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  1. Yes, have noticed that now. Havent had a crash in over 10hs of flight time
  2. Sounds good. Hopefully anything helps with getting it resolved quicker
  3. Think he was having the same issue as me, same GPU (5700xt)
  4. Is there any other troubleshooting that could be tried?
  5. Thats all it is creating so I am not sure what you mean. I have already done all the steps in the post you have linked so am unsure how to proceed
  6. Rolled back to 20.10.1 and still crashing with the same last error. No addons. Flying KJAC-KLAS climbing through 12500ft around 1 min after departure KJAC/19 ALPIN3 KICNE DCT FFU J9 MLF DCT STEWW CHOWW1 KLAS/19L . "2022-01-11 18:17:04 CL650[fdr.c:465]: frame skipped 0-4" This seems to always be at the end of the log Log.txt
  7. I'll give it a try. Not sure how much it'll help after already clean installing XP11. Would just be nice to have a response from the devs
  8. I am running a 5700xt thicc 2 from XFX and 21.10.2. It seems looking at other logs that 5700XTs are in a few of them
  9. Log.txtWith a clean install of XP11 still crashes
  10. Different crash, just freezes then CTDs without any error. After around 50 mins of flight Log.txt
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