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  1. Many thanks Coop, as already expected, some settings were messed up from my part. Now it all works!
  2. Hello. At this moment, my G5 HSI seems not to communicate at all with the G430 (e.g. standard C172 SP G5), neither with the xplane 430 nor RealityXP 430 (/nor 650 or 750). Does anybody have a suggestion how to solve this? I cannot find anything about this in the manual. Thanks! Lennard
  3. Already solved! The maker of the mod has already updated it, now it all works!
  4. Hello, Many thanks for the updates in the V2.0 version, I am very happy with that. The G5's work in the supplied standard C172, but for some reason they do not work any longer in the VC of this 172 mod, which adds the G5, in combination with Avitab and RealityXP's 750: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/65361-laminar-cessna-172-gtng5avitab/. The previous G5 version worked perfectly in this mod, but my technical knowledge is not enough to be able to judge whether the problem lies with the mod (not supporting the 2.0 version) or whether something went wrong in the G5 i
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