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  1. Thanks. I did do this but I was still crashing on other variants of the MU2 that don’t even use the G500 panels, but I guess those are ‘variants’ as opposed to separate aircraft for our purposes. Ended up reverting to a backup I made before installing and all good now. If it’s of any use, I tried uninstalling the RXP plugins because I thought there might be a conflict and it was still crashing.
  2. Really appreciate it, Tom. Some of these are very likely my fault, particularly the prop locks routine after startup. One other thing I noticed earlier tonight was that on a fresh install of X-Plane 12 I was having serious difficulties getting the RXP 750 heading mode to work. Basically if the 750 was in the panel and selected as ‘master gps’, once I swapped from Heading to GPS on the switch it would TRY to track the appropriate heading, but at like 60 degree angles and then the AP would disconnect. This doesn’t happen at all with the 530, which works great. Enjoy your holidays, sir. *fresh install where the only add on I had installed was the 750. Was also trying to get the RSG G500 to work but that’s a mess atm and crashes my sim regardless of which plane I fly if the plug-in is running, even on a clean install .
  3. FYI @mu2b60.marquise I got the RealSimGear G500 and it crashes my sim as soon as I power on. Not sure if you've had similar but it's been quite the fiasco - had to roll back to a XP12 backup, but in theory just removing the RSG plugin (until they get it updated) should keep it from crashing. So back to the RXP 530 and 750 for me, which have both been super stable.
  4. Are there instructions anywhere for completely uninstalling this product from my X-Plane install? From what I could tell from the installation dialogue and from the large number of G500 and RSG files throughout my X-Plane install, this thing puts stuff in many places and I'd like it completely gone until you guys sort this out. Thanks.
  5. Immediately after installing the G500 Avionics Suite, I am also getting a CTD as soon as I power on the MU-2 in XP12 (it locks up and CTDs within 10 secs on battery on). This includes both the GNS and the glass versions (ie., even the version that does not use the G500 panel crashes, ostensibly because the plugin is still running). Prior to installing the RealSimGear G500 I had not had a CTD in over 600 hours of flight time in the betas, RCs, or v12. Attaching my logLog.txt.
  6. Wow, super excited to have you here! I actually used a bunch of your videos to try to learn to fly the sim version lol. So far I haven't been able to touch the 285 TAS you usually seem to get The only 750 I know of is from RXP: https://reality-xp.com/, but I've got the RXP 530 and 750 Touch and only the 530 is integrated into the panel - unless I'm doing it wrong, which is a possibility. The RXP 750 Touch seems to work mostly fine even though it isn't in the panel. Only Tom can say what his plans for the MU2 are. Definitely curious to hear your thoughts on the sim version, especially once it gets updated to v12!
  7. Put some serious time in over the past few weeks - genuinely super excited for v12 support and I'm convinced this is going to be my favourite plane for a very long time. I've been using the GPS variant (not the G500, but RXP 530) and the lack of the same old Garmin G1000 has been incredibly fun and challenging. I was going to buy the G500 addon but I think I like the dials and switches way too much to go glass now - the retro challenge is half the fun with this bird for me at least. And it has been challenging indeed.. I thought I'd let Tom know about some of the XP12 specific issues, although I assume most (hopefully not all - otherwise this is a waste of everybody's time) of these are already known. I apologise in advanced for any of these that are my fault and not the plane's! When starting a new flight, the MU2 preferences don't seem to use the saved preferences from previous flights until the MU2 Preferences window is opened. You can test this by setting the pilot to NOT appear in external view, but if you start a new flight he will appear until you open and close the MU2 preferences window. The rotating beacon light under the plane shines through the floor at night - I will attach a screenshot. The wheels poke ever so slightly out of the Dolly Partons when the gear is fully raised. A lot of my issues are presumably because this version hasn't been ported to v12 yet, but for me I find it extremely difficult to land this plane because it floats so much - I'd say 80% of my landings are above 400fpm. Totally possible I'm just bad at flying it, but given the changes to the XP12 flight model I'm sure that's part of it. I noticed the Thranda Grand Caravan also has