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  1. Thank you, Jan. I'll start your tutorials.
  2. Hello, I'm having issues with the plane ignoring T/D. Flying between KABQ and KPHX on a published route (KABQ RDRNR EAGUL6 KPHX). The flight has worked only once, in maybe 20 or so attempts. Initially, with the Nimbus version of KPHX, when I would push the VOR LOC button the plane would veer to the left (on all runways I tried), and miss the runway. I changed to the MisterX6 version last night and had one successful landing. Got pretty excited! Now today, all three flights have ignored the T/D. Also, the altitude associated with the waypoint PAYSO changes from .73/30000, to .73/........, so for some reason the altitude value gets lost, or deleted before reaching that waypoint, even though it shows on the LEGS page at ABQ. So, yes, I have the right frequency dialed in on both Nav Radios (even though that doesn't matter at T/D), and I have changed the altitude setting down to 2500 before reaching T/D. What am I missing? John
  3. Well, that worked for me, so I'm afraid I'm out of suggestions. Did you try reloading the 340A? That's just a guess. It's just the overhead panel that's missing, right?
  4. Use a search function to see if there are other references to Ground Handling in your entire X-Plane folder, and remove them. I removed the first one I found, but there was another file that was found using the search function. When I removed that, the Saab sounds returned.
  5. Sad to see an airplane left to deteriorate in the elements. Different tail art for the two craft. How many planes did they own?
  6. That was timely! Thank you for the response, and letting me know.
  7. What a great opportunity that was! I'm glad you helped me get this working properly. I sure like the plane, and now it's going to be even better to fly with all the sounds back. Thank you again.
  8. I haven't checked for A330 updates. I'm still learning the Saab, so I haven't even flown the A330 yet. Just picked it up during the July 4th sale.
  9. As they say in Apollo 13, "You, Sir, are a steely-eyed missle man!" Thank you. The sounds are back. Does Gnd Handling Deluxe do the same thing to this plane?
  10. Here is the GizmoLog.txt file as of tonight showing all the missing sound files. The Console shows from Line 0046 to Line 0150. Lots of missing files. Am I right that they should be in the 340A sounds files if properly installed? GizmoLog.txt
  11. Thank you. I will attach the file when I get home in about an hour or so.
  12. I am having a problem with missing sounds. The only 3 sounds that are working on the Overhead Panel are three single beeps when I turn on the Avionics. All the warning sounds are missing, too. The Console shows 103 sounds are not able to be found. I removed JARDesign Ground Handling (included with the A330), and then also removed the A330. I have tried reloading the Saab 3 times since, but the sounds are still missing. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the plane. Does anybody know what other plugins might be culprits? I'm new to X-Plane, and don't have many added items at this point. I have Enhanced Runways, Skids, Signs, and Vehicles loaded. Also some payware and freeware airports. My computer is quite up to the task, since it's about 2 months old. Also, let me know if more information is needed. John
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