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  1. No, sir, I wasn't even aware of that! Thanks, I'll check into that!
  2. Thanks @Pils, I'll have a look at that tomorrow! Thanks @Prefect99 and @IronCroptop for chiming in! This is definitely a niche request and a workaround is better than waiting for a fix but having both on/off states and toggle state commands would be having our cake and eating it too! It's not a top priority to be sure and I'm happy to wait but even better that I know our request is in the queue.
  3. I have a 4K main screen and a 1080p touchscreen. I've popped out the glareshield panels and the MFD and PFD. The glareshield is supposed to be at the very top of my touchscreen but every time I move it back, when I exit XP11 and then do another flight, it's moved down again by a good number of pixels. It doesn't want to seem to stay where I originally position it. Feature request: Please allow a way for the user to specify pop out locations based on screen coordinates and to specify pop out sizes in pixels. Thanks!
  4. Any help to be able to use this now and map it to a TM WH throttle switch or Honeycomb Bravo would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks both! The checklist just has me scratching my head for 98% of the time and even with DCS and other jets, I've usually learned mostly by watching videos then repeating it, then looking at the checklist which at that point makes more sense as I know I'm looking at the right areas of the cockpit. I have downloaded and printed out the 605 documents so a lot of reading for me! Very interesting stuff and I really enjoy watching and learning how things work especially in this detailed jet. I just watched the refuelling video and it was interesting to see how the center/aux center tanks worked! Funny how by learning this jet, I'm faffing about more compared to actually flying but it's so fun when something that went wrong with the last startup sequence is identified and corrected in the following attempt.
  6. Not sure how useful Spad would be since I don't have any Saitek switch panels and I think most stuff can be mapped directly to my Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo controls. I do have Air Manager so I'll see what I can do with that. While I have seen the dataref for NWS, I think it's one of those switches that does warrant an on/off state as it will be used just about as often as the landing gear lever which has a down/up state. While I understand that maybe for other switches, this won't be a priority, I hope the number of times the NWS switch is accessed will make it a priority. Thanks!
  7. Unfortunately, I am not very good with Lua scripting. That means I'm also in no position to gauge how much work it is to do specific on-off command (or even on-auto-off commands for some switches) but I wager for something basic like a NWS switch, most non-lua/non-script familiar folks will greatly appreciate the ability to just map the switches directly and not have to go through a roundabout way.
  8. I would like to request dedicated/separate ON commands and OFF commands instead of toggle ON/OFF. This would help greatly in cockpit building and touchscreen programming. One specific switch I'd like to request is the Nose Steer switch. I also notice that there's a Landing gear lever UP/DOWN command, how is this different from the Landing gear toggle under Flight Controls/Basics? Thanks!
  9. I'm looking for tutorials, videos, or documentation that helps someone transition from, say a C172 or B58, basically your average beginner GA aircraft to something like the CL650. Someone who has done casual flying but is now looking to expand and enjoy the flight sim genre a bit more. I really enjoyed flying the C172 and B58 with the REP. I enjoyed sync'ing the Baron engines and flying to altitude and tuning for performance as shown in the REP manual. Someone then recommended the TBM and after balking at the price for a few weeks, I bought the aircraft and thoroughly enjoyed it, kicking myself for not buying it sooner! My first adventure was taking a TBM I "purchased" from Papua New Guinea to my home base in France in FSEconomy. This made the CL650 an instant buy for me to support the amazing work of the Hot Start team. However, I have zero airline experience and have thus far avoided the FMC by using the RealityXP GTN module. I really don't know where to start to learn this aircraft so some guidance would be appreciated! For example, I wanted to know how to start up the airplane from cold and while I found the checklist, it might as well have been in greek or klingon as I didn't really know where to look or where to begin. Luckily, I found a tutorial video and just basically followed along! I can do cold starts on the F-16 in DCS and BMS and also the F-18 in DCS (still learning the Tomcat!) so I'm not entirely new to this but just for some reason find airlines or fancy jets a bit intimidating. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated! I know this is a new add-on so if anyone is working on such tutorials, please let me know so I can keep an eye out for that as well. Thanks!
  10. The nosewheel steering is a switch on the cockpit but it seems like the command to control this functions more like a push button (on/off) rather than a toggle switch (up/down). Am I missing something here? I'd like to be able to map it to one of my switches in my TM Warthog throttle (RDR ALTM maybe?) or maybe somewhere on the Bravo. Is this possible at all at the moment? Thanks!
  11. You can comment out the lines you don't want or need by putting two dash lines at the start. If you're using Notepad++ (and you should), the text will then turn green. Green text is ignored. I'm not sure what your issue is, maybe it has something to do with the lever you've mapped out as I've never had this issue. To check if it is indeed your hardware, remove the two dash lines on the do_every_draw("writevalues()") line and it'll show you the actual readings from your hardware.
  12. Hi N1EL, With the awesome help from @jfjoubert, we were able to come up with this code for lua. I use this on a CH Throttle Quadrant and have 1 lever for flight idle to max throttle, 1 lever for flight idle to reverse, 1 lever for hi/low idle to cutoff, and 1 lever for flaps. It's a bit complicated to set up so just fire away. You will need to set your throttle lever to Collective, idle-to-reverse as Wing Sweep, hi/low idle as Prop 1, and flap lever to Mixture 2. Depending on your setup, you may need to tick the reverse axis box. Mine is ticked for Mixture 2, Wing Sweep, and Collective. The way it works is that you need to bring your throttle back to flight idle before the idle-to-reverse lever would work, but regardless of the idle-to-reverse lever, the throttle would work if you move it. I think you need to be on flight idle on the throttle too before the hi/low idle lever would work but I don't recall if I tested this. Obviously once the hi/low idle lever is set, I don't touch it again until shutdown. Hope that helps! Mixture Separate Axis.lua
  13. That is working beautifully now, thank you very much!! I can understand enough that I've tweaked the values to suit my preferences, but that is 0.01% of the work. Thank you @jfjoubert and @Ch.Cole for providing the other 99.99%!
  14. Flaps is 29. Prop is working now, that's fine, it's just that I can't exactly follow your instructions for the flaps and I'm no good with scripting.
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