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  1. Never report a bug when it is time to go to sleep.
  2. The right one on the copilot side.
  3. The right flood light only works with BRT setting. I'm on v1.6.3
  4. You may want to have a look at my plugin for "differential and progressive brakes".
  5. In this thread you can see a pushback. Engine started on GPU side, and other engine started during pushback. But this plane can also use reverse thrust to pushback. See this video (first route).
  6. Same behaviour here and I'm quite sure my phyiscal throttle levers are in sync. Steps to reproduce: -With throttle levers in sync (I'm only using the hardware levers to control them during the flight), I put the throttles in flight idle (still using the hardware levers) during the approach. -At touchdown if I retard the throttles, it doesn't move to the reverse area. -If I move the HW throttles forward a bit and then backward, then they cross the flight idle detent and go into the reverse zone. Hope it helps.
  7. Hi and thank you for the update. It seems that these commands are not available anymore LES/CMD/CW/button/AP_disconnect LES/CMD/CW/button/vert_sync Which commands should we map now? Thank you in advance.
  8. No need to excuse yourself Jan, software without bugs simply does not exists. By the way, the issue is reproducible, at least on my RIG.
  9. I've searched the forum without results, so I hope this is not a duplicate report. When I insert a speed restriction I get an error: G64: error: Callback_Dref_Hooked_setDataf: cdu1_lsk_3R_OnWrite: [string "ixeg.733.fmc.legs.lua.ra1"]:950: attempt to index local 'altInput' (a boolean value) After the error is raised, it seems it can be ignored and the simulations seems not affected. The installation used is stock with only gizmo and the IXEG 737. Let me know if you need more info. Bye. Log.txt
  10. @tkyler Hi and thank you guys for the v1.3 release. I'm here with a small (I hope) request: I made a librain integration for the previous version and I'm adapting it to v1.3. Everything is working except for the avitab z-depth obj, as you can see from the attached images. Would it be possible to have a solid surface for the tablet where the avitab window is rendered, in order to mask correctly the librain surfaces? Thank you in any case.
  11. You can obtain this behaviour with a repeated "press and release" action. Increasing the SECONDS_FOR_MAX_BRAKE_ACTION value, could help too.
  12. Zibo and Toliss use their own breaking logic, but also expose the possibility to override it. D&P Brakes simply recognizes these planes and takes control of the brakes. With the IXEG this is not necessary and it is supported like any other plane. Note that you can customize the timings for the IXEG or any other aircraft. All is documented here.
  13. Guys, you may want to consider to have a look at my free plugin "Differential and Progressive brakes for X-Plane". It's configurable on a per aircraft base. These are the docs.
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