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    Ok..another week gone by. 60 more hours of rewrite on the FMS route editing and guess what, we're still easily 95% of the way done Seriously, we are into the more hardcore route editing features now, the really fringe type of data entry patterns...changing your mind "mid transition" selection for example, or selecting a STAR, then approach, going to other pages, then coming back to select another STAR, then TRANS, then swap to a runway with an extension, then shortcut points, etc. Testing earlier in the week had us redesign some other algorithms and we figured we should just power through the work now so it gets done right and we can move on to VNAV without worrying about fragile route editing. With the algorithm structure in place, what remains is simply comprehensive testing/debugging of those algorithms via diverse route entry patterns until the route builds as expected in all cases, for both Navigraph and Aersoft datasets. As soon as that happens, we'll get the patch out. We're working on it daily. -tkyler
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    You need to know some new concepts. -True heading (212 shown by the IRS display). This is the TRUE heading the aircraft is following in relation to earth's geographical north (not the magnetic north) the difference between true vs magnetic varies across the globe, you may see isogonic lines/charts -ND heading (244). The NAV display shows the heading the aircraft's nose is pointing in order to maintain the desired magnetic course 236. Since you have a VERY STRONG crosswind coming from the right, AP is pointing the aircraft's nose to 244 in order to compensate those strong winds trying to drift the aircraft out of desired 236 track. if no crosswind components were present ND heading and planned magnetic course should match. -Magnetic course. This is the magnetic course the aircraft should follow as per the flight plan. hope this helps
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    Just want to say this update together with X-Plane 11.50b12 is super stable for me. Already completed several long flight legs with 0 issues contrary to beta 11. Using SMP latest, RWC, ASXP and alot of heavy scenery. So thank you for the constant updates and support.
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    It's ironic that a few of you are wanting it back. I was getting quite a few DM's on Facebook, and I think a few here, also, asking for it to be lessened or removed. That it was too hard to land and take off. I'll discuss with Saso and ask him if it can be made as an option or just to bring it back as before.
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    Thanks a lot @mmerelles I checked out the WAC and saw that theres a 24 degree magnetic shift on the region I was flying. I added the 24 degree to the 212 tracking showing on IRS and in fact it gives the 236 magnetic tracking the ND shows.
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    Video Series on the BN-2 Islander: Cheers and thanks again for ALL of your videos and tutorials available on YT. @Graeme Guys &Gals, give him a "like", too Oliver
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    No, I don't look at reviews. I'm aware that there are situations where things don't look perfect in VR. I've been working to improve it all along and continue to do so.
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    Hi, it looks like you have some button or axis assigned to your pitch trim. We are using the default X-Plane trim commands, so you should be able to see/cure this by using the controller setup interface in X-Plane. Another possibility is that you have fly-with-lua or XPUIPC installed and have mapped some function to the "trim nose down" command. PS: (We don´t have MCAS, so thats not it! ) Cheers, Jan
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    In a market flooded with simplistic and half baked products the complexity and popularity and "this is all i fly now" opinions of the TBM users says otherwise.
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    Thank you Cameron. The TBM created by Hotstart is, without doubt, the best FS addon I've purchased in the 35 years of simming. Is it possible to give an option to the user to have the effect or not? The video link below is a TBM owner talking about take off and his experience when transitioning from smaller/less powerful aircraft.
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    Hello all. What started out as a 'quick bug fix" for our annoying gizmo '470' error has, over the last 80 hours in one week..... turned into a very significant rewrite of our route procedures editing code. I was hoping to have it done by this weekend, but we are not quite ready. We are easily 95% of the way though and will continue to push to get this rather significant FMS update out asap. Depending on the routes you enter, some may not notice much difference, but for others, the difference will be quite noticable with the "routes editing as expected". Of course there is no way we can try all the routes that all the user can. In one 14 hour day, I may enter 100 test routes, all at the same airport, so feedback after release will be much welcome. We have refactored our editing code to be much more maintainable and 'debuggable'. That being said, we are pushing the CDU entries pretty hard at lots of locations and will continue to do so right up until release. I MUST re-iterate...this is LNAV editing code, not the VNAV. VNAV calculations are built upon the LNAV route and so this is a major foundational step towards improving the VNAV. I suspect many routes will improve though with this update. After this route editing effort is stabilized, I will go over the waypoint restrictions and then the VNAV. Holds will come after. -tkyler
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    I wish the motion under friction was about 1/10th what it is now. It's a great system they added but the throttle still moves too quickly.
