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My name is Tom Kyler.  I am a mechanical design engineer in San Antonio, Texas.  I worked for Laminar for a while developing default aircraft and airport scenery for V10, and also developed the MU2 and IXEG 737 for X-Plane (with lots of expert help on the 737).  I've been doing X-Plane development since 2004. In the recent past, I was part of a company doing biological research on the International Space Station where I designed hardware to support the research.  After 4 years of that, I dabbled in a flight training company but COVID nixed that opportunity.   Since then I've done quite a bit of contract work for X-Plane development but Since mid 2021, I've returned to developing my own work for X-Plane full time, which is something I really enjoy and have plans to refine the MU2 and IXEG 737 and also participate in a couple of more aircraft development projects for the future.


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