really bad floating issues and it also isn't yet XP12 compatible. The engines don't seem quite right, but again I'm assuming these XP12 compatibility issues: Over torquing the plane seems to do nothing, even at greater than 120% torque for long periods. The oil temp never seems to go above 85C no matter the ambient temperature, altitude, or power setting. This could be user error, but when I start the plane my props are always in reverse - as far as I can tell I'm following the Normal Procedures properly (ie., doing the tests) but I always have to put the throttle into reverse and the props at T/O Landing right after starting up, otherwise I just sit on the ramp at reverse thrust (with the beta lights on). Anti-ice seems to be not modelled? Last night flying in Brazil I had all the anti-ice systems maxed and still accumulated so much ice (at 23k feet) that I stalled and the AP switched off. I'm assuming this has to do at least partly with the changes to icing that were made in XP12. Flying with the landing lights extended past 175knots (even at cruise speeds) doesn't seem to do much of anything and presumably isn't modelled in XP12 yet. On the ground, I basically have to keep my brakes on 80% of the way or the plane will idle up to taxi at speeds of knots or more - that's with the props and power both set to taxi and ground idle, but I think I might just have my reverse power settings incorrect because I can't seem to get the power to ever go 'ground idle' - it just goes reverse after going into the checkered region of the power lever quadrant. This one may very well be user error. Absolutely loving the plane and can't wait for v12. Merry Christmas and happy new year.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/@mu2b60marquise/featured Uh - is this you lol. Also obligatory screen:
  9. Hello Tkyler, First, obviously loving the plane and super excited for the v12 version. One thing I'm having issues with is during engine startup - say, from the moment the starter button light turns yellow and covering the next ~2 minutes - I get absolutely massive framerate drops if I look at the engine that's starting up from the cockpit. I'll go from 55fps (locked at 55) down to less than 20fps. I've tried this at multiple airports to confirm it isn't a scenery issue. After the engines stabilise looking at them from the cockpit no longer detrimentally affects the framerate at all. I have noticed this throughout the various betas and RCs; I have not tried it in XP11 as I don't have it installed anymore. I'm on a 12700F and a 308012GB with 32GB RAM if that's relevant; I'm at 4k with these graphics settings: . Just thought I'd throw it out there because I can't help but watch the engines spool up lol. Thanks again for the great plane.
  10. Nevermind, this was my fault - I'd forgotten to add fuel to the FSeconomy side of things.
  11. Any update on this? Still getting this error in Late May 2022. Might be something on my end, but the error seems a bit random - I've only had it 2x in about 20 flights. Thanks.
  12. Interesting. So there's basically a problem/bug with increasing sim time and this airplane. I have now tested this on 4 flights/airframes and 2 different installs. Basically, at 3X sim speed (not ground speed, sim speed, which theoretically shouldn't be deleteriously affecting anything) the TBM 900 engine 'ages' 7-8x. For example, in a normal speed 2 hour flight - at the end of the flight, check the engines... 2.0 hours runtime. Now, do a 2 hour flight but speed up the sim to 3X speed, check the runtime - 9 hours. So what was happening to me for the 15 hours or so that I was figuring this out is that about 2 or so hours (realtime) into my 3x sim speed flight, the engine had 'worn out' to about 25 hours of runtime, and then failed. Now I haven't had the plane long enough to know, but I'm assuming that at about 20 hours of runtime, the engine maintenance panel is going to start turning yellow or whatever, and that I'll need to be servicing various engine parts. But in 3X sim speed, that 20 hour mark came and went mid flight, and it appears to be random but around the 24-25 hours of runtime mark the combustion fails. Anyway, hope this proves useful to somebody else in the future.
  13. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd it did it again. I really don't know what the issue is.
  14. So friends, apparently I am almost a complete dumbass. It would appear that every time I filled up my engines I neglected to close the fuel caps - in fact, I did not know they were modelled. With the caps closed after fueling (I hadn't seen the caps because the fuel amount window occluded it), everything seems to be fine. Will report back after a few hopefully successful flights.
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