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  1. The default version on the store is NOT 12 compatible, you'll need a specific invite for that.
  2. Most likely, I had same issue since prior to the last update, we were instructed to close it if asking on discord
  3. Checklist in this bird has you pressing TO/GA before taxi, so perhaps you're doing it out of order?
  4. Considering the validity and legality of that link is in question, no Hotstart shouldn't bring awareness to it. Us users can share, but not them.
  5. Interesting, well it's worked in the past. I'll copy back in my backup of the previous CL version and confirm again while watching the datarefs.
  6. I saw the AP engage button not working either. This was both trying via joystick assignment, saitekpanel AP button (using your ini @Pils) and via dash AP engage. Everything was setup as done in previous versions. Is there a dataref I can monitor to see if it's being properly triggered.
  7. You only want to use VNAV in climb during an immediate SID that has alt and/or speed restrictions. Do not use it full the full climb as you will end up crashing the plane. It is already documented here that you use IAS/FLC mode to climb long term. The ATS will shut off if on climb too long and the AoA gets too high/speed too low due to temperature checks
  8. No i agree that you need your own report, but there's now 3 CTD that happened at APU gen shutdown, thus a pattern may be forming. My reload is due to corrupted airframe, guessing that the CTD caused the state to not save correctly.
  9. Haha, guess you didn't watch Toto's streams then? He showed that menu off in those.
  10. Might be related to my report: https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/24078-filed-2802-ctd-upon-turning-off-apu-gen/
  11. @oisin650 Please find attached the mp4 of the crash. I cut out cruise, descent and landing as those went as expected (minus a semi awkward landing in 34 knot gusting with 14knots of it being crosswind. I also cut out the stupidly long taxi I had to do due to poor planning on arrival runway (needed opposite side of Orlando). However, I show the post-landing checklist, engine shutdown and securing. It was on securing, I shut down the APU GEN, clicked the ISO and 10th Stage buttons, went to press packs and the CTD happened. Hopefully this helps! If you need other portions of the flight let me know! Do know, I didn't record take off nor climb, forgot to start OBS.. so only have cruise and onwards. CL60_CTD.mp4
  12. @oisin650 I may have recorded video of my shutdown as of that first crash. It may present nothing, but I can snip out down to the taxi to shutdown and upload if you think it'll help. I thought maybe it was something I did, but I did the same process this time and it worked. So please let me know!
  13. Did a few more tests today and yesterday. Tried loading up the previous airframe, but this time not restoring trajectory, simply putting it at a new airport on the other side of the country, same crash as the previous logs. Loaded up a separate airframe, did flight from KGLD KCBK VOFWE FEGIT KGLD doing the RNAV 30 approach. Parked, shutdown and all went without a hitch. So at this point, I think something wacky is up with the airframe file possibly and the libc.6.so is having issues with it? Attached that airframe as it seems specific to it. Additional details: OS: Arch based linux, custom distro. Gnome: 41.3 Windowing System: X11 Graphics: Nvidia RTX 3070 Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 8-Core x16 RAM: 32 GB 3333b0f3dd3b6a71f7720a27.zip
  14. Tried loading up on approach, 10 minutes before the CTD and I get a "wind sheer" alert after unpausing and then a CTD. Tried without any custom scenery or plugins, please see another set of logs attached. Not sure if it helps pinpoint, but I loaded up a different airframe that I had, loaded up the battery, turned on apu and let it sit, then loaded up the APU GEN and then shut down APU Gen and APU without issues on that airframe. CL650_Log.txt Log.txt
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