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    @B738 "Broken Clouds" covers a lot of ground. It can mean from 5/10 to 9/10 coverage. The Metar doesn't provide this information. So, ASXP / SMP / RWC produces one result consistently and ASXP produces another result consistantly. Neither is correct all the time. And neither is wrong. Just the way it is.
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    I love Ixeg now in VR !! The instruments themselves now show a great 3D effect, wonderful. what an update great job Ixeg
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    Hey Jan, will test this shortly and post results within an hour.
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    Fly with LUA - OK!
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    Hi everyone, starting today I will aim to make a video every week for your viewing pleasure...talking about IXEG development, flying our aircraft, showing you procedures, techniques and various other stuff. Stay tuned to this channel!
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    Second one is up (sorry, forgot to post here):
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