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    Did you pay close attention to the videos? They all show the same few carefully edited pieces of footage. Hardly anyone free-flies, you don't get to see anything of the aircraft, and what I've seen, there are severe deficiencies in the flight modelling. FS2020 is STILL using the FS flight model from FS98. The SIMULATOR has not progressed. They've added a few things on top, but it is still the same heavily limited and defective flight model it always was. FS2020 looks impressive, but as a simulator, it's going to be nothing but a disappointment. X-Plane has nothing to worry about. (Before anyone gets excited, I'm NOT a tester. These opinions are just based off what I have seen of the simulator, and interviews I've watched of the developers).
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    Hi there, I hope that the devs will add the propellers tendancies back for the sake of realism. If it was too strong before -let's put that way- (based on complains from some users) the legitimate question is why this precious realistic effect is almost inexistant now in the last update? ... that I don't even need to set my rudder trim to the right before T/O If it was "too" strong, why the effect totally disappeared? I dare to believe that if some users ask to delete some failures because they are not comfortable with or else that there is a limit where you won't yield to that. Please is it possible to have this effect back? Minute 6.54 on the video to mark my point ;-)
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    Hi - we were hoping to have Patch 1.32 (with the new beta included) out by now - but it will take a few more days. You can get a newer beta here to carry you over: Cheers, Jan
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    Ok, good points, let me check again this evening or tomorrow and will send some feedback.
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    Allt the commands are "assignable" in the config window for your controllers, aren't they?
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    As an update and FYI, I just updated XP to beta 13. Ovation II still smooth as butter with 4k textures and decent fps. However, the Acclaim w/2k still has serious stuttering. Interestingly, the fps for the Acclaim has improved (25-40 fps) but the stuttering is still there, both inside and exterior views. Had hoped that the newest beta would resolve this. Again, the O2 is great as is the stock Cirrus SF50 and the G2 SF50 (getting 70 fps). Just keeping you updated on what I'm seeing.
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    https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/18158-issues-with-1150b10/?do=findComment&comment=152687 Are yo using Better Pushback?
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    Sorry I missed this. Thank you for the update!
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    I have attached the latest beta to this post: ...so you can get it from there. Cheers, Jan
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    We have thousands of beta users. I think it would make most sense for us to avoid catastrophe. For now, enjoy X-Plane as normal.
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    Only one of us does reviews submissions and I've been on vacation. Low on my list till I clear through some support tickets for now. If a review contains falsities such as untrue accusations, information, or is support related in nature (asking a question instead of reviewing) it will not be approved. Stars have no relevance on approval.
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    Most assuredly NOT a P.O.S.! Maybe someone just needs to go back to playing xbox.
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    FYI @Coop, I installed the 2k skins on the Acclaim in XP 11.41 and it did smooth things out even better than it was before and increased fps. Plus on a 5k monitor, it is still very sharp. Hard to discern a real difference, so the trade off is acceptable. Thanks for the idea!
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    Did some more testing this morning. Had to unplug and replug the the controllers/pedals a few times and the pedals finally started working. Problem resolved. Did check Failures and none there (I never have those turned on, having owned a Mooney for many years and having had the privilege of paying for far too many "failures").
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    Problem solved, i guess. After i loaded the Cessna everything works fine
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    After you saved the datarefs.txt and commands.txt, you need to restart the Xplane, and load a flight with bn-2 in order to activate the custom datarefs and commands. Check spad.next window for connection status. After that you'll be able to see the custom ones in the list as well. Keep in mind, custom ones will only be visible when sim is running and aircraft is loaded. Some of the bn-2 switches are controlled by generic switch datarefs. Those may be elusive to find, as dataref editor does not show those command groups separately. In such a case try using data monitor of spad next. You can load as much datarefs as possible and monitor those in realtime. I can compile a quick device profile for you if you like. Just let me know which functions you want the switch panel buttons assigned.
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    Hello All, This will serve as a formal forum announcement that we have released the version 4.9.5 update for SkyMaxx Pro. All customers who have purchased SkyMaxx Pro v4 up till now have been sent an e-mail by X-Aviation with complete instructions on how to obtain your update. We have made this a very simple process! For those that purchase SkyMaxx Pro v4 from today forward, your purchased download will already be updated to version 4.9.5 for you. What if I didn't get the update e-mail? If you did not receive your update e-mail don't fret! X-Aviation has updated our system to allow all customers to update with ease, regardless of whether you received an e-mail for the update! Here's what to do: 1. Login to your X-Aviation account here: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/account_history.php 2. Find your original SkyMaxx Pro v4 download and re-download the file. It will download as the latest version! This release has experimental support for Vulkan if you are a Windows user. For Mac users, please be aware Metal is not supported. You may still enjoy this v4.9.5 update when running X-Plane in OpenGL mode. You may read why here. The following is a list of additions/fixes included: What's New / Changed: Fixes a bug that caused clouds to disappear entirely from certain views Minor performance tweak As always, thanks for purchasing from X-Aviation!
