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  1. Hi! Sorry to post my request here but I already have open maybe 7 tickets on X-Aviation website about this problem without any answer. I work with IT and I reinstall my Windows and MacOS ALOT!!! Because of it from time to time I receive the message ALL LICENSED SLOTS USED, I understand that some developers use some method to watch how many installations were used, but you need to provide some method to the users reset the slots used. For example the program SnowTape for MacOS use this method too but there I can access the website and remove the computers that are registered and
  2. Hi! Sorry, I don't know if here is the right place to this kind of problem, but I send a msg in X-Aviation.com where I bought the plugin and still not received an answer. I was testing X-Plane with MacOS, Linux and Windows 8.1 and now in Win81 I can't activate Skymaxx Pro 2.1 because it's saying that I used All License Slots. How can I deactivate some slots to reuse in Win81? Sorry about the bad english. []s VultUx Curitba - PR - Brasil
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