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  1. CRJ900NG

    I give you the CRJ900NG as i said in my yesterday post 
    this plane can fly
    1,976 nautical miles   Two General Electric CF34-8C5 engines give the aircraft a cruise speed up to Mach 0.83 and an operating range of up to 1,976 nautical miles (3,408km). and can also have a fuel weight ofweight and efficient aerodynamics provide the best fuel burn and ... more than 47 million flight hours. ... The success and longevity of the CRJ program can and total weight of everything that it can carry is 84,500 pounds   In typical service, the CRJ900 can cruise 8–10,000 ft higher with a slightly higher fuel burn and an average true airspeed of 450–500 knots, a significant improvement over its predecessor. Its maximum ground takeoff weight is 84,500 pounds.   90 passengers   In a single-class configuration, the CRJ900 has the flexibility to easily seat up to 90 passengers. This capacity, combined with enhancements that result in 5.5% lower fuel burn, means the CRJ900 delivers the best economics in its class. As of July 2018, 290 CRJ700 aircraft (all variants), 425 CRJ900 aircraft (all variants) and 62 CRJ1000 aircraft were in airline service with SkyWest Airlines (123), Endeavor Air (112), PSA Airlines (95), Mesa Airlines (84), GoJet Airlines (54), ExpressJet Airlines (39), Lufthansa CityLine (37), China Express Airlines ( ...       DISCLAIMER: sadely DEU to covid-19 the CRJ900 is dying out of service as for every aviaton plane  for now stay safe and happy flying



  2. FF777 Wing Flex Fix



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