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    No below g/s on takeoff in xp 10 version. Its only xp11 issue. In xp 10 all works fine.
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    Just a follow up, I upgraded to a SSD last year (and a 48 inch curved monitor!) and had no problems. In fact, I left the copy of X-Plane on my old drive AND installed it on the SSD at the same time by just copying the folder over to the new drive. Ran it on both drives so I could see the difference, and have had no problems with either one since then. I have since deleted the one on the old drive and only use the SSD now...BTW, I also upgraded to the Vulkan Beta version and selected the Vulkan setting in the graphic setup and have almost doubled my FPS! That and the SSD have made an amazing improvement!
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    If anyone has a link to a good tail logo that would be great had to hack this one together so it's ok for now since a fellow on FB asked for one. Aer Arann link
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    Well spotted on checking it was missing, reinstalleed and working again, so now have to find what is removing it, many thanks Coop Regards Dave H
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    1. The aim of making a highly complex aircraft to begin with, was to allow people to get fully immersed in the experience of flying a TBM 900 by the numbers and by following real world ops. Once you go through an engine start a few times, it'll take you about a minute to get going from cold and dark. 2. The fires that occur are not the fault of the TBM. Scenery isn't perfect, and if a scenery tile is corrupted (which happens a lot in X-Plane), the TBM will drop onto the apron or runway. Because of the realism of the landings, and the possibility of damaging the landing gear, there is no way to avoid damage when the aircraft gets dropped due to faulty scenery. 3. There is a fully functioning Maintenance Manager which does this for you, but it has a lot more detail. Like how much repairs are (taken from real world ops) and what needs to be repaired. I've come across a small handful of people who want a quick start option, but after they take the time to learn (over the course of about 10 minutes) how to start the engines, it very quickly becomes second nature. As Ben said, the vast majority of our customers have said that all they fly now is the TBM. And this is due to the detail we've managed to cram into it. Have some patience, go through the procedures (it's a GA...how hard can it be??) and you'll get the hang of it in no time.
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    Pathetic? P.O.S.?? Beginners nightmare??? Did you even read the first paragraph of the product page?? The X-Aviation Take Command! brand of products represents the very best of flight simulation immersion, and assures you this Hot Start product is one of the most sophisticated, study sim level aircraft available for X-Plane! Real world pilots test and assist in the development of these products, and real world procedures are followed. It tells you these products are unlike any other product you've seen outside of the ever growing X-Aviation catalog! We're always available to help people get going in any of our products, should they have any difficulties at all. No question is a stupid question. All you had to do was ask, and you would have had access to us, the developers, and also the wider TBM community, to help you get going. Many of our customers are more than willing to help. This being your first post in these forums is one hell of an introduction. Despite all this, we are more than willing to help, should you need it, however, may I suggest that you read the product description the next time you make a purchase. I ALWAYS encourage making informed decisions when it comes to purchases of anything.
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    Fantastic Ben, that was it. Thank you very much!
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    Hi Coop, The DME problem was only once or twice, and it may have been after another plane had been flown - which can muck things up. I had another problem today, with PilotEdge crashing the sim as soon as I connected. I removed the new XPRealistic Pro, and then things were OK. The trouble is, I have too many plugins and a lot of scenery. I have moved some of the plugins out, because things do interact. See your own support system for a couple of screenshots and the log.txt.
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    I'm glad you are able to see the rotating cloud particles. That is certainly one of the fundamental issues. As far as the convergence issues, I *suspect* it has similar roots. I tried to document this in a picture on the last version's release thread while flying over Boston. When flying in foggy conditions, for example, I find the fog (not always, but sometimes) non-continuous, meaning that there is banding such that the fog density increases with distance in steps. Like the "cloud particles" these "bands" rotate with the rotation of my head and more critically, the left and right eyes see these bands in different positions. The way I *think* this leads to what I call a "convergence" issue is that (as shown in my picture), you might have a building that appears in the left eye as shrouded in a dense layer of fog, but because of the rotating density banding, the right eye might simultaneously be seeing the building much more clearly (for example, if I paused the simulator and then blinked my eyes back and forth, left to right, I could see the building as alternately in the fog and out of the fog). Thus, even if the parallax of the building is correct, the competing fog density differences in right vs left eyes make the brain cry foul and makes it nearly impossible to focus.
