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  1. X-Camera won’t allow you to click anything outside the 650, you need to disable it and use the 650 provided walk mode which is navigable with the WASD keys.
  2. Looking at the graph in that thread -47C is showing about 89-90 N2 so you seem to be doing better than expected.
  3. See the sticky post at the top of this forum, I think this will be why.
  4. Switch X-Plane to windowed mode for a few moments then switch back to fullscreen sim again and that should fix the broken panes. It’s a bug that has been around for a while in X-Plane itself, it happens with all aircraft.
  5. The only ignorance in here was shown by you Ben. Chill out!! Tim was trying to help a fellow user and prove that Gizmo wasn’t the cause of his issues, perhaps practice what you preach and try and comprehend what people mean.
  6. Press the TO button on the end of the throttle handles.
  7. I have HDR enabled and the above person is correct the Nose light does not cast light.
  8. Yes you missed something, it's not auto reverse thrust, you have to move the reverse throttle levers to activate reverse thrust, but you also have to arm them, otherwise they wont deploy. It's the ground spoilers that auto deploy as long as the switch is not in the disarm position.
  9. Yeah but is your sim date and time two days later as well? If it’s the same date and time as when the state was saved then that’s likely correct.
  10. At the back of the pedestal labelled INTEG that is back lighting, FLOOD is front lighting.
  11. But it does work on all sims, just because you chose to use a Mac or Linux doesn't change the fact that it does work on xplane, just not your version. It doesn't work on the iOS version either for obvious reasons but it still does not change the fact that is does work on FSX, P3D all editions, MSFS, Xplane 10, 11, 12 and more into the future most likely. And if you are going to quote me at least don't make it up to fit your own agenda, I never mentioned anything about systems, is said "All mainstream flight sims and some other games too".
  12. You are in SPEED mode which is indicated by the blue marker on the speed tape and SPEED in the ATS display, it’s also only set to 127knots. The ATS display should show N1-TO if you were in the correct mode. edit I’m too slow too lol
  13. Shows you what you know, it works perfectly in All mainstream flight sims and some other games too. I’ve been using it in Xplane for a couple of years now without issue. If you have a problems or concerns why not contact the developer directly rather than defaming them without evidence.
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