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  1. What is the procedure landing at winds with more than 10 kts and flaps 3 or 4 ?
  2. Ok, I understand - it just engages the reverser function of the engines. I thought about the Reverser implemented in the Rollon CRJ200.
  3. Hi, I am struggling with the auto thrust reverse system. I armed the trust reverser - display shows L and R REV ARMED While landing with manual throttle, I move throttle to idle and engage speedbrakes. Should the thrust reverse starts automatically ? Or do I miss something ? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have problems operating the stairs in the Cargo and AEW version. It seems the ground plate is not moving or just the stair moves and cannot be handled using the red manipulator. The PAX version is doing fine.
  5. The hiss sound is the right pack sound which is enabled by default in turnaround mode since v1.3. It seems that the IXEG sound engine loads sometimes one file louder than standard. Prior v1.3 the apu sound was louder than standard. You can easily cure this by switiching off/ on the right pack.
  6. Thanks for your first hand information. Will operate the APU then like in real :) Cheers, Cord
  7. I saw some B733 CBT to get more detailed in the aircaft operation. The APU can feed the packs of each side in AUTO or HIGH. In which situations are the packs running in HIGH ? The underpowered APU of the B732 could only feed the starting engine. Is it allowed to start the engines of the B733 with one pack on AUTO ? The IXEG can perform it with reduced pressure, but this does not mean it is allowed.
  8. Try the following, check when APU is running in the overhead panel status of right pack. If it is on AUTO you will hear the pack sound from outside. If you switch off you will just hear the hydraulic and the APU sound. I think the right pack is now on by default (1.31) if you start in turnaround Status.
  9. I can confirm the missing side menu with the latest Gizmo beta out of the known bugs and workaround thread. I reverted to the previous Gizmo beta without removing any other plugin and everything worked as intended, only the gpu bug come up. XP11.41 Mac install
  10. Hi Jan, flew around in severe icing conditions and found out that it is ice_simulator.lua related. With lua file entering clouds the flashing starts after switching off the window heater. With lua file disabled I did not noticed the flashing. Did not have this before using the ice_simulator.lua file. Btw. eycandy rain and ice simulation and everything working frameless on my Mac ! Sorry for the report. Thanks for the great update ! Cord
  11. Does anyone noticed a flashing ice buildup when switching off the window heater in icing conditions ? I flew in cloudly weather at FL120 and had icing conditions. I switched off all switches of the window heater system and go the large ice segment flashing. Could reproduce it switching the heating system on and off. Without icing conditions no ice and no flashing effect.
  12. Is it possible that I can give instructions how to amend the cabin file in order to get easy cabin lights ?
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Hamburg International livery for the excellent IXEG 737 Used best with winglets checked
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