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  1. And a frequently aggressive and rude bahavior, including PMs to staff members. Not the kind of stuff welcome in any community.
  2. Brilliant. Including all the palette of strong language ? Clearly, no. Go poke at someone else. Have a nice weekend.
  3. Oh that's a very smart move, Darius. Perhaps now you would expect me to share what to sent me back then? Well, that will not happen, and you may want to thank me on this one. That was clearly not a representation of you at your best. My post was directed towards Tom. No point in taking it out of context, and to take pride in distorting unrelated things you shouldn't be too proud of. UPDATE: Let me paste what Darius posted right above me, because he doesn't really seem to understand that editing doesn't wipe things out. Many of us will get an email notification with a copy of the post. Yeah, really smart to use X-Pilot to vent whatever kind of bitterness you may have.
  4. Tom, I regret that I have to jump on that thread to address what you said earlier about xp-aviators.com, because, after all, we are all guests here and I hate drama. Nonetheless, I run this site and I have NEVER been banned from any community. It would be highly biased to generalize from -your- experience. We must have different approaches, as I've never found myself in a situation where my activities/affiliations where a hinderance. We exchanged emails a few months back and I trust you understood you were *suspended* temporarily for repeated unsolicited promotion (you weren't fully aware of the rules at this time). Still, you're absolutely free to enjoy the forums, and we'd be happy to read you again! If you want the community as a whole to be healthy and thriving, lead and show the way
  5. I was fortunate enough to be on the beta team, and I can vouch for the progress Frank and John, with the help of Cameron, made over the past few weeks. The early beta I got was already stunning, and I am not just talking about the wow effect : it was already very solid for a beta, because the technology Frank had been implementing was proven. I experienced one crash in hours of testing, and torture testing SkyMaxx, and excellent frames from beginning to end. With the latest updates, my fps kept increasing. Even on an aging Mac Book Pro. The whole SkyMaxx crew is doing an incredible job refining an already excellent piece of software. But they can't do much about users with suborbital-high expectations.
  6. The real issue we have with you, Mr. Graham, is that you're trying to sneak in a community full of generous and talented people. X-Plane has the ability to create healthy communities, spark initiatives. You, on the other hand, are just not fit. We have seen enough of your generosity, or lack of thereof, and nothing here, after dozens of posts, helped to prove your actual talent. I have no doubts about your opportunism, however.
  7. Oh hey, here's some INSPIRATION. You might need it, you never know. There you have it. HD taxi signs ! But I'm sure you already have them. Out of caution... I'm so silly I made them available for FREE to the community here : http://forums.x-pilot.com/files/file/509-taxi-hd-enhancement-pack/
  8. Ok, out of caution, guys, AWG will release : 9 different sky themes4 different cloud textures with an enhanced 3d effectHD glaciers (supplied by John from MaXX-XP, different from his freeware ones)HD runway/taxiway airport texturesSun/Moon halo and flareTweaked city lights...and more to announce.Just making sure we all know that by now.
  9. You do realize I was specifically inquiring about the moon.
  10. Mister Aaron, I'd love to know what is so different with your moon and the one over there, that I made available to the community for free, which, in all fairness, does look just as good to me : I'm afraid I'm missing what is justifying the cost/added value here, since the moon imagery you're using is public domain (I can recognize it from a mile away). Do enlighten me.
  11. Aerosoft has been using it for months, so this is a proven solution.
  12. File Name: HD CDU - Texture Enhancement for Ramzzess 777 File Submitter: PierreLvx File Submitted: 19 Jul 2013 File Category: Heavy Metal X-Plane Version(s): X-Plane 9 & 10 Another day… another enhancement ! Ramzzess' 777 pop up CDU texture always felt odd to me, especially as you interact so much with it throughout a flight. I came up with something with a bit of weathering and much closer to ACTUAL fonts/markings. 3 variants are included : Clean, with weathering applied to the unit body only ; Weathered, with very slight weathering applied on the screen ; Extra, with the above plus a fingerprint on the screen. Please see the included Read Me for more info and installation details. Note : More will be done/refined later on (v1.0). I just didn't want to hold it indefinitely since it is pretty OK in its current state. Click here to download this file
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