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  1. Thank you Cameron - have carried that out and it worked. Have no idea why that didn't happen previously as I used the installer that unpacks with the download. Did it perhaps use and old installer already present in the previous version? Anyway, pleased to have the latest version up and running. Yorkshire
  2. Hi I purchased the Skymaxx pro v5 upgrade from ver 4 and installed with no issues. Soon there as an update, 5.04, installed with no issues. Then I downloaded another update 5.0.5 and get the following message at the end of the install process “Unable to download component SkyMaxx Pro; Component file version does not match.” I have no idea what this means! All I know is that it doesn’t seem to install and I am left with nothing. Please tell me what is going on and what needs to be done to rectify this situation. Thanks
  3. Thank you very much indeed, you have solved it - you were right with No1. As soon as I deleted xgs it worked as intended. It's not something I need so will not bother with it! Glad its sorted because I really like what the team has produced so looking forward to flying it now. It might be an idea to flag this up as an issue somewhere. I will let the other person on the Utube channel know that it has now been resolved for me. Again, thanks for the quick responses that have resolved it - very satisfied. Yorkshire
  4. Thanks for the response. Have attached log file from my Vulkan b4 version. As a matter of interest I described the issue on Luna's World UTube on this aircraft and someone else came up with the same issue - so I am not alone! would be grateful if you could trace the problem. Thanks Log.txt
  5. Bought the new Islander and installed yesterday. Discovered that the switches don't move though do make a sound. I can't find out how to bring up the manager to load passengers and make visible. Thought it might be an issue with Vulkan b4 so installed into XP1141. Exactly same issues. Thought it might be a bad download so redownloaded and re-installed, same issues. Seen it working OK on Luna's world quick flight so not sure what is wrong on my system. There doesn't apper to any basic documentation on procedures. Any advice suggestions please.
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