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    Thanks for the prompt feedback soon, will try and get some time on it tonight and give you some more feedback.
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    Hi, So I'm now convinced the missing shadows is due to (in my case at least) the previous installation and maybe incomplete or incorrect uninstallation of a competitor's weather product. Reason for thinking is that uninstalling SMP unexpectedly left XP11 in a very broken state (please refer to this thread for identical error message and circumstances https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/17008-sun_glow_sockedpng-critical-error/). After this error I clicked Steam's Verify Files Integrity which identified 39 files needing replacement. After this, I reinstalled SMP and noticed some shadows, but they weren't right... when viewed from an external camera, they would be positioned kind of in front of the camera and move weirdly in a different plane to the ground, rather than be positioned and orientated as they should against the terrain. At this point I decided there was unknown mess so trying to troubleshoot would take much longer than reinstall everything, so that's what I did. I copied my plugins folder to another HDD location so I could later quickly pull needed plugins back in easily, uninstalled SMP, RWC, ASXP and a couple of other bits such as OrbX scenery, then made sure to delete the X-Plane folder completely. Reinstalled X-Plane 11.50b11 from Steam, reinstalled SMP, ASXP and RWC and tested. Shadows all looked good now in several scenarios, so I spent the evening reinstalling everything which of course does take a long time. It's a big job. Result is that as of this moment, everything's working fine, including with the OrbX TrueEarth England scenery, and hopefully it will keep working. :) I know reinstalling everything isn't the first path people might choose to head down because it really can be a big job (and my setup is relatively straight-forward) but sometimes when things are broken like this was, it can work out to be quicker than the alternative. Hope this post helps others.
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    Thanks fpr the painter friendly texture mapping, it's really a joy to paint on your BN-2. :-)
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    For me some items are not restored too. These are: Fuel tank switches (both are opened at every flight start) Headphone plug (but volume is restored) Mixture Throttle Prop pitch Red electrics bar Edit: I found one more item: Fuel quantity
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    "Draw shadows on scenery" shouldn't matter; SMP draws its own cloud shadows outside of X-Plane's internal system. To see cloud shadows the best, try a broken cumulus cloud layer under good visibility conditions, and crank up the cloud shadow slider in SMP all the way.
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    Found the issue with the Localizers. X-Plane 11.50b10 changed one element of the localizer nav data encoding (bearing), which broke the custom localizer simulation code in the TBM. Compatibility workaround will be included in the next TBM update.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This Livery is a fictional paint for the Torquesim BN-2 Islander. The Black panel and Brown seats can be found at the below link Simply extract the zip to a safe location and copy/paste the Private N428BN folder to your Torquesim BN-2 liveries folder. Enjoy.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Bush missions your thing? Look no further. Installation: Unzip contents into BN-2 liveries folder. N2119V - As seen in the video below.
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    The default keys for this are F1 (Throttle down a bit) and F2 (Throttle up a bit). Try those and see how you go.
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    Version 1.0.0


    For those pesky Pocket Rocket screens that seem to never stay clean I present you with "No Smudges!" Guaranteed to leave your glass displays as clean as shimmering mermaid. Installation: This download contains new G1000 smudgeless textures. It removes the fingerprints, hand oil and dust from the G1000 screens. Backup your G1kscreenalph.png & G1kscreenalph_NML.png which are located inside your Pocket Rocket's object folder... Once you have those two files saved somewhere else drag and drop the two replacement textures from the zip into the aircraft's object folder and overwrite the old files If it asks you.
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    Hello IXEG team, I am interested in "Custom cockpit", and I really love the feature to choose between digital and analog engine gauges. It would be better to have more choices. Here are some of my suggestions for customized cockpit for users to choose. I have noticed that in your gallery, there are difference choices of TCAS panel and Cargo Fire panel, how can I use this feature? Also, it would be great to have different MCPs to choose from. (The MCP with the two switches for CWS or CMD, instead of the two buttons.) And an older style of radio panel. Options for "Eyebrow windows" Options for HUD (Southwest has 128 active 737CL, all equipped with HUD) It would be amazing to have these options and a feature to save the aircraft configuration Thank you!
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