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  1. It's good that there will be seperate sounds for the inside and outside of default aircraft. I didn't like being on the exterior of aircraft and hearing "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" and then being inside and hearing "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" as well.
  2. This is flight SIMULATION. We can make the experience what we want it to be. I got into flight simulation because I enjoy the entire experience of flight. I like to watch the aircraft from the exterior as it hauls through the sky. I like sitting in the cabin of the payware Challenger 300 and listen to the music and pretend I'm rich. I like replaying my landings and watching the aircraft flare because I think it's most beautiful.when landing. Just because you like to operate aircraft according to real world procedures doesn't reduce the experience of any other flight simmer.
  3. Well it looks like we can control the passenger cabin lights now.
  4. You can't really say that PMDG isn't performance friendly because up until now, it's only been flown on a 32-bit platform. Also, peformaance friedly is a relative description and depends entirely on your computer.
  5. If PMDG takes that long to release their 737NG, they'll be left in the dust by current XP developers. I can see Flight Factor or FlyJSim making a 737NG well within that time period.
  6. OMG! I didn't mean to insult your current project! I'll shut up now.
  7. I meant we won't get eye candy with no system depth from PMDG. Sorry, I should've been a bit more specific. I'm looking forward to PMDG; especially a decent 747-400 from them. Honestly though, I'd like a 747-200 more from FlyJSim. I've noticed one thing though, the qulaity of their textures is almost the same as FlyJSim.
  8. I have to agree that right now, it's not worth the purchase price. When I first purchased the A380, it was the Korean Air model. Now I know a lot of people say that it's now worth spending money for different liveries, but Peter Hager gave each model the real world specifications. Also, when you purchase the package, each new A380 model he releases is free. So I purchased the Korean Air model, paid the $15 to get all the other models, and have received each new model as it's released. I'd say it's a pretty good deal IF you purchased the model when it was near the time of it's initial release.
  9. I don't know. With a sudden influx of new users from FSX, that could also be a bad thing as well. FSX has 3 different payware versions of the Boeing 757-200, while X-Plane only has one, and it's better than all 3 combined. What I'm getting to is that with new customers, they'll be bringing that "we want something easy" attitude over from FSX. We'll also be getting tons of eye candy with no real system depth. Just look at the ATR72-500. McPhat Studios isn't lying with their slogan; Eye Candy Simmin'. I know we won't get this from PMDG, but we're definitely gonna get it if other developers from FSX come over.
  10. I think those missing bodies of water may be drought related.
  11. I just wish Jar Design would make an Airbus A380-800. I would never fly another aircraft again. Just imagine how nice it would be; transparent windows (a big plus for me), a FULLY modeled passenger cabin, high quality textures, amazing systems, awesome sounds, and WINGFLEX. That would be one amazing A380.
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