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  1. I've created an Airwolf model(For pictures see link below) with Maya 2016, but I'm having big problems getting it exported and integrated into X-Plane via the new xplane exporter in blender. I'm looking for experienced X-plane developers who could possibly help get this model integrated and working in X-Plane. This project will be aimed at the payware market and I would be willing to come to an arrangment with anyone who can help fully complete this project to market. If anyone is interested then please PM(message) me. Thank you. https://www.flickr.com/photos/123824368@N08/albums/72157666966896969
  2. That's good to know, but Aerosoft must have been given a beta version to use/test as this is still not available for purchase at the time of the above post. But for sure it looks like a brilliant piece of kit for scenery dev's. Can't wait to give it a try myself!
  3. Hi Guys. Anyone interested in scenery dev should find this very interesting. Just found this on YouTube: StepToSky's X-Plane scenery Exporter for 3Ds Max http://youtu.be/k99153IbSmM It's still apparently a WIP, but when it's finalized and released, this will save a lot of work/hassle. Regards, Hawk.
  4. Thanks TK..... I'll give it a try and see how things go.
  5. Thanks for the quick response here Tom. You have answered everything I wanted to know in a clear and concise way. I'm sure I'll be able to take this information and make good use of it. Thanks Tom! Just one point I want to make sure I understand correctly, and this is probably going to sound a little daft, but you said, "The OBJ format is in meters"...... So if a hanger in real world is 100 meters long and I model that as 100 meters in length in Maya, then when I get it into Xplane it will render at the correct size? I just want to make sure that there is no scale factor needed to apply to any modelling to obtain the correct render size in XPlane.
  6. Thanks Redfisher. I realise that to outline the process in detail would require a large tutorial, or as you said, an exhaustive discussion, but if you know the process required to do this, then maybe you would be so kind to briefly outline the procedure for me? Don't worry that I would find it hard to understand as I'm quite competent and would be able to work it out. I have a theory of how to do it: By creating(with Maya/3DS Max) the runway/taxiways as objects and place them in WED that way and line them up with the original WED created runway/taxiways, and then make the original WED created runways/taxiways invisible? But then would the drape function work with an object? I don't think so. PS: Does anyone know the scale that Xplane models are worked in? Is it real world scale? Meters/Feet?
  7. Hi Guys! I'd like to use Maya to create an airport as I find it a lot more simpler to model and create the UV texture maps/textures than useing WED for the modeling of the runways and taxiways. One question: Is it possible to model and texture the runways/taxiways in a 3D program like Maya or 3DS Max, and then somehow import them into WED for the build process to use in X plane 10? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Regards, Hawk.
  8. Hi Chris, Redfisher...... It's okay, I got the heads up from Ben Supnik on the XGrinder..... Quote: "The "OBJ" format listed in Xgrinder/ObjConverter is (confusingly) X-Plane's OBJ format - Xgrinder can convert X-PLane OBJ 7 to X-Plane OBJ8. It does not convert wavefront OBJ files. The grinder should in theory convert simple 3DS files" He also hinted that if .3DS files are failing to convert, that it could be due to XGrinders age and might need updating. Yes your right, Chris... That is supposed to be what happens, But no converted files were showing up in the said same directory. I now know that I was trying to convert a .obj file which XGrinder cannot do; Xgrinder can only convert from .obj7 to .obj8 in the .obj files; Other conversions as above, and the DDS conversions as you stated.... I'm Using Windows 7 Ultimate X64.
  9. Hi guys. XGrinder won't convert my .obj or .3ds files anymore; I can't understand it because it was working like a dream a couple of weeks ago, now it says it has converted them but the converted files just don't appear in the designated folders xgrinder indicates, and when I try a file search they are knowhere to be found??? I've also tried re-installing the xplane tools suit but still no joy..... Grrrr!!! This is SO frustrating!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Regards, Hawk.
  10. Thanks for that, Redfisher..... As there is very little up to date info(Or should I say totally disorganised info) wether it be manuals or how-to's, I'm relying on the experienced dev's and my own research to know exactly what X-Plane 10 is capable of.... I thought this was the case, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks for the reply, Redfisher. But I'm talking about using the 'Partical' system to generate grass, and was wondering if X-Plane 10 has a partical generator integrated into it's graphic engine or not?
  12. Hi, Redfisher.... Yes, indeed I am thinking mainly about the rendering of realistic grass, other than having to use textures..... Or the combination of the two techniques to keep the load down a little.
  13. I'm currently in the process of learning just what X-Plane 10 is capable of from a developers point of view..... Can anyone tell me wether X-plane is capable of rendering "Hair/Fur", or are we limited to "Texture" based detail only during the rendering process? Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Regards, Hawk.
  14. Thanks for the info, Kieran! I think I'll probably have to settle for an Intel i7 by the sound of things..... Just wish someone with an AMD Bulldozer could leave a word on it's performance with XP10.... Anyone??
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