And coudn't use the breaks also! First i had some saitek rudder-pedals with breaks on each pedal. But i was switching to new helicopter-pedals without any break on them. I guess X-Plane keeps the old settings for each controller (once plugged) stored into the preference files. This is something good because if you want to change some controllers (i do have an Saitek Cessna Yoke for Planes and an Komodosim Stick for Helicopters) you can just plug one out and the other in. X-Plane just remembers all buttons and axis per controller. It may be true th
  8. Hi Benjamin, i think there are not many people here at these forums that do understand "moin"... But from me (as an real "Ostfriese") you get an big MOIN, MOIN back! Philip
  9. You have the "show clickspots" in X-Plane enabled! Sometimes this options are changed after an X-Plane update. You have to uncheck this option in the X-Plane settings...
  10. XPUIPC is working fine with the IXEG for a long time now... (as Jan stated right above your post! We are at version 1.0.7 now and there was a XPUIPC update to work with IXEG 1.0.0 (!!) and then the IXEG update since version 1.0.1 to work with the new and old XPUIPC version)
  11. But you can assign all the numpad numbers for this views and "cycle" through your numpad keys...
  12. As far as i can see: All right in you picture. Where is the problem for you? It seems you are not close enough to the NDB1... so you are not receiving it...
  13. Do you mean the LOC or the GS? If it does not capture the LOC: maybe you did not turn in the right course?
  14. Or do you just have some chanced Skytextures (Skycolours)? I did use the Aerosoft Skytools and had some problems with changing lights in Cockpit if the Weather changes. After going back to the default X-Plane Skycolours all went fine. (I did keep the Skytools-Clouds.. they do make no troubles for me at this time...)
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