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  1. No, I have both individually assigned. What issues? Don't use VNAV in a long climb, only FLC. If your SID has some hard ceiling, yes use VNAV, but the moment you're in free climb, use FLC only. VNAV is mostly meant for descent. Might check out: only change since that post is I just do FLC only if there's no hard stops on the SID, which is most of them.
  2. Yeah the weird thing is I was trying to figure out how to turn the FO down voice wise, he comes through louder than other voices, so I was clicking on switches to see if I could just make his voice come through headset and turn it down. So I did the "naughty" thing of starting to randomly click things and that voice button on the bottom middle was where I was clicking. I clicked it and stuff freaked out, did what you mentioned above. I clicked it again and a minute or so later, it cleared up. I thought that switch did something with it, but it just dawned on me that it could've been that pitot
  3. 5.0 to 6.0 is what I go with, so long as it's in that range, I just leave it. I am sure there's a more official way, but I have not found any charts to show that.
  4. Oh, did you hit the voice button on the comms on left? It is on the radio panels, bottom line, center. It should be in the up I believe.. I do not know why, but I was clicking buttons around randomly yesterday and it did that. I clicked it a few more times and it fixed it. Edit: Btw, that's not overspeed mode that has been engaged, I think it's some test mode or such. Edit2: So I think what I experienced in flight, wasn't that switch per-say, but I fell prey to the bug with that being a click spot to the pitot tube cover, so I got the up and down, red bar and 40 knots b
  5. If you entered the proper data for approach perf, including weather, the VREF + 5 will set you up for best speed. Also do not land with tailwind, should you be trying, that will cause longer landings.
  6. Slow down, pull back on throttle and if necessary raise spoilers.
  7. Usually when a corporate jet is used as charter, it's OUT and BACK. So the plane will fly the customers out, say like a ski trip, then sit till they are ready to leave.
  8. Ice does accumulate, but from personal experience, I left my CL60 overnight in a place that had 2 feet of snow fall, no accumulation on it (yes career mode). So no idea how to get it to work.
  9. Might change your title To answer your question, I come across this regularly. What I do is the following: Switch off FLC mode to VS and lower it initially down to 500 ft/min. Reset the ATS using the disconnect commands. Watch the IAS indicator, once it gets closer to the actual set speed, you should be able to turn on ATS again. What I find to be the issue is when the N1 cannot be matched for the same speed. I end up in a super high AOA and the speed slowing down as it tries to keep the VNAV. It is similar to previous posts by Graeme where he states "lower the nose
  10. I've had this happen when I tried engaging appr before getting on the leg before the official FAF, so I turned it off and waited a few more waypoints and then tried again and it worked. The CL60 will automatically dial ILS and course, you do not need to do that.
  11. ATC may not like being told to be quiet. ATS can remain on and it will automatically pull back at around 50ft as you pull back.
  12. CSL works for PE as described for what does work above. I installed it into the CSL folder for PE, not the bluebell.
  13. Actually, thinking more on it, I think it should set that internal pressure to match when you move the plane. It would simulate someone else flying it there, say another charter pilot and then you coming in via commercial to then fly out of that location. So the pressure in those cases, would match as they would have had that door open.
  14. Confirmed! I sat on the ramp for a good 5-10 minutes, let the internal pressure at HLN lower from 14.9 down to 13.2 and then it let me open the door from the outside. So I just need to be cognizant, that when changing altitudes of airports, I may need to let the plane sit on ramp for awhile. Is there any process around this otherwise? Of course for the sake of realism, one would not see a plane just teleported across the country, but for the sim layer, is there any faster workaround?
  15. Could it be due to pressure changes? I tested in Helena MT, got screenshots in the below zip. They show KMCI with higher outside pressure than inside, works. But KDEN and KHLN have higher inside pressure than outside. Is there a way to get that to load in with appropriate pressure when loading a new location? I will sit here and wait to see it equalize and see if that lets me open the door then. pressure_Screen.zip
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