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  1. Thanks for a hint. Took out all of my plugins, but Gizmo. Still no improvement. For some reason .32 gives me less performance, hence sticking to .33b1. Anyway, after reinstalling X-Plane, Socata loads as she supposed to. WIth all plugins as I had before, included. Thank you, for finding time to help @ChefRob Hello @Louis100, Haha, yes, been patient and finally plane has loaded as you just said. LOL! But that`s not the way plane should be loading. As I mentioned above, reinstalling X-Plane (checking files integrity) helped. Now it`s just a matter of around 30 secs. to load Highly recommending to do something similar. Or keep being patient Remember to back up settings/files from "preferences" folder...if you care of course.
  2. Hello, I`ve recently purchased HS TBM900. Everything downloaded and installed in a proper way. No errors etc. While trying to fly the aircraft, I`m stuck at X-Plane`s loading screen. What else is happening it`s, that loading screen becomes blurry. It`s obviously stuck at loading TBM900.acf file. Reinstalled the aircraft, deleted the output folder for TBM etc. Other planes load without any problems. Restarted my PC and so on. Now I`m helpless . Does anyone stumble upon something like that? I`m on X-Plane`s steam 11.33b1, with ASXP, and UWXP 2.5. i7 8700k oc`d to 4.8Ghz, GTX1080, and 48GB of RAM...os it`s a latest Windows 10. Lots of errors in the log file, regarding the TBM900. Log file in attached. Thank you, for any help resolving this matter. Luke Log.txt
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