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  1. Thank you for the hot fix. I can confirm the fix resolves the issue on windows too.
  2. G5 cockpit displays are blank in the V1.2 update. Popup displays render correctly. Log.txt attached. Log.txt
  3. I updated to version 1.2 and the BN-2B Islander G5 displays remain black. Popups work OK but the 3D cockpit displays are black. I deleted the installation and tried again with a fresh install and still had the same result.
  4. FlyWithLua can be downloaded here, https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38445-flywithlua-ng-next-generation-edition-for-x-plane-11-win-lin-mac/ . You place the script in the FlyWithLua plugin's Scripts folder. If you load straight into the Saab you will then find a FlyWithLua command with the description "Toggles the LES Saab 340A parking brake on and off." which you can bind. Don't worry, I'm sure LES will address this and the missing GS indication soon.
  5. Seeing this too at HESH ILS 04L 109.50.
  6. The attached FlyWithLua lua script will create a command which you can bind to a key or joystick button to toggle the parking brake. les_sf340a.lua
  7. Noted. It's just a change in behavior on the previous version.
  8. The HDG SLAVE button beneath the HSI is not syncing heading.
  9. Gear's not responding to "Landing gear down"/"Landing gear up" commands only works with "Landing gear toggle". Brakes not working with "Hold brakes regular" or "Hold brakes maximum" commands only works with "Toggle brakes max/regular effort".
  10. Still reproducible in v1.1.8. It would be nice if the charts didn't hang if there was an issue loading a chart from autorouter.aero.
  11. StuartC


    v1.1.2 resolves this issue. I've had no CTDs with AI aircraft present.
  12. StuartC


    4 days later (with multiple flights per day) and there's been no further CTDs with the AI aircraft removed. If I add them back then the CTD re-appears.
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