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  1. ok well imma co take a walk of shame. I plugged my keyboard and mouse into the computer itself and bam it works 100%, I'm just an idiot
  2. also noticed my joystick and throttle work fine, (ThrustMaster warthog) it's just my mouse and keyboard. Anyone know what this could be
  3. my frame rates a decent like close to 75-80 fps but my mouse and keyboard act like their getting turned off and back on. everything else is smooth just the weird stutter that makes it un playable.
  4. well, when the sim is paused my mouse moves freely it's when I unpause the sim things go south. it doesn't matter what the graphics settings are at 867473779_CL650-2022-08-0914_40_18.avi 774383412_CL650-2022-08-0914_43_58.avi Log.txt
  5. well i installed a clean copy of xplane and still had the issue so i am clueless as to what it could be
  6. well thank you for trying ill see what i can find
  7. yes, every one, I have the hot start tbm 900 and challenger 650, and the pocket rocket. i even turned down my settings all the way still same issue and im running close to 100-120 fps only thing i noticed is that my keyboard does the same thing, and the lights flash off when it freezes so I'm guessing its more something with hardware.
  8. ok I made an exclusion, but I still get the stutter
  9. ok what would I look for and how would i deactivate it?
  10. When using any x aviation aircraft, the mouse and sometimes the sound stutter. when I'm moving the screen is still fluid, so I know it's not lagging, I'm also getting close to 60fps Help would be greatly appreciated. Log.txt
  11. the two aircraft I have with X aviation both stutter the sound, (TBM 900 and Pocket Rocket) and it is really annoying I just got a new pc and got the aircraft to go with it, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nomad Log.txt
  12. ok well my computer crashed. it gave me the blue screen of death so i took it to my dads shops it people. the gal there said she could fix it and that was the last thing i herd. at this point I am pretty sure it is a computer issue and not something in the planes files
  13. Ok I updated and same results but if I go into the drop down menu and hit start engine to running then it brings everything up including the g1000 screens. None of the switches move though and are all in the off position. And if I move my throttle quadrant the engine torque will rise but the cockpit throttle is still in the off position. I am now completely and utterly confused
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