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  1. Ah nevermind, it was not Gizmo, turned out it was KSBA by AeroX, which I installed at a similar time. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. I said even when flying other aircraft... Anyway, the log with the Challenger is attached here. Log.txt
  3. I have not seen this issue before, but has since appeared after installing the CL650, where my log is jammed full of the aircraft and the livery. Does anyone have a similar problem? This happens even when flying other aircraft, example log attached below. Log.txt
  4. Done. Just bought it. Looking good so far! No noticable performance changes yet under mostly clear skies, If only my PC runs x-plane better in general
  5. seeing just how much detail isn't set for the upcoming v3 release, is it safe for me to say that had i bought v2 today, not having to put up with the default clouds while i wait for v3 alone is worth the upgrade cost if there is one?
  6. If I purchase SkyMaxx 2 today would I be eligible for a free update to 3.0 whenever that drops?
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