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  1. The new MU2 comes with 4 and 5 blades propeller versions. My understanding is that 4 blades are more efficient than 5 and 5 are more powerful (but with more drag) than 4. I woul lik to understand the criteria and the implications for choosing 4 blades or 5 blades. For example, why choosing the one or the other and what to expect.Many thanks
  2. I have got 3 horizontal screens (is this maybe the problem?), I stretch XP window over the 3 screens. Resolution is 1920 x 1080 and attached is the XP rendering settings. Many thanks
  3. I have got SMP 5.1 + RWC and ASXP Windows 10 Intel Core 3.60GHz 16GB RAM NVidia RTX 2080 Ti - 8GB VRAM And with airliner Zibo 738 I can't have more than 8-10,000 sqkm clouds to have about 20-23fps. If I extend to 20-30K sqkm I got 7-9 fps. With the FFA320 to have the same FPS I must reduce the cloud to 5-7K sqkm. With volumetric clouds the FPS becomes even worse, about 50% less, hence unusable. Without SMP I get about 50-60 fps Thanks for any comment.
  4. alexdm

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.9.3 Update Released

    ok, my mistake sorry
  5. alexdm

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.9.3 Update Released

    the last post here seems to be 2 years old -- is there any support here for SMP 5.1 please?
  6. thanks, I have installed the GIZMO latest Beta already
  7. apologies if this is not the right section but i ve been browsing the entire website and i couldnt find an updated support section for the IXEG 737. I have updated to v 1.32 but it keeps crashing X-Plane 11.41 after a few minutes, without clicking necessarily on something but connected to Vatsim with X-pilot and being on APU power. I have used previous versions of this plane for years and this was a very stable plane. I'm attaching the Log and I hope somebody can help. Many thanks. Log.txt
  8. Guys -- I have just done the most obvious of things that stupidly I didnt think to do that before. I uninstalled and reinstalled SMP 3 back. And now it is working! Thanks for your help and apologies for using your resources to find a solution which was around the corner. Best Alex
  9. thank you. I have installed both Visual Studio 2012 x86 and x64 redistributable. Is it the same than 2010? The whole story of what happened is the following: SMP 3 was working fine. Then a couple of days ago I got a notification to update my AMD Radeon HD 7900 series driver. I update the driver but my monitor (a 28 inches DVI TV) becomes black and i cant see anything. Then with a smaller monitor I managed to roll back the driver, uninstall it but still nothing. Then I did a System Restore to about a month ago. Monitor is now back in life but as I launch XP it crashes. I try removing all plug ins and it works fine. I put them back one at the time, all fine until i get to the Silver Lining folder. That's it. As soon as i put back Silver Lining in the plugin folder XP crashes at start. Without all fine. Also the log shows crash because Silver Lining. Now I am rather worried because I purchased SMP 3 and I would like to use it not to throw the money down in the toilet possibly ;-) Thanks for your help.
  10. Same here. I tried all these different "win.xpl" files but no success. Still Silverlining makes XPlane crashing at start (and I have an AMD ATI Card HD 7900 series) . Attached is my log. Log.txt
  11. Hi Cameron, How do I get the discount? I am a v2 user. What do I need to do in order to get the discount for v3? thanks!
  12. sorry not getting what you are trying to say in this cryptic post?
  13. wow, getting even more aggressive mate! hahah I just havent had the time to try what you suggested and shared what happened in the meanwhile. Will try that when I'm back (travelling now for business) and thanks again for suggesting that...but take it easy mate...;-)
  14. I got the message and I don't expect anymore any support but I just wanted to share this in case you guys got an idea. I tried launching the CRJ200 with engines already running (not from cold and dark) and everything works perfectly, both engines on and responding to the throttle. If I then cut the fuel with the 2 levers on the throttle and start the engine again, they both start, but there is no way that the throttle responds. I can see the throttle moving up and down on the screen (both using my external throttle and/or manipulating the throttle in the sim) but the engine stay on idle.
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