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  1. Thanks Goran, for your reply. The triggers on my Xbox controller are treated by XP the same as (regular) joystick axes. They can be reversed, response curves set, etc. There are several throttle control options available from the pulldown menu, including "Backup Throttle," "Throttle Vertical," "Throttle Horizontal," and then individual controls for Throttles 1-8. I have tried each of these options with the 340A but no luck -- no throttle movement at all. As I recall from the XP10 version of the 340A, I had to first move the levers with my mouse just a bit forward of ground idle before
  2. Firstly, thanks very much for the update! A few things I've noticed immediately (tested with all third-party plugins disabled): 1. It is possible to close the main cabin door with the stairs deployed (don't recall if this was possible in the XP10 version, or even whether this should not be possible in the real world - I'm guessing not). But either way, not a big deal -- just an FYI. 2. More critically, I can no longer control either the power/thrust levers or the brakes (hold brakes regular effort) with my Xbox 360 controller. In XP10, I used the left and right triggers for power con
  3. I had roughly the same problem. When I first downloaded the SMP v5.05 installer, SMP installed fine. On first launch, I then checked the configuration box for volumetric clouds -- nothing happened/changed, and afterward I was unable to clear this setting; i.e., the checkbox was "stuck" on. So I tried to re-install v5.05 (several times) using the same installer and began receiving the error above. After reading this post, I re-downloaded the v5.05 installer and this fixed the installation problem, but not the stuck checkbox problem. EDIT: I now see that the volumetric setting is mutua
  4. In other words I'm SOL. Well, I certainly don't blame Sundog -- you guys have been among the few notable exceptions over the years of standing by your products and offering timely fixes/updates, and I applaud you for that (as for the others, just one more reason I am still on XP10).
  5. Can you then post a link here, or send to me by PM, the v4.9.5 installer so I can try that? Thanks.
  6. No. This is among the first things I checked -- turned off all external aircraft lights (they are turned on in the images here because in order to save time while testing I had XP set to load the plane with the engines already running and ready for takeoff). Also tested to see if time of day matters -- e.g., day/dusk/night. No difference. Variety of reasons, including that I could not afford to repurchase all of my payware for XP11 (plus, I was not initially all that impressed with what I considered to be mostly incremental improvements in XP11). The Dash 8 is payware by FlyJSim, and f
  7. I've just discovered a strange anomaly with SMP v4.9.6.2. Compare the lighting on the prop blades in the two attached screenshots; the first is with SMP enabled, and the second with SMP disabled (no other changes). The second image is how the props should look. I only now just noticed this issue because I haven't flown the Dash 8 for quite awhile, and it took me quite awhile to narrow down the culprit to SMP -- or so I believe, and who'd have guessed??? (at first I had no idea what could be causing this issue, and tried lots of other things before realizing that the last SMP update was the
  8. Thanks very much! View from Half Moon Bay (CA) with evening fog rolling in is close to sublime! (XP10)
  9. I can confirm that LR will not be retrograding XP10, which while disappointing is somewhat understandable. Yet by the same token, since LR is still selling XP10, which is advertised as supporting real-world weather, you'd think they might have just bitten the bullet on this one; if even as an unsupported patch. Alas, not to be.
  10. While perhaps not an ideal solution, I for one am grateful that you gave us the next best option. Better yet if RWC could just download in the background and then inject/update at regular intervals. In other words, since RWC is reportedly capable of downloading the data itself, is it not possible to just bypass Gizmo altogether?
  11. That's great. I could even live with a momentary delay as often as once every 5-10 minutes. Seems unlikely that real weather would change dramatically between this interval, but once per hour might be pushing it. Of course others might have a different take on this. But generally speaking, what I find most important is that my injected/simulated weather match the real weather (or near enough), particularly in regard to wind conditions, during takeoff and landing; e.g., so that active runway selection is more or less accurate.
  12. Yes, I understand that XPGFS will work without RWC -- this is what I've been stuck with for the past several months. But as I understand, RWC draws clouds with greater precision and fidelity along with certain other features that justify its additional cost (including more recently smoother transitions). But I agree that the relationships between all of these weather-related plugins is pretty confusing, and I am not certain that I have it right. CORRECTION: It appears that I misremembered -- according to the RWC manual I should be using "Always" with XPGFS, which again causes stutters. I
  13. Thanks for the suggestion Jakob. I have tried lowering the settings. But as mentioned, SMP with my current settings runs fine by itself and reports that I have plenty of RAM and VRAM.
  14. Thanks Frank. I neglected to mention that I run RWC in "Never" mode, which as I understand is the appropriate mode for XPGFS, yet am still experiencing stutters. Or, is it the case that I still need to await a Gizmo update to fix this particular problem?
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