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  1. For me, it appears to be resolved by disabling synthetic vision
  2. I got through 1 flight but then back to freezing after takeoff
  3. Ha yeah that was me who posted that in the other thread
  4. Okay I rolled back my driver to Oct 2020 (known to be stable w/ xplane). Tried the same flight and actually made it through (never happed on any previous attempt). I'm about to try another flight. https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-20-10-1
  5. no, all the time. You can close this in favor of "CTD 10-15 minutes" after takeoff" as it's the same issue. Pretty sure it's related to 5700xt
  6. Yeah if it's happening on a clean install with no plugins it's probably not a coincidence. I'm going to play around with different drivers/settings and report back
  7. Flix, I noticed you have a 5700xt as do I. I wonder if that is the root of our similar issue. What version amd driver are you using?
  8. I am experiencing this as well. Haven't made it through a flight yet
  9. Had no issues yesterday but I attempted 5 flights today and CTD every time. Tried different airports. Only thing different today is flying on vatsim Log.txt
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