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  1. Cameron your suggestion worked, but I also had to reduce the resolution on my Benq monitor. You just responded with the solution just today and just a couple of hours ago. Tech support never did respond. Only you and just a while ago. So, don't call me a Troll and say I'm bitching you make it seem as though I had received the emails a long time ago so that people would believe I was wrong, look at that and you'll see. You, Ben and X-Aviation are a real piece of work. You've done nothing but speak like people can't say anything without calling someone names to hide your true problem; you can't respond to customers requests for help. You could have made all this headache for you and me unnecessary. I won't be back but I will still advise people not to do business with you Trolls.
  2. Cameron when was the email sent? So you did get my trouble ticket, great so what about the product that couldn't be installed any solutions? I only want the product I paid for and cannot install. Would you please help and I'll go away and never come back, ok?
  3. Oh and check out the company's YouTube Channel.
  4. Patience, I waited over a month and no response. How long do you suggest I wat?
  5. Beware if you complain about this company you'll receive a reputation downgrade from the hall monitor. He didn't even read my post or didn't finish it because I didn't bash bit rock only said that was that last thing visible in install window.
  6. Still no solution. Why? You just respond as if your feelings are hurt, but you never address the problem. Because you don't know how to fix it. Do you speak for Cameron, if so can you get him to address the problem
  7. Cameron's new activation software only works sporadically probably because he's too busy with other stuff like trying to get tech supports to answer trouble tickets. Maybe they've all been laid off. Anyway, check my post under General Discussion entitled "Be Leary Downloads don't work" personally I think his new activation implementation sucks.
  8. Well, creating another account and D/L MaxxFX produced the same results. Wonder if the files at X-Aviation are corrupted somehow?
  9. Nicky, Lowering the resolution to 1080p and reloading the product it did NOT solve the problem just presented a larger view of the previous problem that it does not present enough of the installation window to selection to see at the bottom of the window "Bit Rock Installer" and no way to expand the window or select anything in the window. It manifests and you know it's different by initially displaying a smaller X-Aviation Logo Splash Screen. Any ideas on what else to try. At this point, I'd be willing to offer Tech support or anyone else $100.00 to solve the problem. Fatalistic I know but I'm serious about getting what I paid for to the extent of obsession. I was wondering if I created another account and bought one of the cheaper products in order and trying again if that may work. I have tried rebuying one of the products in the order under my same account and D/L it and trying to install but met with the same Delima. Talk later, Thanks.
  10. Thanks, Nicky, I'll try that and see if it solves the problem. I'll let you know. Hope it works. But, still doesn't explain the random association with certain files, but, at this point, I don't care to know the answer just get the product. Thanks again
  11. But still no contact or product. But, you're right, not numerous, 4 I guess is a few. Just frustrated that you can't get in touch with them. And, it's not a Shit post when you don't get what you pay for, don't you think. I still believe that the warning is merited. And as far as references go I was giving first-hand testimony, and I did cite the business background check but numerous was perhaps a stretch. Throw a stone into a pack of dogs and the one that gets hit barks the loudest. So, Chill Ben, no worries.
  12. I placed an order for several items costing $277.00. I could not install a single one no matter how many times I download the files. The problem is that after selecting the Windows setup file after extraction, The splash screen for X-Aviation is really tiny and you cannot enter your information to activate the product and there is no way to expand the window so you can enter the email and password. I sent a request into tech support for help and waited the week they asked for, not happy, but I did it since they said they usually answer in 3 days and not to submit another email because it would delay things. I waited 2 weeks and sent another email asking to get what I paid for, no luck, no response after 4 weeks I sent a note to the purported founder of this gaggle, no answer, waited another week and messaged him again, no luck, no reply. Good thing I paid with PayPal! There is no other way to contact them, no phone number, nothing. However, a search of Business records in Florida shows numerous complaints to which they did not respond. So beware, Customer Service will not email you back if you have a problem. Look elsewhere for product. There are more reputable dealers out there unless you want a product that only X-Aviation sells. My advise to X-Aviation, close shop and open under a new name because I'm filing a complaint with the NC Attorney Generals Office, easy to do online and they call you back in less that 2 business days. And PayPal is the best bet against not getting what you pay for from Internet shopping.
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